EPL Talk Podcast: Tom Glick


Episode 123 of the EPL Talk Podcast features an interview with Tom Glick, the President of Derby County FC. Host Kartik Krishnaiyer has a free flowing discussion with Glick, including conversation about why Glick choose to purchase Derby County, what the Rams marketing strategy is, what derby day versus Nottingham Forrest is like, as well as other general English football conversation. We also get a sense of Glick’s background in American sports, and discuss the victory by the Derby County Wolves in US Soccer’s recently completed Development Academy Finals.

Update: During the episode, Tom Glick is referred to as being the chairman of Derby County FC. He is actually the president of Derby County. Their chairman is Andy Appleby, who is also Chairman of General Sports and Entertainment of Rochester, Michigan who were the actual buyers of the club. We regret the error.


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