Who are the early favourites?

ibrahimovic-number-9There are sure to be some twists and turns between now and the start of the season but who are the early favourites for the league? This is a much more difficult question than you would think. Many would look at the money spent by Real Madrid and the quality of  players they have bought and say they should clearly be favourites but the truth is that Real had to spend that type of money to improve a squad that lacked superstars. I am not saying the players that were at Madrid were bad players but not too many of the Madrid players last season would have walked into the Barcelona team.

Barcelona have signed a couple of players but by far the biggest signing has been Ibrahimovic  who is seen above holding his Barcelona shirt with the number 9, a number of course vacated by Samuel Eto’o. There is no doubt that Ibrahimovic is a top quality player and will add to the Barca team my only concern is that they will miss the goals of Eto’o. Barca have improved their team though in my opinion with Ibrahimovic and I doubt he will be the last signing of the summer.

Real Madrid have the building blocks of an amazing team but haven’t quite put it all together yet but that will take a bit of time to find the starting 11 and the best formation to make the most of all the individual talents that are in the team. Real look likely to sign Xabi Alonso who has the potential to solidify the midfield and could be an excellent signing for them

With the fact that Barcelona have mostly managed to keep their title and Champions league winning team together from last season I think Barcelona have to go into the campaign as early favourites but it is certainly going to be interesting to see these two great clubs battle it out.

Written by Danny Watson, a  sports writer who blogs about football news and football shirts.

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