Everton Away Jersey For 09/10 Season


Everton has unveiled their new away jersey for the 09/10 season, and it’s bound to generate a lot of debate — whether positive or negative.

Everton’s new away kit for the 2009-2010 season will be black with pink horizontal stripes. Not only does the entire kit feature pink quite prominently, but even the Everton crest is in pink instead of the traditional blue and white.

Robert Elstone, Everton’s CEO commenting on the new range said, “We wanted to make a real statement with our playing strips this season.   It was our intention to reference the Club’s past along with ensuring the designs had a contemporary modern feel.

“We have received many favourable comments on the style of the home strip and we are hoping for more of the same with our away kit.  We wanted a much bolder design than previous seasons and our partners have been able to achieve this by integrating the pink into the black shirt design.

“Whilst we know it is a move away from our more traditional away kits of recent years, we are expecting this one to be even more popular amongst supporters.”

Everton will wear the new striking all black design for the first time away at Coventry City for a pre-season testimonial match on 2 August.

The new kit features an futuristic design which takes inspiration from one of the first ever Everton Football Club kits worn by the legendary Black Watch. It’s interesting to note that the Black Watch design, which can be seen here, was the home kit from the 1880-81 season, and not the away kit.

Designed and manufactured by Le Coq Sportif, the new kit is bold and edgy. Personally, I like it, but I can imagine that many Everton supporters will be not satisfied. Also, is the addition of pink to the away kit something that would be accepted in Europe but would be something that a traditional American sports team would never adopt?

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26 thoughts on “Everton Away Jersey For 09/10 Season”

  1. I love it, it’s a sharp kit. Something different from the lousy boring away shirts Umbro was cranking out the past few seasons. I’ll be getting one.

  2. That’s pretty bad, Is it a requirement that the players play with popped collars? Should have kept the badge blue though. IMO It’s better than the new home kit. I hate the white on the chest with a passion.

  3. Great looking kit. Really like it. I like how a lot of clubs this year are once again starting to incorporate collars with their shirts.

  4. I like it, it’s very refreshing to use the color ‘pink’, especially for a market that is highly dominantly male orientated. I think it’s pathetic how pink has become a tabboo, I mean , if you’re a man wearing something pink, you’re perceived as being either gay or camp! IT’S JUST A FRIGGIN COLOR FOR GOD’S SAKE PEOPLE! Time we moved on from this old-fashioned thinking & Everton are helping to do just that

          1. It represents ‘softness’ & ‘weakness’ to you because your gullible little minds have been brainwashed to percieve the color pink in that particular context.

  5. For me, this is a pretty good away kit. Love the pink against the black, and I think the stripes are a good width. I do agree that the white Chang logo looks out of place… maybe touching up the Coq Sportif emblem and Everton badges with a bit of white would have remedied this problem?

    And as for the question of whether America would accept a team wearing a pink uniform… it seems to me like a moot point because American sports teams don’t drastically change the colors of their designs nearly as often as Premier League teams. Barring some sort of relocation to a different city, one usually doesn’t see changes in color scheme, only changes in design. Both away and home uniforms generally conform to the team’s core colors, rather than having a traditionally colored home jersey and a more flexible away jersey. Not sure if this was helpful but that’s my take.

  6. Ahhh, this just made being a Liverpool fan so much MORE fun!
    Hahaha, the good ol Everton poofs dancing into Anfield. THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!

    These uniforms look like something Ronaldo would wear to the club with huge gucci sunglasses….uh, cute I guess?

    1. Shows what a typical red you are, why would we were our away kit to Anfield when you play in RED and us in BLUE ?????? Oh and by the way those poofs Everton were the first team to dance around Anfield with the league Championship!!!!!!

  7. With the exception of the color pink, I think its a great design. Classy, understated, and just plain easy on the eyes…

    Why they didn’t go Blue is beyond all of us…

  8. To be honest, I have bigger problem with lots of clubs using black as their “aggro” colour than I do the accent shade. Love collars, like the pink. Should have gone with traditional colours on the crest.

  9. Is Yoda using the force to remove the dark side from the player???
    Whats the pink fog ????

    Other than that looks nice actually.

  10. Well ……. it’s different, at least it doesn’t have shoulder pads… is it pink, or is it fuschia . This has been a year for the odd change kit….

  11. Awful. Truly awful. What’s wrong with the amber we used in the 70’s? The home kit’s woeful, too. Christ, that vee almost hits the navel. A foul parody of the Le Coq Sportif 83-85 era.

  12. It’s excellent – and by the way pink was always associated with the male gender until the 1940’s. It’s only recent times it has been considered feminine! Not that that matters in the slightest.

  13. I like the way clubs are starting to go back to the old designs, with the collars and simpler styling, but this is a bit too far. It doesn’t even look like a football kit, more like a polo shirt you can purchase in the woman’s section of the club shop. The pink doesn’t bother me, its simply a poor shirt.

  14. I simply love this away jersey. It’s essentially a black shirt with pink trimmings and pinstripes, so there’s nothing sissy or girlish about the colour scheme. This away shirt exudes class, and is far better than the current pink crew neck jersey, which looks like something that a girls team would be proud to be seen in.

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