FIFA 10 Trailer Starring Cuauhtemoc Blanco

Let’s hope this isn’t a preview of what will happen when Mexico plays the United States in the Azteca Stadium on Wednesday afternoon. It’s the trailer for the US version of FIFA 10 from EA Sports featuring Blanco front and center.


4 thoughts on “FIFA 10 Trailer Starring Cuauhtemoc Blanco”

  1. I found it funny how Kljestan was the star of the highlight, I know he's on the cover, but he didn't even make the roster. I suppose his player rating will reflect January Sacha in the game and not March-now Sacha.

  2. The last one I bought was FIFA 07. Have they started putting MLS stadiums in there yet or do we still get stuck with a generic style?
    Do they still have create-a-player and create-a-team? Nothing I enjoy more than creating a Football League 2 team with *myself* as the star player. Then I work my way up through the promotion system and win all of the Cups. Best thing about FIFA games...


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