5 Ways To Watch Or Listen To Chelsea v Hull City


We understand that ESPN and Fox Soccer Channel are still feverishly working on concluding the contract so that the early Saturday morning and Monday afternoon ET Premier League games will be available on ESPN2. However, no agreement has been completed as of writing, and we’re now less than 24 hours away from the kickoff of the 2009/2010 Premier League season.

We’re still very hopeful that an agreement can be made in time, so that ESPN2 can carry the game, but the closer it gets to the kickoff time without the paperwork signed, the more nervous soccer fans become. There is the possibility that Fox Soccer Channel would still show the game either on television or online at FoxSoccer.tv since they still technically own the rights (until the agreement for sub-licensing the broadcasting of the game to ESPN is concluded).

Of course, this game takes on even more importance for most Americans because it may feature the debut of Jozy Altidore up front for Hull City.

But if Fox Soccer Channel and ESPN are unable to conclude an agreement in time and if Fox decides not to show the game on television or online, here’s our guide of five ways you can either watch or listen to the opening game of the Premier League season between Chelsea and Hull City:

  1. Sirius Satellite. The Chelsea against Hull City match will be available to all Sirius radio customers on channel 125. If you’re not a Sirius Satellite Radio customer, they do offer a free trial of their product online, but unfortunately channel 125 isn’t one of the stations available.
  2. Hull City Player. You can subscribe to Hull City’s audio commentary of the game from its website for as little as £3.99. ‘Player’ was formerly known as ‘World’ and now works on both a Mac and PC. Chelsea FC may have their own commentary available, but you’ll have to check back here. Right now, it still says ‘Coming Soon.’
  3. BBC London 94.9. BBC’s local London radio station streams live on the Internet and often features live commentary from matches as well as match reports from around the grounds. There’s no guarantee they’ll be broadcasting the Chelsea match (they always broadcast from a match featuring a team from London; the times when I’ve listened, it’s been either Tottenham Hotspur or Crystal Palace). Plus, their sports program doesn’t begin until 9am ET, but at least you may be able to catch the second half of the game from its stream.
  4. Justin.tv. We hate to recommend this one because any streaming video of the match online would be illegal, but unless Fox or ESPN show the game, this will be one of the few sources where football fans can watch the game online.
  5. Ustream. Similar to Justin.tv, Ustream will carry streaming video of the match. Note however that Ustream videos are illegal. We hate to recommend illegal avenues, but if that’s the only way we can be able to watch the match live, what else are football supporters supposed to do?

It’s been many many years since the opening game of the Premier League season has not been shown live on television, so let’s hope ESPN and Fox can conclude the deal as quickly as possible or enable a contingency plan.

For more ways to follow Premier League games such as minute-by-minute text commentary, sporadic match commentaries from The Sun newspaper and other audio available from around the world, read EPL Talk’s Comprehensive Guide To Following Premier League Matches Online article.

If you know of any other sources how football supporters can watch or listen to the Chelsea agsinst Hull City season opener, please post them below.

In the meantime, be sure to check back on EPL Talk throughout the day for late breaking news. And be sure to follow EPL Talk on Twitter for updates.

Photo credit: Blue Beany.

UPDATE: ESPN has confirmed that it WILL be showing Premier League early Saturday morning kickoff after all between Chelsea or Hull, so forget all of the five tips above and go with the real deal. More details here.

163 thoughts on “5 Ways To Watch Or Listen To Chelsea v Hull City”

  1. This is getting silly. Either FSC should show the early Sat am games & the Monday games or sell them to Setanta.

    I note that Setanta – now showing fewrer games – has not cut its price! I am toying with cancelling my Setanta subscription.

    Also, how am I meant to find out what games Setanta-i are showing?

    Very disappointed with how this is turning out: I can recall the days when angry fans would wreck the seats, etc.

    Whatever happened to fan power|?

  2. If this match isn’t on TV, I’m going to be very disappointed. I’m sick of not being able to watch the footy I want to watch. I would pay the extra money to get extra channels BUT WE DON’T EVEN GET THE OPTION!!

    1. By the way, where can I find the most accurate up-to-date information on this subject? I’ve done a few Google searches but all I can find news about is ESPN in the UK, nothing about the States. I’ve also looked around on ESPN Soccernet, but nothing there either. What do you think the chances are they actually get this deal done in time for me to be watching Chelsea and Hull in HD on ESPN2 when I get off work in the morning?

      1. I have a weird feeling it won’t end up on ESPN. And please, don’t blame Gaffer or EPLTalk.com, I can’t mention names, but I was told from someone who I know who works for Setanta that this was being discussed. All the crap coming down on this website is really uncalled for.

        1. Who is blaming EPLTalk? The networks? How is EPLTalk ever doing anything but helping generate interest for the sport. Hell, they should thank EPLTalk for existing. At the end of the day, only the networks and the clubs can be blamed for not finding an efficient way to deliver their product to the consumer. I’m standing here with money in my hand, begging for someone to take it so I can watch a match, yet no one can figure out a way to make this happen.

          Jason, when you say “I have a weird feeling it won’t end up on ESPN,” do you mean that ESPN won’t end up showing any matches in the US this season or that ESPN likely won’t have everything finalized in time for this weekend? Thanks for the help.

          1. @Jason

            I just recently found this blog so I may not be up-to-date on the posts more than a couple weeks old. Thanks for the help :)

    2. that’s how they make their premiums, they don’t sell the channels that carry it – they sell the events alone as ppv. You would think they’d let you sign up for the channels that carry it but they make more money by not letting you have those and sorta forcing you to get their like $100+ ppv for each game. They make lots that way.

      Try the site I mentioned above..they have espn but i find espn only really covers american sports well, they don’t really cover footbal except for the world cup. neewayz should add the sites I said above to the post may help.

      looking into changing my provider but short on funds right now.

  3. BBC radio online doesn’t always work for those in the U.S. I tried that when Fulham were featured a few times last season and this season for the Vetra away fixture. The same commentary was offered on Fulham’s website and I was able to listen without an issue. I can’t remember the exact message I got, but it basically said “You live in America, stop trying to stream our shit”.

    Its Justin.tv for me. Normally missing Chelsea vs Hull wouldn’t really matter to me but it is the very first Premiership match of the season and I love getting up early the first day of the season.

  4. Being a life and death Chelsea supporter here in the US, let’s just say it would ruin my weekend if I can’t watch it live.

  5. If you want commentary go to soccernet.espn.go.com. It’s the US version of espn. It gives live commentary for all the action. Go Blues!

    1. I have always liked soccernets commentary and graphics. One of the best in my mind. What is a mind numbing experience is that both FSC and ESPN are hurting there audience over this.

      Thanks to EPL Talk for keeping everyone up to date and who knows by the end of business today someone may have late breaking news.

    2. Yea, it’s only text commentary. It’s how I “watch” Championship fixtures here in the States, until the one day my Crystal Palace returns to the EPL…

  6. Just a quick question about TV rights for the Saturday 10 AM games…wondering if anyone knows the answer. How does FSC determine what game they show and what games they contract out? Do they basically hand to Setanta whatever games they don’t want or does FSC choose their main game and then Setanta gets to pick from the rest? Never been able to figure that out. Thanks.

    1. Ari,

      If you listen to the podcast released by EPL talk, they go over this! Setanta gets first choice game and third choice from what I remember of the podcast.

  7. I just e-mailed Fox Soccer Channel and told them that their business considerations should not trump the wishes of the thousands of Premier League fans in the country(wishful thinking). Maybe if they hear from enough people, they will reconsider…
    I will be very very disappointed to miss the season’s opener!!!

  8. According to my contacts at Setanta – ESPN will get first pick of the 10:00am matches if there is no 7:45am kick-off (Eastern Time of course). Anyone hear if there is a deadline set for the contract to be signed?

  9. It’ll suck to be a Chelsea fan if they don’t get this resolved quickly. Even more so because now I can’t set my DVR to record the game until it appears on the friggin schedule…

  10. Could Hull v Chelsea be on the Setanta Pub PPV feed? Or even just regular PPV? Setanta US isn’t listing the game on the schedule.

  11. Brilliant… a website with paid advertising proclaiming that fans should use illegal feeds. Absolutely brilliant! Not only that, but your sizable web presence will aid the authorities greatly in finally shutting those sites down for good.

    Stellar work all round.

  12. Way to jump the gun on the ESPN2 story. Despite all the backtracking, it was painfully obvious that you reported it as a done deal. Kudos for having contacts inside ESPN, but shame on you for screwing up the reporting.

    1. AW, my source revealed that the deal was done. The information jumped the gun, but without my reporting, nobody would even know that ESPN was even interested in buying the rights.

      The Gaffer

      1. Unless you had reported that there was a possible deal in the works but were waiting for an official announcement. Dude, you do a great service, but need to take some responsibility for jumping the gun.

        1. Maybe you need to take some responsibility for getting excited about something that was announced on a blog without an official announcement.

          1. Gaffer, what you’re missing here is that your reporting isn’t entirely necessary. Nobody needed to know that ESPN were interested in buying the rights, at least not until the deal was actually done! Now everyone is in a frenzy of anticipation, and the pressure is on ESPN to get a deal done now that everyone and their mother knows that they want it. Which, in turn, gives the other side of the bargaining table a lot more leverage. ESPN gaffed in leaking something that wasn’t finished, you furthered that, and now there’s no guarantee that things will get ironed out.

            So you stuck your neck out and got it wrong. Not so hard to admit, right?

          2. @LB

            No one “needs” to know any of this. People want to know these things. I want to know if ESPN is interested in the rights. I appreciate the work done here, even if things don’t end up working out.

          3. @LB

            This is such a stupid post. It’s not Gaffer’s responsibilty to look out for ESPN. That responsibility, fittingly, belongs to ESPN. Gaffer reported a news story just as hundreds of journalists do every day, all over the world. Should Woodward and Bernstein not reported in Nixon so they didn’t cause a stir? Grow up.

          4. I’d like to see some evidence that I was excited. I’m just someone who has worked in the media and is trying to pass on some advice. We all make mistakes. How we handle them is a great measure.

  13. Not only do you slag off other soccer shows and sites with false information, but you also can’t deliver on your own articles and suggest illegal alternatives to try and make it up to people!

    Top work.

    1. Sorry Jay, but I don’t slag off other soccer shows. You obviously haven’t been a reader of EPL Talk much in the past. I continually support and promote other shows and sites.

      If you’re referring to WSD, I’ve supported them by interviewing them many times as well as naming Steven Cohen the Best EPL Radio Show Host (see http://epltalk.com/epl-awards-2008-2009-winners/ ). Regarding his unfortunate remarks about Hillsborough, I called him out on it. End of story.

      The Gaffer

  14. I was at the ESPN Zone in Anaheim, CA yesterday and on the statboard was what is supposedly ESPN’s schedule of Premiership games for the 2010 season. It showed 4(!) games being broadcast on the ESPN networks this weekend…..

    1. Joseph, thanks for the information. ESPN Deportes Radio also reported the news last week. In addition to the games which are supposed to be on ESPN2, games are supposed to also be shown on ESPN Deportes (hence the 4 listings instead of 2).

      The Gaffer

    1. Easy. Issue a press release and let all of the bloggers and newspapers spread the news, as well as mentioning it on SportsCenter and other ESPN-related shows.

      The Gaffer

      1. Can you tweet it also? That way if the deal goes down in the middle of the night, my BlackBerry will wake me up and all will be good with the world!

  15. Soccernet has a omen, perhaps.

    They mention something about Games on ESPN in their headline picture, probably talking about the UK though.

  16. Gaffer, wrong or not I appreciate that you come on and defend yourself and actually pay attention to your readers. Hopefully this ESPN BS will come through.

  17. ESPN Soccernet has a headline: “The new Barclays Premier League season is here and we have all you need to know, including which games will be shown on ESPN.”

      1. I just thought since they used the words “shown on ESPN” it would mean more than news and text commentary, what do you think?

    1. ESPN UK will have EPL for certain.

      No deal yet between FSI and ESPN2 (US) for the 2 EPL time slots Setanta Sports USA had to cough up for not being able to pay its bills…

  18. Here’s something interesting from Jamie Trecker at FSC:

    THE WEEKENDER (All times EDT)

    Miami vs. Minnesota (USL) 2000 FSC

    Chelsea vs Hull 0745 *
    Blackburn vs Man City 1000 Setanta USA
    Aston Villa vs Wigan 1000 FSC
    Newcastle vs Reading 1220 Setanta
    Everton vs Arsenal 1230 FSC

    * This means we have no clue where or if this game will air.

    Clearly, as the Gaffer and others have said, something is up.

      1. please no-makeshift studio bollox…give us the proper english commentary…remember what a disaster ESPN made of the last world cup….

  19. Let me throw this out there, someone who is more in tune with TV rights rules can hopefully answer.

    So when the rights went up for sale, FSC bought them all correct? They sub-license them out to Setanta. Setanta gives them back to FSC to save money. I’m right so far I think. So now they are owned by FSC again, ESPN is trying to buy them from FSC. So if ESPN and FSC can’t reach a deal, what the hell is stopping FSC from stepping up to the plate and showing the game? They own it, so show it!

    I’d love to hear where I went wrong in that reasoning, as I’m sure I lost the plot somewhere.

    1. FSI is trying to peddle to ESPN, Inc. the two EPL time slots Setanta Sports USA had coughed up.

      FSI is in a bad negotiating position because it is now on the hook for approximately $4.75 million extra.

      ESPN, Inc. is still smarting from FSI’s overbid of the UEFA Champions League.

      One would suspect that ESPN, Inc. will extract its pound of flesh from FSI before it signs anything with FSI…

      1. Of course, I still agree with Ryan: if FSC doesn’t get a deal (today) with ESPN, they should pre-empt the ridiculous infomercials and show us Chelsea v Hull. Worst case, if they contractually can’t get out of the infomercials, they should show Chelsea-Hull later in the afternoon on delay. Their negotiating position with ESPN/Disney is irrelevant to whether the game should/shouldn’t be shown when FSI/FSC have already paid for the rights!

  20. Gaffer:

    You were absolutely justified running the story. Yes, we do have a need to know. At least this way when the day is inked, we are on top of the news. Too much ad $$$$$ go down the drain if nothing gets done here. Not likely to happen.

  21. gaff,

    i for one appreciate you breaking the news as it was great stuff you couldn’t find anywhere else. maybe in the future do 1 post as ‘rumor’ and then 1 post ‘confirmed’ once things are signed and and revealed in an official press release. that way you can still provide info without running into as much confusion. (i realize you thought this was confirmed already but just saying since there wasn’t an official press release yet).

    cheers for the work though. i’m just ready for the EPL to start regardless of how i get to watch it.


      1. You are free:
        * to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work
        * to Remix — to adapt the work
        Under the following conditions:
        * Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).
        Those are the specific creative commons requirements for the picture in question.

        (I freely admit I haven’t always been 100% perfect at following such requirements in my own life, but here we have a case of the actual photographer asking for attribution. Maybe you get that together…)

  22. Yeah, I’m not a lawyer, but if you put pictures on a photo sharing website, you probably wanted your photos shared, just saying.

    Also, since we’re tossing out illegal options, myp2p is usually solid. Just google it.

  23. Hi Everyone,

    This is my first time posting on this site. I check it out almost daily to get the latest scoop on the EPL, especially now that we have more Americans playing there.

    It will be disappointing if ESPN is unable to broadcast Hull City-Chelsea game. I was and still am planning to get up at 4:30 AM PT to watch game.

  24. Appreciate the help in finding ways to watch the mighty Tigers in the US.

    I usually watch or listen on the channels you suggested but had hoped that with the appearance of ESPN in the mix ther would be more chance of seeing the Tigers this season.

  25. If anyone ever doubted that all the self-congratulatory, “Our fans/viewers are what really matter,” stuff is unmitigated BS, this should put a fork in it.

    We have two sides playing “blink” with each other trying to squeeze the last dime out of the deal. The fact that we may miss the opening match because they’re too busy playing pocket-pool with each other doesn’t even enter into the equation.

    Then, again, maybe I’m being too harsh. For FSC to show the game would mean they would have to give up all the add revenue from Billy Mays selling us stuff from beyond the grave. ESPN would have the huntin’ and fishin’ crowd down their throats and lose the revenue from those shows.

    Money, money, money. What are you going to do?

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. I’ll keep checking and hoping.

  26. Something to think about…

    On soccernet.com, it says this on the main article… (and I know some other people said this, but i am too) The new Barclays Premier League season is here and we have all you need to know, including which games will be shown on ESPN.

    Now, when you click on the article, you find nothing about anything being shown on ESPN. So what I think is that this is a teaser and that they will be adding that it later. Maybe later today.

    Fingers still crossed.

          1. Soccernet has different versions of the site depending on where you access from around the world. There is a UK version. Remember that Soccernet was around long before ESPN was doing soccer coverage. The site was originally owned by British newspaper The Daily Mail before they sold it to ESPN.

            Even today, the Soccernet site is almost completely run by teams of people based in the UK.

            The Gaffer

          2. I’m sure ESPN wants all of the new viewers in the UK to begin coming to their site as a part of the newly found ESPN coverage over there. I’m sure they are less concerned with the term “soccer” than they are “ESPN” appearing on the site people check for the latest updates on the beautiful game.

            Also, the series of articles say “live on ESPN in the UK” if you continue to read.

            I’ll be shocked if I wake up in the morning to be viewing the Chelsea match on ESPN.

  27. so just a quick question to who ever is knowledgable on this subject. What is the likelihood that this match will be aired tomorrow morning? I will be extremely upset if I have to watch Wigan instead of Chelsea…..

    1. It should, yes. The fact of the matter is that we know that ESPN is working on getting the rights to the games, so it’s possible that their web team may have jumped the gun.

      The Gaffer

  28. The worst part about this whole deal is that the game was originally to be aired on Setanta US! Now, it won’t be shown anywhere.

  29. I know this doesn’t have to do the the potential ESPN deal, but I just checked my DirecTV guide and they have the midweek Chelsea and Man U games listed on channel 465-1 as being shown in HD! It’s in the recently added UEFA block of channels on DTV.

  30. Thanks for the heads up on the ESPN stuff Gaffer. Despite all what was said it’s still a great scoop. Great to know that ESPN is serious about soccer on TV in the US.

    This was on the soccernet us site: “The new Barclays Premier League season is here and we have all you need to know, including which games will be shown on ESPN.” But when clicked on it gives a league review with no mention of games. We’ll see if that changes (refresh, refresh, refresh).

    Keep up the good work.

  31. It’s very likely the Soccernet promo you guys are noting is geared toward the UK audience, and the “ESPN” that’s mentioned — both in that front-page promo and the click-through story — is the new UK ESPN.

    That doesn’t at all mean the American deal is not coming through — just that this particular reference is not directly related.

    In fact, I would be frantically refreshing ESPN.com proper, rather than Soccernet, to catch any news on the U.S. deal.

  32. A friend of a friend of a friend works at ESPN…And it looks like last minute agreement has been reached. Coverage begins at 7:45.

  33. Who announced what?

    A guy said a friend of a friend…. That is how BS rumors get started.

    Nothing against you at all James. But, surely you understand what I mean.

    1. Sorry for the confusion…meant to say that all I can offer you is word of mouth confirmation. However, my “source” is quite good (I was being sarcastic when I said “friend of a friend of a friend”).

  34. Please if anybody finds a link to what James is saying post it on the page. I’ve been scouring the interwebs for something concrete about the ESPN deal but I can’t find anything.

      1. The website says Everton v. Arsenal but maybe referring to the UK game. The report from NY is of the USA deal for the Chelsea v. Hull game.

  35. Is espn.com screwing up anybody else’s browser today? It’s bringing my kickass computer to its knees.

    1. No, I don’t know why everybody is ignoring you. They don’t seem to want to answer your question. I don’t know what to tell you. It was a perfectly reasonable question, but I guess they just want to be mean, or they’re selfish.

      Stop talking to yourself.


  36. im so happy im wakin up early just to see hull WHO actually got a 0-0 tie vs chelsea repeat again. and i just wanna see if ALTIDORE plays.usa

      1. i know i just read it=(ooo well i guess well have to wait maybe Wednesday will see him play him vs tottenham or saturday vs Bolton.

  37. omg dude FSC is so wack. there pre and post match analysis are garbage. they don’t even commentate on the games they air. they get it from other networks like Sky Sports or Setanta. (by the way i’ll miss setanta :(

    FSC shouldn’t have been given the rights to the champions league this season. The ESPN crew were the best. I’ve been watching on there for a while and its not cool we cant watch it on there anymore.

  38. I am a big Chelsea fan and want to thank EPL talk for the info!
    Champions league should break the matches just like FA does for the EPL, so that when two team are playing we have access to all the games.
    They know the demand is here and they dont want to make money!!

  39. Hi guys – firstly thanks for the help – got up at 4.30 am this morning Eastern to watch that game. One thing i was wondering though (im in america on holiday) is – are there any highlight shows on tv?? Is there any way i can see the highlights of the weekends other premiership games on ESPN or anything?? Thanks for any help

    1. The Premier League Review show is aired Sunday nights – 7:00-8:00 PM (Eastern) on Fox Soccer Channel and 8:00-9:00 PM (eastern) on Setanta. Same show…

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