Buy A Jersey Of Your Favorite English Premier League Club

This summer has been one of the best preseasons in years. We’ve been treated to the Confederations Cup, Gold Cup, World Football Challenge and plenty of so-so friendlies mixed in with the high-energy Community Shield. But now the season is upon us and the drama — both on and off the pitch begins.

EPL Talk will continue bringing you daily coverage and analysis of the Premier League. But we want you to enjoy the season in style wearing the jersey of your favorite Premier League team(s).

We’ve assembled the widest selection of jerseys (home, away and third) for all of the 20 Premier League teams so you can place your order without having to hunt for them across the Internet. We’ve done the hard work for you.

You can choose from reputable vendors such as World Soccer Shop, Kitbag and Subside Sports. A small percentage of each sale goes to EPL Talk, which helps pay the bills and keep the lights on.

If you’re a supporter of a Premier League team and you enjoy reading and listening to EPL Talk, be sure to order your favorite football jerseys from the EPL Talk Shop.

Now back to the football. And let’s enjoy the fabulous season ahead of us.

4 thoughts on “Buy A Jersey Of Your Favorite English Premier League Club”

  1. anyone know if World Soccer Shop uses player size Lextra printing for the EPL shirts? They show the authentic letters/patches but no way to tell if its the vinyl like kitbag use or if its official material like Subside uses.

  2. World Soccer Shop letters and numbers are 100% official. The material is felt-like.

    Be sure to check the authentic checkbox if you want this style.


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