[TweetBeat] Joleon Lescott Edition

Photo credit: Wonker (Flickr)

Photo credit: Wonker (Flickr)

TweetBeat takes the pulse of fan opinion and reaction – the emotional, the insightful and the trivial.  But mostly trivial though.

Let’s start with a comment from the BBC Sport’s chief football writer, Phil McNulty, which induced varying opinions from a couple of Everton fans:

philmcnulty: Time for Manchester City to make that next Joleon Lescott bid. And time for David Moyes to accept it and move on. Damaging saga for Everton.

TennyKarim: @philmcnulty why can’t man city go to Europe for better center halves and they are cheaper they don’t need all this lescott drama.

scouserachel: @philmcnulty Why exactly when the only parties who will benefit are City and Lescott? No time to buy better replacement. He’ll go nowhere.

Support for Lescott seems to be in pretty short supply on Merseyside:

manch1985: would be quite happy to see lescott rot in the reserves, well done moyes for dropping him

evertonyian: Lescott,wherever u maybe,f*** off to manchester city we hope u go there cos it will end in tears they hav’nt won a thing in fifty years

Lawrance10: RT @MCFC_headlines Joleon Lescott dropped by Everton – He’s surely on his way now? Not sure I want him anymore after Saturdays 6-1. 😉

DHWizzo: Looks like Man City are getting Lescott now. When will the madness end? ‘Run for the money – you only run for the money’.

Has the saga turned into a lose-lose for all concerned?  Some seem to think so:

thetruefootball: Lescott all but gone to City. Poor Toffees. Poor City.

Monkey_Nuts: I’m getting very tired of man city persuit of Lescott, we should give up and move on to other targets!

I’ll leave you with proof that not everything on Twitter is pure fluff.  It may not parse well, but I think we should all do a little soul-searching after reading this next one:

joemisika: Is it rite that players r getting more power, Essien forced his move to chelsea. Now Lescott wants to force his to Man City? Is it good?

Phil McThomas runs CleverFootball.com, a site that lets football fans get their news fix with the minimum amount of fuss.  Man City fans will want to keep their eye on the Man City news page.  Toffee fans can track Everton news here…if they dare.


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