Join the EPL Talk Predictor Game


EPL Talk’s prediction competition for the 2009/2010 season is now open.

Named EPL Talk Predictor, the game allows you to predict the results of Premier League matches and compete against fellow readers.

EPL Talk Predictor is free to register and free to play. With EPL Talk Predictor, you can:

  • Place Fantasy Bets using Real Market Odds
  • Compete for Real £££ in our Monthly Competitions
  • Get the Best Pre-Match Predictions Around
  • Challenge Friends in Your Own Private FanLeague

In the EPL Talk Predictor Fan League, compete against more than 150 fellow readers.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding more features to EPL Talk Predictor to make it even more easy and fun to use.

Play today at and make your predictions for the opening day of the season.

3 thoughts on “Join the EPL Talk Predictor Game”

  1. Why do I have to select an over/under?

    Does that have an impact on the odds for the home/draw/away bet, or is it just for shiggles?

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