Chelsea and Kevin Garnett Unveil Limited-Edition Shoe


While most of the major Premier League clubs are transfixed on creating new fanbases in China only, most of the clubs have ignored the United States. Chelsea is one of the few exceptions, so it’s interesting to see hear about Chelsea’s latest announcement today that it has partnered with Adidas to develop a basketball shoe, which comes with an exclusive scarf and Chelsea jersey.


The adidas TS Commander LT will available from August 29, 2009 exclusively from a Boston-based retailer named Bodega. They’ll offer an exclusive CFC (Chelsea Football Club) tribute package consisting of the TS Commander LT x KG x CFC, a CFC Bodega team scarf and CFC replica jersey featuring Garnett’s name and number on the back.


The limited edition shoe incorporates Chelsea’s traditional lion crest on the tongue of the shoe, and incorporate Chelsea’s iconic royal blue and white colors which are accented by yellow highlights.


As many of you may know, NBA star Kevin Garnett is a massive Chelsea supporter.

15 thoughts on “Chelsea and Kevin Garnett Unveil Limited-Edition Shoe”

  1. This is actually an awesome idea. I can just imagine wearing this shirt around and having tons of people asking me questions about it. Chelsea is really onto something. I wish I could get some nice Liverpool red shoes with a famous US athlete’s name on them :)

  2. And if the NBA were a bit less fashion-conscious, Kevin Garnett could probably get away with wearing blue and gold shoes with a green and white uniform. As it is, though, it’s just not a good look.

  3. I live in Boston. Bodega is a pretty sweet store. You walk into a faux convenience store and behind a fake vending machine (that slides away as you approach it) is the actual sneaker shop itself. The sneakers would prob go for at least $150, I think.

  4. Nice cross branding – good for Chelsea and Garnett. As its a Chelsea shoe, does that mean I’ll have to spend double what its worth and get a new pair if results aren’t going my way by half-time?

  5. After posting the article and driving down the road, I thought about the article again and realized that even though the shoe promotes Chelsea in the United States, it also promotes Chelsea in Asia based on the fact that the NBA is growing in popularity in Asia. And I’m sure the Chinese who follow basketball as closely as we follow English football will come across it.

    The Gaffer

  6. If you like these shoes, please buy them and wear them at all times. It will make it easier for me to spot douchebags.

  7. Can they swap with Dwight Howard. Should they not have made it Green and white since KG’s fans are most likely Celtics fans ( vs a few Chelsea fans) and then have this one for Orlando Magic/Chelsea fans. Just thinking out loud!

  8. so dope. i live in boston, and bodega is one of the best stores i’ve ever seen. $275 is steep, but that is one fantastic package they are offering. im hoping KG is in store they day they drop.. i plan to be there.

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