Alonso rumour just won’t go away

xabi-alonsoReal Madrid are determined to snap up as much of the top talent in world football as they can with Xabi Alonso being tipped to be the next big signing for the club. I know this has been getting put about for quite a while now with no concrete movement quite yet but I fear for Liverpool next season without Alonso and possibly Mascherano.

Last season Liverpool had one of the strongest teams they have had for a long time and if they can keep that squad and add to it in a couple of key areas then there is no reason that they can not go on to win the Premiership next season, however if Alonso is sold to Real Madrid Rafa would need to find a very special player to fill his shoes.

In my opinion Alonso is the most important man in the Liverpool team and is one of the best players in the world for his position. Many will say that Gerrard is better and what about Torres but without Alonso in the centre of the midfield pulling the strings these guys are not the same players.

If Alonso does leave then Liverpool need to sign a top quality replacement, the problem is that there are few about as good as he is and even fewer who would consider a move to England at the moment because of the current financial advantages of staying in Spain for example.

Alberto Aquilani has been mentioned as a possible replacement if Alonso leaves. The Roma midfielder is a talented player there is so doubt but I am concerned that he may not fill the role as well Alonso so with the only other major signing so far this summer being Glen Johnson I just don’t see how Liverpool go one better next season.

It is still possible that we will see more players paraded in a Liverpool shirt this summer and that the squad will be improved further but with a relatively strict budget being placed on Rafa and the inability so far to move on the fringe players it is just concerning that Liverpool may be weaker next season season instead of strengthened.

Written by Danny Watson, a sports writer who blogs about football news and football shirts.


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