2 thoughts on “Beckham Confronts LA Galaxy Fan: TV Footage”

  1. lol what does beckham expect…Galaxy fans were wasnt wanting him to leave when he got here he left on his own…fans didnt like it so he better get used to taking some heat lol. Just wait when Ronaldo and Corinthians goes to play Flamengo hahaha…its going to be worse since Ronaldo said im coming to flamengo to play and then all of a sudden changes his mind.

  2. I do understand where the Galaxy Fan are coming from and how insulted they feel about how Beckham made the Galaxy to be in the news in Europe when he critized the style of playing. But the fan have to understand that he just say the truth about the league. Believe me I’m a Galaxy Fan ever since Mauricio Cinfuego. We know what kind of players and how the league was back them. But this is now and the league is growing and we should be expection better Field, New Stadium, Better Teams, Better players & Better quality of game (Product). But see Beckham is not all his fault of whats going on with the Galaxy or what happen on the game against Milan. Donovan had something to do with that for speaking to the media, Walh for writing a book of somebody that still in the league and playing. I think he should of waited until Beckham had left or retired. Beckham in the other hand should of been more careful of speaking to the European Media in regard of league (MLS) and the Galaxy. I think if the MLS is planing to bring more people like Beckham to this league better bring more players with the same or better talent than Beckham and that way team like the Galaxy or the league won’t be made look stupid in the eyes of Euro Snob. SO Get off on Beckham back and please Beckham you need to apoligies to the Galaxy Fan and the League so we can get going. GO GALAXY, Step up Beckham and bring the Galaxy another Championship…

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