FIFA 10 Trailer in HD

The FIFA 10 Trailer has been released for the upcoming video game by EA Sports. This one is viewable in HD and features actual footage from the game, which is scheduled for release on October 2, 2009.

Here’s the official trailer:

Some of the new or enhanced features in FIFA 10 will include:

  • The transfer system will be upgraded, so it’s more authentic
  • Preseason friendlies will be introduced
  • Kit numbers can once again be edited
  • The fatigue of players will be more realistic and authentic
  • Total Football Experience will be a new feature giving players football news such as results, fixtures and player transfers,
  • A new Assistant Manager feature is available where he’ll rotate your players and aid with team selection.

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8 thoughts on “FIFA 10 Trailer in HD”

  1. Hopefully by releasing it a week early this year they do not go back to freezing the squads on August 27th or so and missing the final week of transfers in the game engine. Last year, was better with the later release because they waited till the window closed to make the game.

  2. Us in America aren’t getting it until October 20th… very close to my birthday as a matter of fact. :)

    Anyway, I’ve been playing FIFA 09 a lot lately. Good game, Ultimate Team is pretty fun (collecting cards for players, stadia, etc.), but Manager Mode is pretty crappy. I don’t expect Championship Manager or whatever, but it could use plenty of TLC.

  3. Look good. I’ll look forward to the demos of this and PES. I usually go for PES, but I’m open-minded.

    It doesn’t matter when they release it regarding transfer, because they’ll just release a patch at the end of the window, updating transfers.

  4. I call bull**** on “Actual Gameplay Footage” when what they are showing you is the action replay using fancy camera angles that would make controlling the game impossible.

    Show me the flippin’ view I’ll see when I’m playing the game. I buy the game for the game, not the replays.

  5. I am a big fan of FIFA 09, but the Manager mode has its moments but is generally asstastic ! I have read these issues have been addressed for FIFA10 and it will better this time round, either way I will buy it.

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