MLS Talk Podcast #100: Juan Arango

concacaf2009 MLS Talk Podcast #100: Juan Arango

We are privileged to have a conversation with Juan Arango, who has served as color commentator for the international TV feed during the Gold Cup. Juan also writes for and Mad About Futbol. Among the topics discussed: The returns on Nicaragua and Grenada’s first Gold Cup. Why does Canada always get the short end of the officiating in CONCACAF. Is Costa Rica actually better without Walter Centano?  What USA and Mexico “B” players have stood out in this tournament and can push for a spot in the big qualifier next month at Azteca. We also discuss Charlie Davies development as a top international and USL’s impact on the development on Haitian football.

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2 Responses to MLS Talk Podcast #100: Juan Arango

  1. soccer goals says:

    great podcast thanks.

  2. Lars says:

    Next podcast can you discuss the refusal of the Columbus Crew to provide adequate security for visiting fans as well?

    Glad you’re covering the important issues. Keep it up!

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