MLS Talk Podcast #103: Canadian Soccer, Football Pub and Match Reports


A busy MLS Talk Podcast as Laurence McKenna who filmed the Canadian National Team’s Gold Cup experience along with cohort Max Bell joins us. Following that we get a look at the new Football Pub show with Brian Hough as well as some of his thoughts on the US National Team. Finally, we get our weekly reports from San Jose and Houston.

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2 thoughts on “MLS Talk Podcast #103: Canadian Soccer, Football Pub and Match Reports”

  1. Can we please hear the end of the “narrow” Philadelphia field? Canada couldn’t beat a team the US “B” team beat twice. I hope Canada can develop to push us in CONCACAF but I am tired of hearing Canada got screwed talk all the time, they just aren’t that good right now.

  2. Oh yeah? How many Canada games did you actually watch? Oh right, probably zero. Fact is the Canadian team has received consistently bad reffing and it gets extended to both the Impact and TFC.

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