Bundesliga Games Coming To ESPN


A number of Bundesliga games for the 2009-2010 season will be shown on ESPN, ESPN Deportes and ESPN360, according to The New York Times.

Under a similar deal that ESPN negotiated with GolTV, where GolTV sublicensed some of its La Liga games for the 2009-2010 season, GolTV will sublicense a number of Bundesliga games to ESPN.

Although the number of games to be shown on ESPN is yet to be determined, this is a huge coup for German club football in the United States and will definitely give the league the exposure it deserves as one of the most underrated leagues in the world.

It’s also a win-win for ESPN and GolTV. It elevates ESPN’s credibility as being serious about soccer, as well as bringing the Bundesliga into more homes in the United States. And for GolTV, it’s much needed cash to help pay for expensive TV rights as well as to help increase the visibility of the network especially if ESPN and GolTV work together to cross-promote the league and its networks.

Expect an official announcement from GolTV in the next few days.

57 thoughts on “Bundesliga Games Coming To ESPN”

  1. This week is just getting better and better. I was damn excited when I heard the La Liga news and now this. I don’t really watch the German variety to often but at least now there is something to fill another afternoon with.

  2. GolTV &/or ESPN should carry the Conference broadcast as seen with Premiere thru the UnityMedia agreement (the CableTV Co. that has the license to televise Bundesliga games & who Premiere, ESPN & GolTV are ultimately paying). It for one, shows ALL the games being played simultaneously & rotates for the action. Fast paced too. Alas, the commentators would need to keep better tabs as to the who is who. Ray “SHUT THA WINDAZ” Hudson needs to learn who other players are besides Luca Toni…

    Ultimately, ESPN is making a bid for ALL or most of the rights to broadcast Bundesliga IMHO. Prolly get it too. Disney Corp has deep pockets & is looking to diversify.

  3. This is what the NYT says:

    “ESPN also recently reached an agreement with GolTV to show games from Spain’s La Liga on its Spanish-language Deportes (and ESPN360.com) and will soon announce a similar deal with GolTV to carry games from the German Bundesliga.”

    It seems to me that ESPN is going to put Bundesliga on ESPN-Deportes and ESPN 360. I do not have ESPN-Deportes nor can I get ESPN 360. This could be good news for some (ESPN 360 shows a lot Dutch Eredivise games) but more games on GOL-TV would be better for me.

    I would go out to watch some key games if they were on ESPN-Deportes but home is better usually.

  4. The NYT article doesn’t seem to have the complete facts regarding La Liga on ESPN. As floormaster squeeze pointed out, the article mentions only Deportes and ESPN 360. But here is the quote from the June 22 announcement on ESPN Soccernet website:

    “ESPN said on Monday that it will start sharing U.S. television rights to Spain’s La Liga with GolTV, which has broadcast the league for the past six seasons.

    ESPN2 will televise about 20 matches per season, and ESPN Deportes two or three per weekend of league play for a total of at least 95. At least 114 matches per season will be available online on ESPN360. ESPN’s networks will also share rights to Spain’s Copa del Rey.”

    So let’s hope the ESPN deal to carry Bundesliga includes ESPN2 as well.

  5. Wow! I’m actually about to hyperventilate, I’m so excited. If this actually leads to ESPN carrying the Bundesliga (or even ESPN360, which I get through my carrier), I will be over the moon. I don’t get GolTV. :(

  6. I found out that I am getting ESPN 360 access in August so good timing. I do not actually like web-based action that much but it still would be great to have some options (better than nothing).

  7. I am an absolute Bundesliga American fan, as my favorite team of all is Stuttgart, and yes, the Bundesliga needs to come on ESPN or ESPN 2! GolTV is only limited to people who purchase the extra sports package, and it would be my dream come true to have Bundesliga on the big screen!

  8. After Dish removed GOL-TV, I took the Dish German package and watch all of the matches, in German, but the coverage is so good on ProSieben. I will stay with them if even an english version becomes available again.

    I f you love Die Bundesliga, you gotta get ProSiebenWelt on Dish!

  9. This is the best news I’ve heard all week! I don’t have Dish and can’t get GolTV, but I do have access to ESPN360….I’m getting ridiculously excited now. Woohoo!!!!

  10. Alex,
    I have always wondered how the German package was on Dish. The main reason I would get it is because of the Bundesliga. How many games do you get? Do they show Buli 2? Those games are so exciting, sometimes overtakes the 1st division on excitement.

    Im glad that Gol TV is giving some games to ESPN. I think they did a horrible job last season with the Bundesliga compared to the year before. They didnt even comment on their site or return emails sent on why they cut down the Bundesliga coverage. They cut it down to two games a week and neither were live. To add to their bad moves, they started having Pablo commentate on Bundesliga games. I dont know exactly where he is from but from Hispanic decent. He would try and bring a “spanish flair” to the Bundesliga games. Keep that crap for La Liga and out of the Bundesliga.

  11. They show ALL of the Bundesliga 1 matches, friday, sat and sunday, live and then replayed later in the evening. Sorry no 2 Bundesliga matches, I wish they would show them as well. The coverage is great and very fast paced, they switch immediately to show each goal. I really enjoy their coverage style. No one does soccer better than ProSieben/Premiere!
    Get it, you will love it!

  12. As far as I heard ProSieben does not have the rights for the 2009/10 season and it’s not clear if the conference will be on starting August. Has anybody confirmation that ProSieben will still show the Bundesliga on Dish? I have tried to contact ProSieben but have not heard anything back.

  13. ProSieben does have the rights for next 3 years, Deutsche Telecom now shares the rights to telecast on their platform for the German market, but ProSieben/Premiere will carry the games just like always.
    Now it is also available on Verizon FIOS as well as DISH.

  14. here’s a link regarding Premeir’s, the provider of coverage to ProSieben, contract to carry Bundesliga matches.

  15. Now I am worried. I just looked at the schedule for next friday Aug 7 on ProSiebenSat!Welt and NO BUNDESLIGA matches are listed!
    I have emailed them and will update this as soon as I hear something.

  16. let’s find out how good the news really is – most people don’t get ESPN Desportes or ESPN 360 – Here is how it looks for Dish Network customers like me:
    Pro7Sat1World lost the rights for 2009/2010 so no games there.
    ESPN Desportes on Dish Network comes only with the Latino packages. I don’t speak Spanish so why would I buy that package only to watch one channel?
    ESPN360 is not available on Dish Network
    Dish Network also dropped GolTV a year ago.
    And I hardly can imagine that ESPN or ESPN 2 will show Bundesliga matches – they are all about popular american sport events and maybe UEFA Cup soccer toward the finals.
    So all in all NO good news – NO Bundesliga soccer this season.

  17. i dont think they will show any games since no official news has been made regarding this. Goltv already has the game on friday Wolfsburg vs Stuttgart on their schedule. SO as i see it i dont think will see bundesliga on espn any time soon. But i could be wrong.

  18. Uwe,
    that sounds like a tough deal to have. how depressing. there are quite a few internet sites that you can watch the games on in german and other languages. at 9:30am here, i will be watching the DFB Pokal bei Konferenz on justin.tv, just type in any particular team for example(Bayern) and it will come up with a couple options where you can watch it on the internet. its not quite as good as TV but more than you would expect. GolTV will probably go strong with the games for a couple of weeks then falter off like they did last year. the web is always a backup

  19. The ProSieben/Sat1welt web site says they did not get the Bundesliga rights but they would the fans in USA know soon where to watch the games for the 2009/2010 season…
    This is not a good situation…I doubt that ESPN will show a lot of games.
    How do I get GolTV as a Satelite subscriber?
    I switched to DISH because of the german TV package and now they are not showing the Bundesliga anymore…
    Do I need to switch to DIRECtv?

  20. Like HSVfan, I have DISH because of the Bundesliga package on Sat1ProsiebenWelt. I’m waiting to make sure, and will likely switch to GolTV by next Saturday if there is no other option.
    The devastating thing is that it sounds as if there will be no Saturday simulcast (Konferenzschaltung) on GolTV. I’m still hoping, but it looks grim.

  21. Yes, this is a bummer!

    I think the Bundesliga leadership is really stupid by their marketing decision!

    Yes, they got more money, but in the long run what sustains leagues popularity is their availability to their fan base. The coverage on ProSieben by Premiere was so much better than GOL-TV now I am spoiled! Already I see that T-Mobiles big contract is not gaining the subscribers they anticipated and that Sky Deutschland ( what Premiere is now called) has raised their fees by 80%. One thing is for sure these pro sports organizations will continue to screw their fans as long as people are willing to bend over!

  22. Juergen,
    I have been watching some games on the internet – it is a poor substitute but better then nothing at all. If any of guys has Dish Network you got to change to Direct TV if you want to see GolTV. Dish stopped broadcasting GolTV about a year ago and since ProSiebenSat1 is not carrying the game anymore the German packages – at least for soccer fans – isn’t worth the money. I think you will be able to see all goals form every round in a summary on DW-TV. But again this coming season looks bleak for Bundesliga fans here in the States. Good luck in hunting down the channels who might carry them.

    I agree from a marketing stand point the Bundesliga made on of it’s worst decisions. The US market will be divided between the English, Spanish and Italian league. It’s even easier to watch French or Dutch league games here. This is really sad and frustrating and shows a lot of marketing incompetence.

    1. I confirmed that ProSieben will NOT show any soccer this season… The ebst i found is that Deutsche Welle (DW-TV) has annouced this:

      Every Match, Every Goal!
      Soccer fans of the world, rejoice! The next Bundesliga season kicks off on 7 August. DW-TV and Kick off! will be there when it does. A new time slot, a brand new look and a new angle await! Kick off! will be at all the
      matches, show all the goals and present all the highlights of the previous days of play. Get every detail of the soccer weekend’s action!
      How are last season’s champions doing this time around? What is Bayern-Munich up to? Where are the newbies to the league table? All that and more wrapped in a compact, interesting to watch half-hour magazine. Kick off! hasn’t forgotten to cover the action behind the scenes. Who are the strongest strikers? What
      are the fans up to at the stadiums? Of course,
      the info you need to get ready for the next day
      of play will also be there when you need it! An
      overview of all the facts and all the nitty-gritty
      presented in a competent, concise review.
      Kick off! The Bundesliga Magazine –
      after the summer break on DW-TV.

      1. The kick-off show on dw-tv seems to be a highlight show – i searched their web site and did not find any listings for live games this weekend. so basically the only bundesliga matches we get in the US this weekend are goltv’s offerings – wolfsburg-stuttgart, dortmund-koln, and bochum-gladbach. what happened to the supposed deal with espn? no bundesliga matches listed on 360, deportes, or any of their other networks. but, i did some searching and although for some reason espn’s international sites are down – or at least access to them from the US is right now – i went onto tvguide.uki and i discovered espn is showing the hoffenheim-bayern match live in england on saturday. their other football offering for saturday and sunday include and ac milan-benfica friendly, revs-galaxy mls, and an ajax eredivisie game on sunday. if anyone has any info on the bundesliga broadcast rights in the US please email me or post some info – thanks!

  23. When is ESPN going to start carrying Budesliga games, on what day? This August? On what ESPN stations; ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN CLASSIC, ESPN Deportes, etc.?

  24. Talked to a person at Prosieben. He told me that Prosieben will show BUNDESLIGA games starting end of August. Same format sa last year.

      1. Talked to another person under the Phone # above who tlld me that there will be a new sports channel on channel 610 . All of this is brand new. A friend of mine signed up via phone for $ 19.95

        They are eager to hear from former customers!!!

  25. Just ordered the channel 610, they promise to show all 1st and 2nd Bundesliga games + some other german sports. Cost 19.99 al la carte or 27.99 for the package.
    Channel has been around since yesterday (!), its not (yet) listed in the TV schedule section of Dish. I can only hope it keeps the promise.

  26. Same here. Got it this morning following an email from the folks at ProSieben Sat1Welt. It’s hard to pass on the package (which also includes Deutsche Welle, ProSieben, German Kino Plus and Euronews) when it’s only 8 bucks more. On German Sports I suspect we’ll get the Premiere feeds, which would be great.

  27. If you love the Bundesliga and you don’t want to install a Dish, get Boxx-TV for about $20/month, a nice easy to use IPTV setup box with LAN and WLAN connectivity.

  28. Espn 360:
    Sat, Aug 8 12:25PM ET 1899 Hoffenheim vs Bayern Munich (SPA)
    (Spanish only, no English)

    Espn Deportes:
    Sat, Aug 8 12:25PM ET 1899 Hoffenheim vs Bayern Munich (SPA)
    (replay Aug 8 at 9:00PM ET)
    (replay Aug 11 at 1:00PM ET)

    Espn Deportes:
    Sun, Aug 9 11:25AM ET Freiburg vs. Hamburger Sv (SPA)
    (replay Aug 14 at 1:00PM ET)

  29. Watched the simulcast on the new German Sports channel (610 on Dish) today. What a relief that we can watch the Sky (Premiere) package, and now the 2nd league has been added. Brilliant.

  30. channel 610 is on the guide, but it only lists FREE PREVIEW, so it is catch as catch can until the free preview is over apparently…

  31. Saw last weekend games on German Sports channel (610) – it’s what they had on ProSiebenSat1World before, however they show all the games in full length during the following days plus second league games. It’s great – I am just a bit worried about that “Free Preview” thing – it says you need to have the German Language Package Plus to keep watching – need to check back with Dish Network if I already have that. The package currently run at $27.99.

  32. Looks like ESPN 360 once again has Bundesliga only in Spanish this coming weekend. They got the rights to these games from GolTV, and GolTV has Spanish and English channels, so why no English version on ESPN 360? At least we can still watch the games, but if English versions are available why not use them?

  33. If (BIG IF) ESPN has any sense, they’ll have La Liga on Deportes. Big matches w/ Real Madrid or Barcelona they can have anywhere, simply those are the flagships of Spanish football. They’re already spotlighting the Big 4 on their EPL coverage. As for the GolTV/ESPN360/DirecTV/Dish debate, that’s just like Coke/Pepsi–which one do want the trouble of dealing with, cause it’s either an added expense or you get screwed in a channel’s broadcasting. Maybe some other channel can get a clue (and probably financial backing) to truly feature the Bundesliga, SPL, and/or Eredivisie.

  34. Is ESPN in the U.S. going to show Bundesliga games in English on ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPN Classic this 2010-2011 season? Anyone know?

  35. Any paid online service we can watch every Bundesliga game in the US? 2010-2011?

    Like Uefa.com all year access for forty dollars. I know some individual clubs offering such service but but i mean one access for the whole league.

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