Sky Sports Trailer For 2009/2010 Season

And for fun, here’s Special1 TV’s parody of the video (thanks to reader Les Deux for the tip).

Still no word whether Special1 TV will be coming back, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear a definitive answer from Setanta Ireland.

6 thoughts on “Sky Sports Trailer For 2009/2010 Season”

    1. There is no need for Setanta Sports (Ireland) to order new episodes of Special 1 TV now that it no longer has the rights in the UK or Ireland to the 1730 London Time EPL matches on Saturdays (ESPN UK has those rights on most Saturdays).

      1. I know, but Ameobi scoring a hat-trick? Sounds like Dave from Newcastle would be calling in. I really do hope Special 1 TV finds a home soon.

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