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9 Responses to Manchester City: Blue Moon Supernova

  1. vladtheimpaler says:

    Ooh – Photoshop used really badly! Genius!

  2. georgepphil says:

    But I must know what the story is. It’s a good question.

  3. billy says:

    the story is that pic is fantastic. I’d pick up that album (or at least stare at the cover).

  4. brynation says:


  5. Afootieanado says:

    Honestly, what is the story with ManU these days. Should we have expected money to translate into a growth, rather than decline, in talent:

  6. SMOOTH says:

    ” Where Were You While We Were Getting HIGH”

  7. sboomz says:

    man u all the way…props on the pshop!

  8. Big Dood says:

    here’s to blurred vision. quit f*@k’n about with it!

  9. JBiggs says:

    i heard the Sheikh was more of a Blur flan….

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