ESPN To Show Chelsea v Hull City Game


It’s confirmed. ESPN2 will show the opening game of the 2009-2010 season between Chelsea and Hull City at 7:45am ET Saturday.

On late Friday, ESPN concluded the negotiations with Fox Soccer Channel to sub-license the early Saturday morning kickoff and Monday afternoon games for the 2009/2010 season. The package includes 12 Monday afternoon ET games, all 7:45am ET Saturday games, and a select number of 10am ET Saturday games (when the 7:45am ET game is not available that day).

“The Barclays Premier League is one of the crown jewels of professional sports throughout the world,” said Scott Guglielmino, vice president of programming, ESPN. “We’re pleased to work with Fox Sports International to bring some of the league’s marquee matchups to ESPN2 in our continued efforts to serve soccer fans in the United States.”

The agreement marks the return of the Premier League to ESPN in the United States. For two seasons (1996–97 and 1997-98), ESPN2 was the English-language television home for the league’s Monday night matches.

The schedule through September 2009 is as follows (all times eastern):

Sat. 7:40 a.m. Chelsea vs. Hull City
Sat., Aug. 22, 9:55 a.m., Wigan Athletic vs. Manchester United
Mon., Aug. 24, 2:55 p.m. , Liverpool vs. Aston Villa
Sat., Aug. 29, 7:40 a.m., Chelsea vs. Burnley
Sat., Sept. 12, 9:55 a.m., Liverpool vs. Burnley
Sat., Sept. 1, 7:40 a.m, Burnley vs. Sunderland;
Sat., Sept. 26, 7:40 a.m., Portsmouth vs. Everton
Mon., Sept. 28, 2:55 p.m., Manchester City vs. West Ham

The above is the official TV schedule from ESPN, but here’s the unofficial TV schedule for Premier League games on ESPN2, Setanta and Fox Soccer Channel, (subject to change), through November 29, 2009.

This is truly a historic day in the rise of soccer in the United States. EPL Talk broke the news on August 6 that ESPN were adding the Premier League TV rights to its network after Setanta were no longer able to sub-license the early Saturday morning and Monday afternoon games. In an agonizing week for soccer fans in the United States, Premier League followers were waiting on official confirmation of the news. After lots of intense negotiations by ESPN and Fox Soccer Channel (who owned the rights), a deal was finally struck late Friday night.

Unfortunately, Jozy Altidore will not be playing for Hull City in the opening match of the season. “Still in the States trying to sort things out with my work permit,” said Altidore, via his Twitter account. “There is a lil more work that has to be done.”

As of press time, ESPN has yet to confirm whether matches will be shown in HD. More details are expected to be announced next week.

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  1. So when i wake up at 5:30 AM central time, and turn on ESPN2, i will be able to watch the Mighty Blues destroy Hull City.

  2. I usually don’t leave a comment on any website, but this one is huge. I’m so happy. I’m gonna wake up early tomorrow morning to watch it.

  3. Thats late for me and I’m in Chicago!

    Great news. has the story also.

    Gaffer: Great job of serving your fans and breaking the big news. Your the man!

  4. Gaffer you are a disgrace. How dare you post a story which turns out to be be right? :) Well done mate. To the folk who did nothing but whine, I hope you’re happy now.

  5. My guide on Directv is still showing the normal ESPN2 morning lineup. Will that change soon or should I just record those and assume it will actually be the game?

    1. I just set to record the programs they have listed. Another option is to go to MENU > MANAGE RECORDINGS > MANUAL and set the channel, start time and duration.

  6. Thanks to the Gaffer! I have to admit I was starting to lose faith…too bad they’re not airing the Spurs v Scousers…

  7. Gaffer, you took a lot of crap from people the last few days. I am glad you have been vindicated. I’ll be sitting on my couch tomorrow morning having a pint thanks to your site keeping me informed. Cheers!

  8. Thanks to the Gaffer for originally breaking the news. Our minds were doubting him, but our hearts always trusted him. Go EPLTalk!


  9. Just wanted to say this scoop was what brought me to this site on Wednesday, and I’ve been refreshing about 45 times a day since. Don’t know how I missed this place, but thanks for the heads up, and thanks for all the work to keep us updated. This is now a permanent fixture on my bookmarks menu.

  10. Must be sweet, vindication that is. Good work Gaffer. My only questions (if you happen to have heard, that is) are if we can expect a) HD and b) some sort of pre-game/halftime/postgame (i.e. is it Sky simulcast, because that’s their slot in the UK, or is it TWI?)? Also, does this mean Monday 3pm is a go too? Thanks again!

  11. Hey guys, should I record the ESPN2 HD channel or the regular definition channel? I might just do both in case, but thought I’d ask anyway.

  12. It is now showing on the ESPN Soccernet page ( on the “Soccer on TV” ticker in the upper righthand corner. Hooray for the EPL!

    Gaffer, I was always scrounging around for EPL news and anything else I could find about the beautiful game, and I stumbled upon your site. Excellent reporting and information. I now have your site bookmarked and am following you on Twitter. Keep up the good work. P.S. the interview with the network execs was loaded with great information.

  13. Great job, Gaffer. This is up there with the deadline-day transfer drama from last year. Here’s to more breaking news and drama on EPL Talk.

  14. Seriously thanks for the info, I could not believe this match would not air, so after not seeing anything on the program guide , I said “check EPL talk, they will have the scoop” , and ya did !

  15. Gaffer….top notch mate!! I have been on here for 2 years and keep coming back for more
    Well done, I’ll toast your scoop tonight
    Care to share any increase in hits for your site this week, must have been a nice bump, you deserve it mate!

    (Did you get that e-mail I sent you? are you all sorted for tomorrow?
    If you’ve got questions, call me)

  16. I’ll definitely be watching here in Washington D.C. Great news! Keep up the great work Gaffer! Here’s to Jozy hopefully scoring on his debut!!

  17. there was alot of people doubting i guess you could say that if this was true. But i never lost faith because usually when you find things out like this they usually come true. I was just hoping ESPN could really come through. good job for breaking the news for us and telling us about. I got pretty excited when i seen it on twitter.

  18. Why wont espn show it anywhere but the ticker. I’m trying convince the bar manager at my pub (who is a liverpool fan) that the game is going to be on at 7:45 and on ESPN2.

  19. Gaffer,

    fantastic job! I must admit… I was losing faith it would be done by this weekend, but you held firm the whole time and broke this news to everyone.

    Cheers to you Gaffer !

  20. Thanks for single-handedly bringing the PL to ESPN, Gaffer! Without you, none of this would have been possible! US Soccer owes you a debt of gratitude for allowing us to finally watch a match! I come to EPL Talk for the pedestrian analysis, but I stay for underwhelming insight!

  21. Great job mate! This is amazing news. Looks like I won’t be sleeping in after all tomorrow morning! Thanks for all the hard work and the great reporting. Not sure how I missed this site up to now, but I check EPLTalk every day now.

  22. Soccer ticker on ESPNNEWS-HD coming up in 1 minute or so….

    ESPN2 7:45 ET
    Premier League

  23. Here’s the ESPN2 schedule through September:

    Sat., Aug. 15 7:40 a.m. Chelsea vs. Hull City
    Sat., Aug. 22 9:55 a.m. Wigan Athletic vs. Manchester United
    Mon., Aug. 24 2:55 p.m. Liverpool vs. Aston Villa
    Sat., Aug. 29 7:40 a.m. Chelsea vs. Burnley
    Sat., Sept. 12 9:55 a.m. Liverpool vs. Burnley
    Sat., Sept. 19 7:40 a.m. Burnley vs. Sunderland
    Sat., Sept. 26 7:40 a.m. Portsmouth vs. Everton
    Mon., Sept. 28 2:55 p.m. Manchester City vs. West Ham

    1. The matches on August 24, August 29 and September 28 should be from the ESPN UK feed, with Jon Champion at pxp and reportedly Joe Royle doing “colour”.

  24. “I may have spoken too soon as the person who told me didn’t know that
    there was nothing official and I just passed it along.
    It may happen still but we are still waiting.
    I will come back with “official” info, hopefully soon.

  25. hey guys, i was checking my directv app on my iphone for the espn listing and i stumbled on UEFA channel. I looked at it on my tv and it had the other champions league games tues and wed live in HD as well as the EPL matches with chelsea and sunderland in HD, yup HD. is this to good to be true or what is it? heres a pic i took

    1. It looks like FSC and Setanta have cut deals to make all the games that they’re skipping available for free on DirecTV. There’s no sign that these are PPV.

      Channel listings for CL playoffs on DirecTV:

      Timisoara v. Stuttgart: 8/18 @ 2:30pm on ch 462 (“exclusive coverage throughout the tournament compliments of DirecTV”)
      Copenhagen v. APOEL: 8/18 @ 2:30pm on ch 463
      Sheriff Tiraspol v. Olympiakos: 8/18 @ 2:30pm on ch. 464 (though this is also what shows up for FSC)
      Celtic v. Arsenal: 8/18 @ 2:30pm on ch. 466 (“This UEFA Champions League match may be available on your local cable sports network. Check listings for coverage in your area”… so that’s the game the FSN affiliates will be picking up and if you don’t have an FSN affiliate or have one that’s showing something else, then this channel will get turned on for you)
      Ventspils v. Zurich: 8/19 @ 2:30pm on ch. 462
      Levski Sofia v. Debrecen: 8/19 @ 2:30pm on ch. 463
      Lyon v. Anderlecht: 8/19 @ 2:30pm on ch. 464

  26. Jozy’s Twitter feed:

    JozyAltidore17: Make sure you watch the debut of the league tomorrow when hull takes on chelsea. I wish I could be there :(

    JozyAltidore17: Bad news guys still in the states trying to sort things out with my work permit. There is a lil more work that has to be done. :(

    This is a bummer! Well we will see him soon enough I am sure of that! Thanks for the news Gaffer. Still a momentous occasion.

  27. Everyone should watch the game for no other reason that to get good ratings so we have more of these games. Who care if Jozy plays or not. This is the first time in over 10 years that the EPL is live on a basic cable channel.

  28. Well said Joe! Lets not let this great opportunity go to waste. Everyone make sure to watch the game so that they get great ratings and want to eventually start showing EPL games on ABC!!! The sky is the limit!

  29. I’m with Joe and Zach. Let’s all let ESPN know that we want our EPL on basic cable! Let ’em know you like seeing it, and let ’em know if there’s anything you don’t like about the broadcast, too. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

  30. You guys obviously don’t know how ratings work. Whether you watch the game or not has no bearing on the ratings. It will still be cool to watch regardless though.

  31. To all you fools who doubted the Gaffer, SUCK IT!!!!
    Looks like americans & Premier league football will be having breakfast together for the foreseeable future To quote crazed call of Max Bretos “OOOOHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!”

  32. Great news!

    This will give some more exposure to the EPL here in the States and provide a little healthy competition to Fox Soccer.

    I’ll definitely watch Hull tomorrow to celebrate… added bonus if thel make the Blues drop some points early!

  33. Thanks Gaffer. I stumbled on this site in the midst of this controversy. Your site came up at the top of a “news” search in Google on this topic. Thanks for the scoop and keeping us informed. Great site. Bookmarked—on my desktop!


  34. It’s made in onto national news:

    “Under the agreement, ESPN2 will offer up to 48 live matches this season, including live presentation of the 12 Monday afternoon matches.

    ESPN2 will feature one match each Saturday at 7:45 a.m. Eastern time and select Saturday matches at 10 a.m. (when there are no matches at 7:45 a.m.)”

    ESPN reaches deal to show English Premier League games in U.S.

  35. The problem is that I don’t see it on my cable guide line up or on the ESPN website line up. Any more information on this?

    1. So, the big cable and satellite companies have massive servers at their data centers that contain all of the info that you see on your on-screen guide.

      The software in your cable or sat box gets an update from these servers on a fairly regular basis either via the sat transmission or your coaxial.

      One of two things has happened…

      One, the info has been updated by your cable/sat company but it hasn’t synced with your the box because there hasn’t been an update.


      Two, the cable/sat companies haven’t updated their scheduling info on their servers because this change was literally last minute.

      I suspect it is number two….

      Don’t worry, the game will be on.

    1. It’s on ESPN2-HD right now.

      You can tell this is rushed. The pre-game just “started” no real opening. The commercials are still for hunting & fishing places like “Bass Pro Shops”. I have no doubt the ESPN switchboard probably has gotten a few calls and the advertisers are probably going to get make goods — depending on their contracts.

      Whether the game will be in HD is yet to be determined.

      1. I thought the ad mix was hilarious. Obviously cobbled together at the last minute.

        Of course they did get in the obligatory “4 hour erection”….

  36. Paul Mariner! Legend!
    Seems a little stiff at the intro there didn’t he, but he did a great job, man knows his stuff alright…respek!

    1. Well the whole show is rather rushed. Still he’ll get better especially when there is some pre-show prep — which there likely hasn’t been this morning…unless we’re getting the “English” feed pre-game. I’m not sure.

  37. Watching the pregame show now on ESPN2. My first thought – I wonder if Bass Pro Shops will be asking ESPN for a refund since their commercials running during the break aren’t exactly hitting their target demographic now?

  38. proper order an all…..teams in tunnels, teams walking out, teams shaking hands, lineups
    AND….dare I say it….


  39. First off EPL in HD am I still asleep!!! Someone pinch me! oohh wow this is real. Thank you espn for showing the foreign feed as well.

    @ DFW Razorback I was thinking the same thing with all the hunting commercials too funny.

  40. I think I’m going to cry. How beautiful is this? HD, no ticker at the bottom, and no crappy ESPN announcers. Wow I truely can’t believe it. Thank you ESPN and FSC for making this deal happen. The only negative is that Jozy is not going to play.

  41. Thank God! I almost don’t know what to think. EPL in high def w/no bottom line. Amazing. I just sent a comment to ESPN to thank them–God knows I complained enough about the bottom line on Champs League coverage. Amazing!

  42. Breakfast, beer, Premier league footie and glorious wonderful HD!!! Does it get any better???

    Thanks to cos if it wasn’t for you i’d still be sleeping while all this is happening lol

    You guys rock and are bookmarked for ever

    1. I second that. If it wasn’t for I would have not known about this game being on. Thank you And yes this site wlll now be one of my daily visited sites.

      By the way, it’s still strange that that even on ESPN’s website there is no mention of this amazing deal. The only place you can find this news is on

      1. Anyone who reads this… send your thanks to ESPN for their coverage.

        Here is my comment…

        “Thanks to ESPN for stepping up to the plate with their coverage of EPL Soccer for the 2009/10 season.

        Finally it seems a network is doing this great sport justice. The fact it is being broadcast in HD is of great credit to ESPN and their commitment to sport.

        Long may this continue… although please get rid of the ticker!

        Please be aware that your viewing numbers are all the better due to the Gaffer at for announcing the coverage and being easily found through Google.”

        1. Thanks Stevie M for the plug in your e-mail to ESPN. The folks at ESPN weren’t too happy that I broke the news before the deal was 100% signed, so any kind words you can send to the network on my behalf will help put me back into a better situation with them.

          The Gaffer

  43. By the way the sky sports Iphone App live commentary works nicely, at the fifth minute now in the commentary and in the seventh in the match, so very good. Sixth now

  44. once the dust settles today Gaffer, we need to start a petition to let ESPN know just HOW much we appreciate this kind of coverage!
    This is a new day for football fans in this country alright, let’s make sure ESPN knows we don’t expect them to take a step backwards from this

  45. I agree…..we should all contact ESPN to thank them…

    -for showing the game in HD
    -Keeping the announcers
    -No ticker!



    the ticker is back!!!


  47. It all felt like it was going a bit to well. Sure enough in the 12th min. Here comes the ticker. At least it only stayed for 2 min. as opposed to the entire game so far. I remember the Euros last year when ESPN left the ticker on the whole tourney.

  48. I think ESPN does the “short spurts” ticker now for most its live-event coverage. It wasn’t constant during Wimbledon or the Open Championship, either.

    1. I agree. I loved watching Steven Hunt when Reading was in the EPL a couple of years ago. I’m excited that he is back in league.

  49. Regarding the missing ticker, I think I heard in an interview once that EPL requires the absence of that type of thing during play.

    FSC seems to turn on their ‘bottom third’ only during play stoppage (like injuries or before a corner kick) for EPL matches, but I believe they show it much more often (and during play) for other leagues.

    Maybe the Gaffer can find out if there’s any EPL requirement on this.

    1. FYI:

      The Score in Canada have been running a ticker constantly throughout its EPL telecasts on Sundays in order to satisfy CRTC licensing requirements. (The Score is licensed as a sports information TV channel in Canada.)

      The FAPL does not have a rule prohibiting tickers.

      ESPN2 HD ran the ticker for one cycle every 15 minutes. I suspect ESPN didn’t want its switchboard in Bristol to light up like a Christmas tree on Saturday morning.

  50. FYI — the commentators are Bill Leslie and Efan Ekoku. In this deal, it seems ESPN (U.S.) is just another outlet and, like the others, has to take the TWI feed.

    1. Wait ’til Monday August 24 and Saturday August 29, when ESPN2 US, ESPN2 Caribbean, and ESPN UK will air the same EPL match.
      One would expect ESPN2 to take the ESPN UK feed if it were available instead of the PLP/IMG Sports Media (formerly TWI) feed.

  51. HD, no ticker, and proper commentating (the guys mun2 brought in for the US-Mexico game gave ne nightmares). Pretty good job all around. The one funny thing is that the ads during the half have been Bass Pro, John Deere, fishing shops, etc. Guess ESPN didn’t have time to seek out soccer-related advertisers!

    1. I abhor Marcelo Balboa’s hair. The other guy was Phil Schoen. It was an interesting broadcast and I can understand why telemundo would want to have the rights to a mexican wc qualifier in mexico. They expected a good audience. It was also educational since how many of us knew our provider (FIOS in my case) carried mundos.

  52. I really don’t understand the point of the ticker during games. If you want to have it during highlights than fine but games just doesn’t make sense. Anyway, I can put up with short spurts. But anybody with a brain can see that the game looks so much better without them. Can’t ESPN see this?

  53. We definitely have to be vocal w/ our cable providers when FSC HD rolls out 1/1/10. Also, impressive for ESPN to get Chelsea, and Man Utd to start off their weekend coverage, sure that gives a bump too.

    1. I agree. We should start contacting our providers now about signing on FSC HD when it becomes available. They need to know that if they don’t plan on carrying it then we will switch to a provider that does have it.

  54. Yea, watching FSC is going to be very hard now. But for now there is no other option. What is the best way to contact your cable provider? I always get people that have no clue what I’m talking about. Comcast has so little HD channels that I’m thinking FSC in HD is not a priority for them but if everyone makes it known that we want it then hopefully it will happen by Jan. 1st. Who do I need to reach out to? Customer service is useless.

  55. By the way, a very big thank you to EPL TALK for breaking this story earlier in the week. The way that espn signed at the last minute, I would never have known about this match on espn2 if not for EPL TALK.

    1. Brian, thanks. History was made Saturday morning with Chelsea v Hull being the first ever HD game on US television featuring a Premier League match!

      The Gaffer

  56. Sweet! A Premier game in HD on ESPN2. Sweet! Of course, now I am spoiled as the later games in blah SD. Looking forward for FSC to go HD! Now all we need is for Setanta and Gol TV to join the HD bandwagon.

  57. yikes!
    Going from ESPN2HD to FSC!
    not so much!
    wonder if FSC will have all those bloody ads on during the game?

    annnnnnndddddd Setanta-i has a problem with its player!!

    tsk tsk tsk
    espn is smelling of roses right now

  58. Ironic…

    Love the Sylvania commercial on FSC –

    “Theres nothing like watching The Beautiful Game in HD….”

    No kidding!! Now, FSC….lets get with it!

    (And GolTV too…looks like this morning’s Bundesliga is WS…originally an HD feed??)

    1. Yes, widescreen is originally an HD feed. Sometimes Setanta has mistakingly shown the widescreen feed, and I was able to stretch the picture and watch in widescreen (but not HD) for a few minutes until some engineer caught it and switch it back to 4:3

  59. Just finished watching Chelsea in HD
    now watching Wigan/Aston Villa on FSC
    plus Blackburn/Man Shitty on Setanta-i
    Followed by Arsenal/Everton on FSC
    with Newcastle/Reading on Espn 360/Setanta
    AND I’ve got Channel 4 Racing from Newbury in the background and all
    I’m not budging from my man cave for another 5 hours :)

  60. My God, I just sent the first complement to ESPN in my life. I’m sure they’ll start screwing it up in the near future. It was a beautiful thing though. FSC is going to be crap in comparison.

  61. RE: Comcast….FSC in HD

    I called them last week and inquired. Got the usual response, they do not know but will make a note of my suggestion. I also wrote to their customer service email (make a suggestion: channel lineup.) Also, there is an “Email Rick” option. I believe he is in charge of programming (or something like that.) I emailed him as well. Everyone on Comcast should call and email so Comcast sees the demand for soccer in HD.

  62. For those of you who loved seeing this game in HD, we’ll get our first non Champions League Final game in HD on Tuesday as all the FSN games should be in HD (if your FSN affiliate has an HD station).

    As for ESPN’s coverage…being a west coaster and a football fan blows. Waking up at 4:30 in the morning after going to bed at 2 (I work nights) is not very enjoyable. Seeing the studio show in SD, I hit the snooze button and woke up 15 minutes later to see crystal clear HD. Of course I sprang up and wasn’t sleepy anymore. It was amazing and I left the comfort of my bed to watch it on my glorious 60 inch HDTV in the living room.

    Sadly, I felt the coverage was a bit weak and thrown together. Granted, ESPN did finally sort this all out last night and hopefully they’ll have their act together for the next batch of games. ESPN News during the half and after the game was disappointing but does anyone know if it’s because all the Press Pass guys had to do ESPN UK stuff?

    Here’s the thing about the ticker, everyone needs to just live with it. Leaving it on all game is atrocious but as an all around sports fan, it’s convenient to have the ticker there. It’s a part of American sports culture and I thought ESPN found a proper way to adapt it into the game.

  63. Turning to FSC after watching the ESPN2 game was sad. If you get to watch the EPL in HD, what do you care about the halftime show!? You want Alexi Lalas telling you about the EPL, I don’t. ESPN clearly doesn’t have the rights to show sky, bbc or some other channel’s halftime show. Oh, and I don’t remember hearing the little telephone dial tone at all, FSC has been giving excuses for that pointless sound for years! As for the ticker, its not that distracting and is better than the FSC ads that shrink the screen! In my opinion, ESPN went and trumped FSC in one morning by simply being able to show the game in HD. This is 2009, if its not in HD, you are not satisfying the customer.

    1. The last line says it all.

      There has to be some statistic out there relating viewership and HD content.

      I know it is “in the works”, but FSC and GolTV just had a huge shot across the bow.

    2. Granted the halftime show is a bit of a throwaway since most of us are probably going to the bathroom or getting something to eat. Everyone so far has praised ESPN for their coverage, but the only extraordinary thing they did was show the game in HD. All they did was air the feed directly from TWI. Call me demanding, but I’d like to see the full force of ESPNs broadcasting abilities.

        1. No, I’m fine with the showing the international feed. What I’d like to see is a proper pre game, halftime, and post game show. I understand it’s going to take time especially since they just got the rights to the game the night before but before we start giving ESPN a gold star, I’d like to see them do a little more.

          ESPN can’t just be an outlet for football, they really need to promote it and give it time on SportsCenter and other shows. It can’t just be some throwaway filler segment/programming they have the rights to.

    1. Doesn’t look like it. I checked the ESPN360 schedule for the rest of the month, and nothing. And there was no mention of ESPN360 coverage in the press release. Stay tuned to EPL Talk for more information.

      The Gaffer

    1. I’d imagine that Monday game will be a big deal for ESPN. Depending on the match up, they can really hype it on the morning editions of SportsCenter and ESPN’s First Take isn’t the ideal lead in, but I’m sure they could find a way to do a good build up to the game/pregame show.

      1. I did it and I agree 100%….it only takes 5 mins everyone….I have spent a lot more time and energy bitching about ESPN over the years..figure the least I could do was take the opportunity and give them credit where it was due :)

  64. Amazing to see the game in HD this AM. I don’t care about the pre game or half time show. All that crap could have been in Spanish for all i care.

    Anyone else have Setanta for free ? I noticed that i have it on my directv.

    1. I have it also on DirecTV. I didn’t want to say anything in case it was a mistake. A free preview isn’t posted anywhere that I could find, although Setanta has had free previews for the opening weekend in the past.

  65. The ticker doesnt bother me though I would mind not seeing it.

    Bravo to ESPN. 1 Premier League match put them above and beyond anything FSC has done.

    The North London Derby in HD is going to be EPIC!!!!!

  66. On Tuesday next Setanta have scheduled the Sunderland/Chelsea game live at 2.30pm Eastern. At the SAME TIME on DirecTV a new channel (#465-1 UEFA) is also showing the same game live.

    Altogether there are five channels called UEFA (462-466) plus their HD equivalents. The other four channels are showing Champions League games.

    Does anyone know the origin of these feeds – do they belong to ESPN, FSC or Setanta? And how is it that Setanta are also scheduled to show the same game live?

    1. The DirecTV Guide indicates that channels 462-1, 463-1 and 466-1 are “Compliments of DirecTV”. Channel 464-1 is Fox Soccer Channel and 465-1 is Setanta. My guess is that everyone will be able to see the “Compliment of DirecTV” channels but you will need to already have access to FSC and Setanta to see the other channels. It looks similar to what DirecTV does with their MLB Extra Innings and NFL packages. They take the regular channels and put them together in a separate channel grouping. BTW, the “-1” after the channel indicates HD.

      This is my guess. Anyone with definitive knowledge – please correct me.

  67. Get over the ticker. As for the pre-game, halftime, and post-game shows from the U.K., the U.S. channels don’t like to use those because they promo what’s coming up on their specific channels or promo stuff for U.K. viewers.

    Unlike the U.K. we get plenty of soccer here and HD will come to FSC soon (early next year). As for Setanta, don’t bet on it, but they might not even carry EPL next year anyway.

  68. This is amazing but I didn’t know until it was too late… Two times in one week!! Maybe in another 5 years all of us will have telemundo HD, ESPN Deportes, FSC, GolTV, Galavision, RAI, and the future of Setanta channel (whatever that may be).
    Maybe we will be able to watch all matches in HD in the future not need to search for the game up until kickoff time.

  69. it’s exciting to see that the networks are recognizing the potential in the US soccer market.

    Did anyone else enjoy Mun2? I’d like to have it all the time.

      1. I really liked the “corner kicks brought to you by Degree” addition. Aside from the announcers, it could of been worse, though.

  70. Amazing what a difference 12 hours made. On Friday night I was thanking my lucky stars that United didn’t have any upcoming games in the 7:45 AM Saturday slot. Saturday morning, I was wishing EVERY United game was at that time. The beautiful game is even more so in HD.

    …funny to see ESPN2 running ads for guns and fishing equipment at halftime. From the evidence, it appears the only thing football fans and outdoorsmen have in common is erectile dysfunction.


  71. For the Gaffer:

    Even though I’ve read your recent piece on the rights for FSC/Champions League games, I’m totally confused re the matches being shown tomorrow (Tues) on DirecTV.

    2.30/2.45pm Eastern has the following – could you explain the plethora of simultaneous games and the duplicates:

    461 Champions League Mix HD
    462 CL HD
    463 CL HD
    464 FSC HD (???)
    465 SET HD (???) – Sunderland/Chelsea in HD???
    466 CL HD – Celtic/Arsenal
    619 FSC SD
    621 SET SD – Sunderland/Chelsea
    642 CSN HD – Celtic/Arsenal
    646 FSS HD – Celtic/Arsenal

    1. …the duplicates appear to be related to what will be available on the “regular” channels (FSC, 619 and SET, 621). 464 is showing the same game as 619 in that time slot. 465 (and 642 and 646) the same match as 621. Could be that those channels will be blacked out so as not to compete with FSC’s and Setanta’s ” local coverage” – available only to subscribers without the option of getting FSC and SET.

      1. ….meant to say 465 match same as on 621.

        The Celtic/Arsenal match on 466, 642 and 646 would be live. Whereas FSC for some unfathomable reason has chosen to show that much more in-demand match delayed at 5:00PM eastern. I don’t know how DirecTV’s black-out procedures will affect the live broadcast when “local coverage” is delayed.

        1. @DaveMo: The reason the Celtic-Arsenal match is delayed on FSC is because it’s on the Fox regional sports networks, and in HD. Those regional sports networks are pretty much available to anyone in the country on a lower programming tier than FSC. And I haven’t seen too many regional networks pre-empted by press conferences. They don’t do that because no one turns to those stations for breaking news.

    2. DirecTV:

      Channel 461 UEFA Champions League Mix channel in SD (watch 4 matches simultaneously)

      Channel 461-1, same as 461, but in HD

      Channel 462 – DirecTV extra match in HD – Timosoara vs VfB Stuttgart

      Channel 462-1 – same as 462, for viewers with HD receivers (don’t know yet whether video will be in HD)

      Channel 463 – DirecTV extra match in HD – Copenhagen vs APOEL

      Channel 463-1 – same as 463, for viewers with HD receivers (don’t know yet whether video will be in HD)

      Channel 464 – Mirror of FOX Soccer Channel – Sheriff vs Olympiacos

      Channel 464-1 – Mirror of FOX Soccer Channel – Don’t know whether video will be in HD

      Channel 465 – Mirror of Setanta Sports USA – no live UEFA CL coverage on August 18 or August 19 due to EPL

      Channel 465-1 – same as channel 465

      Channel 466 – blank slate directing viewers to watch their local regional sports network for Celtic – Arsenal

      Channel 466-1 – same as channel 466

  72. I suspect that it is only DirecTV viewers with the Setanta or Sports Packages will get these games. It may be ok this week as Setanta has a free preview on right now.

    I just can’t imagine FoxSC giving these games away to everyone who has a DirecTV dish…

  73. Notice too that the Man U game on Wed is on 465-1 in high def; hopefully in 16:9; nothing listed for the games this weekend though. Curious–and couldn’t find anything on the directtv website re these extra channels

  74. I have Dish Network and I have “UEFA Champions League” available in HD on channel 444 ALT at the same time as the Celtic-Arsenal match tomorrow, but it doesn’t tell me the specific match. I’m assuming it’s the Celtic-Arsenal match and that it’s being made available since my regional Fox/Comcast Net channel is not showing that match in HD. I’ll record it and hope for the best.

    1. DISH is saving bandwidth by putting the HD feed of Celtic-Arsenal on one channel instead of opening up the HD feed of the 18 regional sports networks.

  75. Did anyone else see the add that said ESPN2 was showing the ManU game on Saturday? I think I saw it once on TV but never saw it again. It isnt on the TV listings either.

  76. What a mess. Maybe blacked out, maybe not. The logic of what you all say is that a subscriber to Setanta must watch the Sunderland/Chelsea game in SD, whilst those who can’t receive Setanta will be treated to a HD version. This can’t be right, can it!

    Why are these TV companies so completely hopeless at putting out correct information in advance of games? If most companies sold their products in this haphazard manner, they’d be out of business very quickly (e.g. Setanta UK, to be followed by Ireland and the US?)

  77. i sent an email to FSC asking about HD and below is the reply i got….

    FSC is targeting January, 2010 as the date to offer select programs in high definition (HD) where rights and access to HD feeds are available, including the UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premier League and Serie A

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