Poll: Surprise Team Of 2009/2010 Premier League Season


In previous Premier League seasons, clubs have come out of the starting gate that have shocked and surprised us. The shock was due to the clubs completely exceeding our expectations of where we thought they’d end up in the table or the cups that they would win. And in some examples, these were clubs that played entertaining football during those seasons and who gave some of the big teams in the Premier League a run for their money.

Examples include Hull City and Stoke City in 2008-2009, Portsmouth in 2007-2008, Reading in 2006-2007, Wigan Athletic in 2005-2006, Everton in 2004-2005, Charlton Athletic in 2003-2004, and so on.

The question for you is, which Premier League team will exceed your expectations in the 2009-2010 season? Vote below. And if you’d like to share your opinions why, click the comments link at the foot of this story.

Note, I didn’t include teams such as Fulham and Manchester City, so the poll question can be more challenging. Otherwise I believe most of the readers would have picked one of those two teams.

Thanks in advance for participating.

Who will be the surprise EPL team of 2009-2010?(polls)

7 thoughts on “Poll: Surprise Team Of 2009/2010 Premier League Season”

  1. This may not be where you were going with this question, but I would have chosen Hull. I think they will surprise people by not being as terrible as some as predicting.

  2. Steve Bruce is really building a good team. He brought in Darren Bent, Paulo Da Silva, Frazier Campbell, Cana, and now Lee Cattermole.

    He is mixing in youth with vets and really looking to push Sunderland into the top half of the table and a potential European spot. Sunderland qualifying for Europa League is a Suprise for me and I think that Sunderland can do it.

    1. The bad thing for Sunderland is that they have Steve ‘Excuse’ Bruce as their manager (whatever happens its never his fault, crap ref etc.) His signings are not great either Bent not up to much (and he’s from London moving to Sunderland’s going to be a culture shock to say the least) at Spurs same with Campbell just because he’s played at utd don’t mean a thing (all that glitters is not gold) Don’t know anything about Da Silva but I do Know Cattermole is a superb buy I’m surprised he went to Sunderland and not Arsenal (because he is only young and cheap for the money and just what they need) Roy Keane wasted millions last year on crap 1st division players that never came off, so this wont help.

      I don’t think there will be any surprises this year, (except maybe at the top end) but watch out for West Ham and if Fulham can add a good centre forward they will improve on what was a great season last year with an great home record and one of the best defences in the league. Roy Hodgson was my manager of the year last year.

  3. Hey Gaffer can you figure this one out….. according to fox soccer and setanta on sat aug 22
    they both show arsenal and portsmouth as their live game and have listed as showing on both stations later in the day stoke vs birm….excluding wolves vs man city…this must be a mistake…im sure man u wigan will be on espn…anyway I dont recall fox and setanta ever airing the same games

    1. Hi Adam,

      If/when ESPN gets the TV rights to the early Saturday morning kickoff game and the Monday afternoon game, they will also have first choice of the 10am ET Saturday morning game if there is no 7:45am ET game that day.

      I expect Fox or Setanta to update their schedule between now and 8/22. They won’t be showing the same game. Part of the confusion right now is that they’re waiting for ESPN to close the deal with Fox.

      The Gaffer

  4. Cant really say Sunderland as they spent 70 million last summer and have spent a lot this summer so they should perform well, Bolton are generally good aswell, I think Birmingham epsecially if their take over gets completed.

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