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Jeff Cunningham: The King Will Be Crowned?

FC+Dallas+v+Colorado+Rapids+DOcYDP8 xBCl 300x196 Jeff Cunningham: The King Will Be Crowned?

For years he has run afoul of coaches and fans. He’s been traded more times than you or I can count. He’s been written off more times than we can count also. But, Jeff Cunningham not only keeps scoring goals, and winning games, but he’s slowly closing in on becoming the king of MLS goal scoring.

His national team career was a bust. In fact, Cunningham who was once called into the Jamaican National Team, but then decided to represent the US.  In Columbus he would be forgotten while Stern John, Brian McBride, Dante Washington and even Brian West got more respect. In Colorado and Salt Lake City he ran afoul with coaches and other players. Toronto was simply strange for Cunningham but now in Dallas he’s beginning to excel again.

Pace and a deft finishing touch is why Cunningham has scored so many goals for so many teams in the league. Jaime Moreno better hope that DCU keeps drawing PK opportunities for him, because Cunningham is on pace to eventually surpass Moreno if he can play in MLS until he is 35 or 36.

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8 Responses to Jeff Cunningham: The King Will Be Crowned?

  1. Joe says:

    After writing so many insightful and interesting pieces the last few days, you write this? WTF is this? Who cares about Jeff Cunningham!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’d prefer you write 400 articles about USL or Miami FC before covering this moron!

  2. Bishopville Red says:

    During his time with TFC. He was effing hopeless. The only redeeming factor out of the entire episode is that since he and others have resumed (or started) scoring after leaving the Great White North, it casts as many doubts on the competence of the club as it does on Cunningham.

  3. Lars says:

    I blame the lack of quality coaching and the fieldturf on Jeff C’s problems in Toronto. Fact is…none of our forwards produce with the club but when we send them elsewhere, they turn into finishing machines. I don’t think it’s motivation on the player’s part either.

  4. Adam G says:

    I don’t think you can blame field turf on his issues in Toronto. The previous season he scored 16 goals and won the golden boot with Real Salt Lake at Rice Eccles stadium. Cunningham is a fantastic player, and I’ve never understood why teams have been trading or cutting him after one season. Guys that can score more than 10 goals a season don’t grown on trees in this league.

  5. Carver and Cunningham didn’t hit it off. Carver is a good coach- everyone in the UK raves about him- a disciple of the great Bobby Robson, but a lot of American players aren’t used to his type of style (Colin Clarke is similar and had similar problems in Dallas, now it seems to work at the USL level in Puerto Rico though) especially those like Cunningham whose only experience had been with American or Americanized coaches.

    I think he like so many other N. American players simply didn’t hit it off with Carver. It’s pity, because Carver being in MLS gave us a credibility that we have since lost with his departure.

    • Lars says:

      Carver may have brought credibility, but I felt his talents as a manager with TFC were mediocre. He proved to be tactically inflexible, much like his successor, Chris Cummins, is shaping up to be. Hopefully CC will learn from his mistakes.

  6. soccer goals says:

    FC Dallas has really improved their play in the last six weeks but have been plagued by inconsistency and poor finishing. It appears that they have turned the corner.

  7. RSL fan says:

    Cunningham was a pretty nice guy when he was here in SLC, but anytime I hear about him I remember the moment I stopped being his fan. He was sent a low cross right too his feet, far post, right at the goal line (literally 2 feet from the line), the keeper was beat by the cross at the near post, Jeff was unmarked, and instead of simply knocking the ball into the goal he tried to slam it and completely missed the ball. The miss was bad enough, but Jeff was pissed that the cross was too fast and insisted that it was not his fault. He acted like a petulent child instead of admitting that he missed; it was not his fault at all in his mind, and he made sure to tell everyone who would listen that it would have been a goal if he had gotten a good pass.

    This story probably did not make any sense, but it was the worst example of finger-pointing I have seen since elementry school. Look around and read quotes from him about any of his trades and you get the same attitude; it was always the fault of the coach or club or teammates that he was being sent away, never his own ego and willingness to blame his teammates for his failures. I hope he gets close to Moreno, but can never get the last goal to tie him. I am sure he will have someone to blame for failing to get the record.

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