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With the transfer market in full swing, I wanted to bring our readers up to speed on all the outgoing transfers involving American clubs thus far this window. (This does not include trades within MLS or USL since those are NOT transfers in the traditional sense. This list also does not include loan deals such as KC’s  loan signing of  Zoltan Hercegfalv)


Rico Clark Houston ————-> Livorno  (ITA)  January

Yura Movsisyan RSL——————-> Randers FC (NOR) January

Kenny Cooper FC Dallas ————> 1860 Munich(GER/2)

Anton Peterlin Ventura County—-> Everton (ENG)

Cody Arnoux Carolina Dynamo —-> Everton (ENG)

Sebby Harris Michigan Bucks ——-> Northampton Town (ENG 3)

Richard Perdomo Miami FC ————> CD Platense (HON)


Chris Birchall Brighton H&A————> LA Galaxy

Ernst Obster Red Bull Salzburg ——-> Red Bull BY

Danny Szetela Brescia——————–> DC United

Ely Allen Seattle Wolves ———–> DC United

Ali Gerba MK Dons ——————-> Toronto FC

Jamie Smith Aberdeen——————> Colorado Rapids

Facundo Diz Platense———————> Colorado Rapids

Hicham Aaboubou Carabins ——————–> Montreal Impact

Ramon Sanchez Alainza ———————-> SJ Quakes

Andre Luiz Chiapas ———————> SJ Quakes

Leonardo González Municipal Liberia —> Seattle Sounders FC

Rachid El Khalifi SC Cambur ——-> RSL

If I have left anyone out, which is likely, please leave it in the comments section and we’ll update the post.

12 thoughts on “Transfer Updates”

  1. I do not understand why MLS makes players wait until January. By the time Ricardo Clark gets to Livorno they could very well be in the relegation zone.

  2. I think it may have to do with the Dynamo. I mean you’re top of the table in the West right now and you’re about to lose your best player before the season ends? They’ll make sure they can hold on until the end of the season for competition’s sake.

  3. there has been no confirmation by MLS, Houston Dynamo, Clark, other dynamo players via twitter or the media that follows the Dynamo about the livorno move. I’m not sure what keeping mum would do, you’d think, if anything, learning that one of the teams players is making a move to the the italian league would garner interest/support for the rest of the season.

  4. From what I have gathered, Clark’s transfer offer has been officially denied and the hasn’t been an acceptable offer sense. He’s contract is over at the end of the season and he’ll be up for grabs so it looks like they will wait until then. The Dynamo still haven’t ruled out resigning him but i see that as unlikely.

  5. Sebby Harris Michigan Bucks ——-> Northampton Town (ENG 3)

    Northampton was relegated to Football League Two. So that is really ENG 4.
    How does Football League Two compare to USL-2 in terms of skill and ability. I realize that they have the potential to return to League One (and possibly move up from there), but head to head, how would you compare the two leagues? Is this a good move for an American player? Especially on a six month contract?

  6. if theres something with enough actual knowledge of USL-2 and Football League Two to compare them, they’re probably not online or reading blogs.

  7. Nice post. I guess I didn’t realize just how many players were returning to MLS since the majority of my MLS attention is paid just to the Chicago Fire instead of the league as a whole. Plus I’m an American Euro Snob who spends the majority of my time following the Prem.

    2nd post Kartik post today I’ve enjoyed! I have had a long string of frustrating disagreements with you lately but I’ll give props when deserved. Good job.

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