3 thoughts on “MLS Podcast #105: US-Mexico Preview”

  1. Kartik — I applaud your work.

    But please accept a criticism: In the podcast you suggest Bob Bradley is one of the best managers in the world in terms of preparing his teams tactically.


    What about the proclivity to pick up red cards? The second half collapses? Bradley’s remarkable reliance on players like Kljestan and Beasley? The fact that Jose Francisco Torres has been made to disappear on us?

    Bradley is entirely serviceable: at the international level he’s decent. A middling talent. Conservative to a fault.

    We’re stuck with him through 2010. But as I argued in a quite civil email exchange with Sunil Gulati, if we want to push our program forwards it is incumbent on us to start hiring world class managers.

  2. Fair enough, These Colors Don’t Run-

    I’ve made these same criticisms myself- the words probably came out the right way- I think he prepares his team well but he cannot make adjustments in game to red cards or to tactical changes. I had actually meant to do an article on the second half collapses but didn’t get around to it. But win or lose today, I will probably still write that piece sometime soon.

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