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Manchester City Fans Poke Fun At United Supporters

carlos tevez poster Manchester City Fans Poke Fun At United Supporters

Manchester City supporters poked fun at their cross-town rival Man United this morning by hanging this poster on the Victoria Bridge in the city (see above picture).

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63 Responses to Manchester City Fans Poke Fun At United Supporters

  1. Blue B says:

    Brilliant Fantastic

  2. jigga says:

    This was put up by the club not just fans.

  3. mississauga_blue says:

    Nothing like rubbing their nosed in it, especially a big red nose

  4. blueandy1mac says:

    I’m sure the rags will see the funny side, after all they are known for their self deprecating humour are’nt they ?

  5. tony newport south wales says:

    luv it after all carlos you were playing in the borough of TRAFFORD last season m8.welcome to manchester son QUALITY PLAYER QUALITY SIGNING QUALITY POSTER up u man yoo

  6. alexmcrae says:


  7. Joaq says:

    This is a cheap dig from a sh*t club. United absolutely own that city and if City think for one second that Manchester will become City’s town, they need a serious smack to the head just to wake them up from their dream land.

    • Chaos316 says:

      joaq or is that joke? Obviously like most united fans you are not from Manchester. Otherwise you would have got the humour. Ignorant fool.

      • Joaq says:

        I am strictly speakin of success my friend. In regards to success, United own that city. The last notable thing you “Proud Blues” have won in the past decade is entrance into the First Division back in 2002! Get on United’s level in regards to popularity and success and than you can say the Blues own Manchester.

    • tony newport south wales says:

      oh dunt the truth hurt

    • United own that City ? WTF really where are you from That City where we come from is this City. Bring on the smacks to the head as well muppet

      • Joaq says:

        Please.. What’s with all this big spendin? You wanta be the new Chelski? Grow up and win somethin.

        • Callum says:

          Whats with all the big spending! what the hell have united been doing for the past 20 years! Bringing in player after player for endless amounts of money!
          Also you must be simple minded by saying ‘ Grow up and win somethin’
          because if you havent noticed we have only had new owners for a year, and we didnt have the greatest team last season, so how the hell could we win something! But it’s okay, because we true blues understand what it is like to be living in the shadow of another team, and that is a feeling you will just have to get used to when City topple United of the top!

          So have a good day, and if you feel like stopping by Manchester one day in your life, come down to The City of Manchester Stadium and see a real team play football.

          • andrew says:

            From Manchester, and I support United. Manchester IS RED. Sorry we have support outside the city we can’t help it we win things. Also, United did a little thing called winning (a LOT) before they started throwing money all over.

    • Paul Turner says:

      Correct. I can see this from my living room. Unlie all ciry fans which are from stockport – which you’ll find isn’t Manchester. If you want proof I saw 5 fans going down Hyde Road home after a game – which as you know is 90% of there average attendance (excluding home games against Utd!). Small Club – Small mentality.

  8. RedCarlfromSalfordandthat says:

    City are taking over. We’ll be lucky to finish in the top four next season. It’s about time Sir Alex did the honourable thing and moved upstairs. We’re going nowhere. What sort of club sells the world’s best player and replaces him with some two-bob Ecuadorian from Wigan Athletic, and then moves on an undisputed world-class forward in Tevez and brings in an injury-prone Championship reject?

    It was fun while it lasted, but i’m afraid our great club’s quickly going down the pan.

  9. James says:

    Joaq, what are you talking about?
    Have you ever been to manchester?
    Its absolutely dominated by City fans, who of course support the only REAL team in manchester!
    United just took the name because they were too unimaginative (bit like they’re football) to come up with anything involving stretford!

  10. Burydave says:

    Joaq !! You are a typical red scum idiot!!
    Bet any money your a typical sky sports supporter and never seen the inside of Old(hat)Trafford…..Blues always have and always will be true Mancs!

  11. R Aghayter says:

    The Joaq is you sunshine. Seeing as you refer to owning ‘that’ city you are clearly yet another band-wagon jumping glory-hunter from Essex or somewhere equally raggy. Manchester is our City pal. Always has been and always will be. Now go crawl back under your stone you rag numpty.

  12. Alex says:

    Joaq – I guess you’re not from Manchester then? Because if you were you’d know how utterly stupid and incorrect your statement was. Still, that’s what gives us Blues such a laugh.

  13. Dave Edge says:

    Joaq….you certainly are!! How are things in Singapore?

    • Joaq says:

      For the record I am not from Singapore, Dave. When City’s accomplishments can compare to United’s than we’ll see who the joke is.

  14. Mancunian says:

    Proud to be Blue.

  15. allan says:

    Haven’t you heard the song “Manchester City, the only football team that comes from Manchester”. Geographically true. I am not fro Manchester but have followed City for over 40 years. Everytime I go to watch City it is evident that the majority of Mancunians follow City.
    As for City fans poking fun, we have been through enough to know not to do that. In fact we are “impeccable”. Trust Trafford Buccaneers to think this is all about them. We don;’t care about them we care about our team and that is Manchester City.

    • Joaq says:

      You might not care about them but reality/history shows your club is a funny little footnote on the undying powerhouse that is United. It sounds as if you are completely ignoring the fact United are the biggest sports franchise in the world. Go on, pretend you’re the club of Manchester. Truly not the case. City may be the people’s club but when it comes down to it, United dominate every aspect of popularity in regards to Manchester. It seems as if the person who wrote that song is just as delirious as you, my friend.

  16. geoff says:

    the city giant has had its sleep we now awaken and we just realised that some team in trafford has been trying to take our place….hey man u step aside and we’ll take the reins thank you…

  17. Burydave says:

    What goes around comes around. I have always said to the youngsters who support The Scum, and it’s true. Most Scum fans have know nothing else but being the best team around. Well there era has ended and ours will come again now. My Dad took me from the age of 4 and 40 years later i am taking my Daughter, she’s heard of the great days only from others who were there and now she will see for herself how good it is to be a Blue. After all the pain we have had over the years, we all deserve to stand at the top of the world again…very soon!! CTID

  18. Tyson says:

    Manchester United dwarfs Manchester City in every respect here in Manchester. Manchester United is incredibly popular here. Pubs pretty much schedule their late opening nights on Manchester opening days and museums and the like structure their opening days and special events away from United matches. The city nearly ticks in accordance with United.

    Match day for United is like few experiences in the world to be honest the amount of people that pack into the stadium with red flags in their cars is nothing short of amazing.

    The sea of blue going to Eastlands is but a fraction of what you see when Manchester United play as Manchunians line for hours for tickets.

    Eastlands can house nearly 47 thousand yet it averaged around 40 thousand last year.

    Old Trafford on the other hand holsd 76 thousand and the demand for tickets is overwhelming.

    In fact Old Traford is being extended again to house 95 thousand or about twice as much as Eastlands struggles to fill out.

    Manchunians pour into Old Trafford like its going out of style while Eastlands struggles to even fill a stadium much smaller.

    One of the biggest ways to look at it is like this. Manchester United have the biggest stadium of any football club in England and maybe the world.

    Thats 76 thousand

    • When the Rags got relegated to the second division they averaged 33K, when CITY went down to the third division they averaged 35K. CITY’s average last season was over 42K, and segregation means our home capacity is 43K. Thats 43K passionate Mancs versus 76K Cockneys, Tykes, Scandanavians and Japanese tourists. I know who I would rather be sat with. Prawn sandwiches rah rah rah

      • Tyson says:

        Manchester City Stadium can sit 47, 726.

        The amount of people going to see Manchester City at the stadium has been falling for years now:

        2008–09 40,525
        2007–08 42,077
        2006–07 39,997
        2005–06 42,856
        2004–05 45,192
        2003–04 46,384

        From 2003-04 season when City were officially given the stadium viewing figures have fallen year on year with one excpetion in 2006-07 season.

        Manchester collectively has a population of over 2.5 million people yet the pride of Manchester has seen falling ticket sales for years now and can’t come close to capacity?

        Says a lot about how 2.5 million Manchunians can’t get enough of City doesn’t it? On the other hand their rivals have a stadium nearly twice as big and are still expanding.

        The vast majority of people that pack into domestic football match are going to be locals. Do you think really think Japanese Tourists or people from half way across the country are the vast majority of season ticket holders?

    • MarkB says:

      Largest football stadium of any football club in England and maybe the world? Only if your world doesn’t include countries like: Spain, Mexico,Italy,Brazil or Germany just to name a few.

      • Tyson says:

        Old Trafford at 76 thousand is only behind the Bernebau, Nou Camp and I believe San Siro.

        When Old Trafford is upgraded to 95 thousand seats it will sit behind only the Nou camp as far as stadium capacity for football clubs goes.

    • Joaq says:

      Thank you.

  19. AMB says:

    Yes, but the 76,000 don’t LIVE IN MANCHESTER.

    • Tyson says:

      It still doesn’t change the fact that in a city of 2.5 million people where City are allegedly so popular its impossible for a single mind to comprehend they can’t sell tickets.

      Fact of the matter is City stadium has a very low selling average compared to Old Trafford and since there is no way of ratifying where the fans come from for either stadium in any conclusive way its just another excuse and those are not hard to come by.

      Fact of the matter is you are overstating the popularity of Manchester City be a mile.

      Manchester City are nearly not as popular as that in Manchester. They often struggle to come close to anywhere near their capacity in average in a city that can more than break the stadium if they chose to.

  20. Burydave says:

    Yea the M1 is pretty busy too !!

  21. Toronto FC says:

    Come on u IRONS!!!!!

  22. MnchstrCityBlues says:

    Expand to 95k? How on earth do you plan on doing that when you can barely pay the interest on your debt?

    I guess you could always sell the world’s best player and a world-class striker but United is massive and committed to winning, they would never do that.

    Oh, as an aside, have you ever heard of a club called Leeds?

  23. geoff says:

    old trafford might expand further with another 10 tiers built on top of it where there will be oxygen masks above the seats on the top tier ,they only want to fill it for your money not your support in order to recoup all the hundreds of millions in debts but it will all come down like dominoes. it will have to be built well cos I can see another tragedy in the papers….it looks a little precarious at the moment as it is…

    mean while city can afford to build another stadium from scratch and let the reserves use eastlands ten years to come city will be the team to follow even for the neutrals…
    city still hold the record for gate capacity which was 84000 against stoke city these times will return….(citd and after reincarnation)

  24. T-Face says:

    33 YEARS.

  25. Lyle says:


    I’m so sympathetic to Carlos Tevez.

  26. citywho? says:

    I love Tevez. Ferguson is an idiot for letting Tevez go.

    • JayC says:

      Totally agree mate, Tevez is world class and Sir Alex should know you never let world class players leave your club. Watch him score against United!

  27. Manchester City Centre says:

    What these out of town rags fail to understand is the City borders. Manchester City herald from within the city walls and represent the City of Manchester, hence we play at the City of Manchester stadium. Your debt ridden clun represent the City of Trafford, but hey, you would not know that would you. Regards MCFC.

  28. Greater manchester says:

    Agreed, they may as well be from Wigan, Oldham, Bolton etc. We are the ONLY Manchester club. Cockneys take note.

  29. Tyler says:

    Coming from a Liverpool supporter who is still disappointed we couldn’t get Tevez, this thing is BRILLIANT! Possibly the best billboard I have ever seen

  30. GEOFF-2 says:

    I’m an old git, born near Chelsea whose Mancunian dad brought me up on stories of Swift, Toesland and Tilson. I grew up loving Broadis, Trautmann and Johnstone. I’ve seen it all with City and the love never dies. If we do it with all this money – Great. But if we don’t we’ll still have the best f*****g jokes about it and we’ll still know we’re the real special ones!

  31. Vernon says:

    Am I the only one who thinks City is a bit clueless with buying players in this transfer season? Are they gonna employ a 2-2-6 with all the strikers they have?

  32. mk says:

    itll take shitty at least 11 years to win as many epl titles as utd, too bad the abu dhabi sheikh will probably get bored way earlier and ditch the blues…

  33. Alex says:

    Tyson – the way you write suggests you are not english so you certainly don’t come from Manchester. I do and I can tell you that what you write about pubs & museums opening around United games is utter & complete nonsense.

    City have won nothing for over 30 years yet still get over 40,000. Our average last season was actually 42,900 which is more than Chelsea and just less than Liverpool. We will have the third highest behind United and Arsenal this season. If united hadn’t won anything for 30 years I can tell you they wouldn’t get 75,000 every week.

    Also there have been two studies done on attendances. Dr Adam Brown (a United fan) compared season ticket holders postcodes and found that overall and in all but two Manchester boroughs, the proportion of City ticket holders exceeded those of United. And that was before the move to CoMS so it’s probably much higher now.

    And another study which was highligghted on the BBC about a year ago showed that both Manchester United and Liverpool only attracted 25% of their match going support locally, the lowest proportion by far among all the clubs.

  34. singapore RED 93 says:

    i follow manchester for 1993 me go to manchester arena 5 time and it very big i no been city but i bet it is no good HAHA!
    this year manchester win more cup and city go bye ahaha
    we no need terez!

  35. KIPPAX88 says:

    manchunians LOL is this a wind up or what? i cant stop laughing!

    why would we open museums when utd r at home? is this for the day trippers from london and ireland and singapore and USA ect..

  36. Stu says:

    When has Manchester ever had 2.5m people?

  37. NSBG says:


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