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Special1 TV Is Not Returning Says Setanta Ireland

special1tv twitter.JPG Special1 TV Is Not Returning Says Setanta Ireland

Special1 TV will not be returning to Setanta Sports in the immediate future, according to a Setanta Ireland representative.

The cult hit parody show featuring puppets of Jose Mourinho, Sven Goran-Eriksson and Wayne Rooney will not be returning to the airwaves in the foreseeable future unless the program is picked up by another broadcaster.

While the news is disheartening, it’s not surprising really. Special1 TV was originally titled “I”m On Setanta Sports” and was a brilliant marketing hit to promote Setanta’s launch in the United Kingdom. The show titilated the audience but also got the message across loud and clear that it was “on Setanta Sports.”

After Setanta UK established itself in the UK market, the show changed its named to Special1 TV but was still shown exclusively on Setanta Sports.

According to Special1TV on Twitter, “The Special One” jokes that ESPN, Sky, BBC and ITV have been blocking the return of Special1TV (see screenshot above). With the death of Setanta UK, the future of Special1 TV was always up in the air. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that someone will bring Special1TV to life.

To pay tribute to Special1 TV, here’s a Best Of video special:

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24 Responses to Special1 TV Is Not Returning Says Setanta Ireland

  1. Ryan says:

    I really can’t understand why someone wouldn’t take it on. Unless the networks are trying to hire Mourinho

  2. Raatzie says:


    Very good, Wayne.


  3. Grunthos says:

    Well, this is only what we would expect to see. You changed the name, insulted everyone, especially me, spent too much money in the transfer market, and…


    Be Champions!

  4. No more Ameobi, like?

    After the United debacle last night (full credit to Burnley, BTW) there was a new show on about a schoolboy manager playing it up pro-style. Didn’t last the episode, it was pretty crap.

  5. Ryan says:

    This show wasn’t funny.

    I’m still not sure why it got so much “positive” attention. Apparently, I’m not alone and the only people that liked it happen to have football blogs.

  6. RobU says:

    This show was epic. Can’t believe it’s gone. Another network should try and pick it up.

  7. United says:

    I saw a video on youtube which show jose in sky sports… so we may see jose show in sky sports very soon! this is the video like ;)

  8. says:

    Just another blow from the setanta fallout. I’m sure teams in the SPL and the Blue Square Premier maybe a touch more concerned about the hole in their balance books from their unpaid cash. Watching the Special One again showed how Setanta were attempting to offer a genuine alternative to Sky and its such a pity that eventually they had to hold their hands up to not being able to compete with Murdoch

  9. Drew says:

    Don’t really understand why Setanta does not continue on with it, does not seem like something that would cost that much to produce?

  10. Kautzie says:


  11. Jay says:


  12. Greg says:

    This absolutely ruined my day. I love Special 1 TV.

  13. nathan durkin says:

    this is a complete and utter rubbish decsision that it is not returning but please Setanta Ireland please bring Special 1 tv back because it is my favourite show PLEASE!!!

  14. Karen says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :’( I LOVED THEM!! :’(
    Puppet Ronnie
    The Special One
    The Boy Wayne
    You’ll be missed!
    Oh and Shut Up!!

  15. Sort Of Special says:

    I am betting that Sky and Others are not willing to take the risk of being sued – I love the show but it DOES slag of players and managers, very risky business.

    But I reckon the main reason is a contract probably exists stating that SP1 TV can not be broadcast on any other network – regardless of Setanta going broke the contract would be owned by the recievers.

    Can we start a petition site

  16. Ace says:

    And just when they got puppet Barack Obama.
    This sucks.

  17. Preacherman says:

    Obama was a sign the show was going downhill and needed support, it wasnt as good as S1TV and when people like Cabbageman came into it. It should have stuck to José, It and the Boy. R.I.P. IOSS

  18. Peter Liaros says:

    Shame shame shame
    Join the Facebook page:
    Sign the petition on the page and get the show back on air!

  19. David Keeling says:

    The best comedy show of all time!

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