Alert: Juan Carlos Osorio Resigns As Head Coach of RBNY

JuanCarlosOsorio Update On RBNY End Of Season House Cleaning

This just in from Ives Galarcep of the Hearld News & Brian Lewis of the NY Post. Juan Carlos Osorio has just resigned as head coach of the New York Red Bulls. On RBNY’s official site Assistant Richie Williams will be taking over these final eight matches under an interim basis.

More information will be coming after this weekend & after the match against FC Dallas this Sunday Afternoon 3PM EST.

15 thoughts on “Alert: Juan Carlos Osorio Resigns As Head Coach of RBNY”

  1. Me too Casey.

    I actually find it kind of strange that the main people that cover soccer in this country (Goff, Ives, etc) have yet to mention the end of the only daily soccer show in the US (It may not be that big a show but it was highly downloaded and more than any other soccer show). Sure, a lot of it was all epl love, but they had a lot of correspondents and covered a lot of American soccer stories from the national team to the pdl league.

  2. The fact that it was the only national daily soccer radio makes it a massive story and im kinda disappointed that it hasnt been talked about on most sites. Even though it didnt spend alot of time on mls, it did spend alot of time on the us men’s national team and it was a life line for many soccer fans in this country.

    Its sad to see it go and i hope it gets the respect it deserves

  3. The fact that it was shutd down by threats made against family members makes it a massive story. Whether you agreed with Cohens comments or not, it should never have gotten personal.

  4. WSD being canceled was mentioned om mls rumors, so get over it all ready.
    Only bad things happen when you speak of the dead.

    1. I’ve got a feelin that their is far more to the story than wut he said on the show.
      btw: their website has shut down??

  5. Kartik, please write something on the death of WSD. That show was big for the spread of soccer in the U.S. I only know about your website because of Stephen and Kenny.

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