Attendance Figures From Opening Premier League Weekend


The opening weekend of the 2009/2010 Premier League season was a success on the pitch and off the pitch. More than 350,000 football supporters packed the grounds around England despite the fact that many of the clubs with large capacities played away such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and Sunderland.

While the number of tickets sold was unsurprisingly high, it would have been interesting to count how many people were still in the ground at the full-time whistle at Goodison Park, Villa Park and Ewood Park — after streams of fans left the ground early who were furious at the performances by Everton, Aston Villa and, to a lesser extent, Blackburn.

Here are the top attendances from this past weekend:

  1. Man United 75,062
  2. Chelsea 41,597
  3. Everton 39,309
  4. Tottenham 35,935
  5. Aston Villa 35,578
  6. Blackburn 29,584
  7. Wolves 28,674
  8. Stoke 27,385
  9. Bolton 22,247
  10. Portsmouth 17,510


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