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Fox Soccer Channel Unveils Champions League TV Schedule

fox soccer channel logo Fox Soccer Channel Unveils Champions League TV Schedule

Fox  has revealed the TV schedule for its playoff round of Champions League matches it’ll be on showing live on its Fox Soccer Channel network as well as its sister networks such as FSN and Fox Sports en Espanol.

The schedule is listed below. But in other important and related news, Fox Soccer Channel has pushed back the timeline of its HD coverage from this fall to February 2010, for the round of 16. All games on FSN will be shown in HD.

In addition to the games, Fox Soccer Channel and FSN will simulcast the TV show, UEFA Champions League Pregame, a live 30-minute studio program each Tuesday match day at 2pm ET (Fox Soccer Channel only on Wednesdays). Meanwhile, UEFA Champions League Highlights will follow each match day at midnight ET on Fox Soccer Channel to recap all the day’s action.

Both of these 30-minute programs will be hosted by veteran FSC commentators Max Bretos, Warren Barton and Bobby McMahon.  Bretos is Fox Soccer Channel’s lead play-by-play announcer, while Barton played in the 1997/98 UEFA Champions League as a defender with Newcastle United and currently serves as an analyst on Fox Soccer Match Day and Super Sunday +. As the lead analyst on FSC’s nightly soccer news program, Fox Soccer Report, since 2001, McMahon is regarded as one of North America’s most trusted sources for insight into the “Beautiful Game.”

Commentary for all UEFA Champions League matches on Fox Soccer Channel and FSN will be provided by European-based announcing teams.

Fans seeking more coverage of Europe’s biggest annual club tournament will be able to tune into UEFA Champions League Magazine, premiering every Friday at 7:30pm ET on Fox Soccer Channel as well as on select FSN affiliates.

Over the next three seasons, Fox Soccer Channel will televise one live and up to four delayed UEFA Champions League contests each match day, delivering 110 total matches per season to its nearly 35 million subscribers. FSN, reaching up to 91 million homes nationwide, will televise one live game on each of the 16 Tuesday match days per season plus select delayed games, while Fox Sports en Espanol will televise one live and up to four delayed UCL matches per match day, distributing 110 total matches in Spanish to its 14 million subscribers.

In addition to serving as one of the official sponsors of the UEFA Champions League, Heineken has signed on as a season-long broadcast partner for Fox’s coverage of the competition.

The schedule is as follows (all games kick off at 2:45pm ET):

August 18

  • FC Sheriff v Olympiakos, Fox Soccer Channel
  • Celtic v Arsenal, FSN
  • Timisoara v Stuttgart, Fox Sports en Espanol

August 19:

  • Olympique Lyonnais v Anderlecht, Fox Soccer Channel
  • Panathinaikos v Atletico Madrid, Fox Sports en Espanol

August 25:

  • Maccabi Haifa v Salzburg, Fox Soccer Channel
  • Atletico Madrid v Panathinaikos, FSN and Fox Sports en Espanol

August 26:

  • Arsenal v Celtic, Fox Soccer Channel
  • Fiorentina v Sporting, Fox Sports en Espanol

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21 Responses to Fox Soccer Channel Unveils Champions League TV Schedule

  1. jmansor says:

    I think it is hilarious that they aren’t going to show the reverse games of several of the ties. This isn’t a good sign. At least ESPN would do that.

    • olivert says:

      What are you talking about?

      FSC and FSE will both air EVERY MATCH during the playoff round, either live, same-day delay, or next-day delay, for a total of 20 matches.

      Also note that EVERY MATCH is available live at (and for a nominal fee (i.e. USD$9.99). The Internet pay-per-view UEFA feeds will be branded “Setanta” this season instead of “ESPN”.

  2. gunner says:

    i can’t seem to find FSN on my cable service, but i have FSC, FSW, and FSPT. anyone have any idea where i can find FSN? should it be part of this package?

  3. gunner says:

    nevermind, got it all figured out.

    can’t wait to watch! and extra excited for FSC HD!

  4. Ivan says:

    It’s not every match! I was anxiously looking to see my home country’s champion, Levski Sofia play Debrecen for a spot in this year’s champions league. Oh, well…maybe on Setanta…

    • olivert says:

      DirecTV will offer EVERY MATCH LIVE on August 18 and 19 on channels 462, 463, 464, 465, and 466.

      Channel 464 will mirror FOX Soccer Channel

      Channel 465 will mirror Setanta Sports USA or Setanta Sports USA Xtra

      Channel 466 will mirror FOX Sports en Espanol

      The other 2 matches will be on channels 462 and 463.

      If you are online, you can buy the Internet video stream of each match LIVE at or Price should be on the order of $9.99 per match.

    • olivert says:

      Both legs of Levski Sofia play Debrecen will be live, for FREE, on DirecTV. Either channel 462 or 463.

  5. Jay says:

    Can’t wait!!

  6. Jay Landry says:

    And all the channels have an HD channel, so all the games will be in HD.

  7. David says:

    As I posted elsewhere, DirecTV channel 465 is showing the EPL Sunderland/Chelsea game live in HD. Yippie.

    • olivert says:

      > As I posted elsewhere, DirecTV channel 465 is showing the EPL Sunderland/Chelsea game live in HD. Yippie.

      That is an error. 465 should mirror Setanta Sports USA Xtra instead of Setanta Sports USA on August 18. Sporting vs Fiorentina.

  8. JR says:

    So will the arsenal v celtic game be live on one of those channels, or is that only available on delay?

  9. stephen says:

    Living in Newport News, Virginia the channel for Arsenal/Celtic is CSN MA (FSM partners). Fios channel 76. Other Champion’s League game is on FSC.

    Yea Fox!

  10. Jay says:

    I’ve got to give it to Fox there going all out with their coverage. Its great so far.

  11. olivert says:

    Setanta issued a press release on Monday. Setanta will NOT have live coverage of Sporting-Fiorentina on August 18. Setanta Sports USA will air the match at 4:45pm ET.

    DirecTV’s mix channel (461 and 461-1) has only 4 matches listed:

    462 and 462-1: Timisoara vs Stuttgart (DirecTV bonus match, same as match on FOX Sports en Espanol)
    463 and 463-1: Copenhagen vs APOEL (DirecTV bonus match)
    464: Sheriff vs Olympiacos (mirror of FOX Soccer Channel – requires sports pack)

    464-1 is NOT turned on.

    465 and 465-1 are NOT turned on.

    A slate appears on 466: Celtic vs Arsenal is available only on “local cable sports network” (i.e. FOX Sports Net)

    466-1 is NOT turned on.

    So the mix channel on 461 and 461-1 only allows you to switch between the 2 DirecTV bonus matches on August 18. The mix channel is pretty lame.

    Also, not every regional sports network is offering the HD feed. Comcast SportsNet Bay Area in particular is NOT offering the match in HD.


    FSI was having trouble with the international audio (Bill Leslie) from the Celtic-Arsenal match. John Hertz was doing commentary from LA for the first 20 minutes.

  12. Jay says:

    Listening to John Hertz for 20 minutes was hell. The audio was so bad that all you could hear was him and not the action on pitch.

  13. olivert says:

    For Wednesday, August 19, DirecTV is only scheduled to have 2 bonus matches:

    462 and 462-1: Ventspils vs Zurich

    463 and 463-1: Levski Sofia vs Debrecen

    464: Lyon vs Anderlecht (Mirror of FOX Soccer Channel – sports pack required)

    464-1, 465, 465-1, 466, and 466-1 are not scheduled to be turned on

    425 and 624 (FOX Sports en Espanol): Panathinaikos vs Atletico de Madrid

    Salzburg vs Maccabi Haifa is NOT scheduled to be available live except via pay-per-view at Delayed on FSC at 11pm PT (2am ET) and FSE at 9:30pm PT (12:30am ET)

  14. John says:

    About dish netwoork

  15. Pitomate says:

    I hope fsn shows 2 matches a week on group stage just like espn did before

  16. Slaps says:

    I’ve been looking everywhere without luck,

    will Champions League be on ESPN still?? It’s nice watching some games on ESPN360 when I’m in boring lectures..

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