Setanta Wins Irish TV Rights For Premier League

setanta-sports-logoBreaking news. Setanta Sports has won the last remaining package of TV rights to show the Premier League in the Republic of Ireland.

The company, whose U.K. unit shut down after losing rights to show EPL matches in England, Scotland and Wales, will show 33 games on Saturday afternoons, the league said today in an e- mailed statement.

“Setanta Ireland was allowed into the sales process as a newly formed company and after having met certain criteria,” the league said in the statement.

Last week, ESPN had won the bidding to the 46 Premier League games to be shown on Irish TV. Now football supporters in Ireland will be able to watch Premier League football on both ESPN (46 games) and Setanta Ireland (33 games).

The news is good news for football fans for two main reasons:

  1. Having Setanta Ireland continue to operate will increase the likelihood that Setanta US will be able to televise the Setanta Ireland feed featuring pre-match, half-time, and post-match analysis from Paul Dempsey and Pat Dolan, and
  2. It increases the likelihood that Special1 TV will remain on Setanta Ireland (and available to Setanta customers around the world via the regional Setanta channels and via YouTube.

13 thoughts on “Setanta Wins Irish TV Rights For Premier League”

  1. I love Pat Dolan.. but I absolutely cant stand Des Curran.. he has ruined many a Champions Leauge match for me.. Paul and Pat fine… but for the commentary teams.. I welcome any change!!


  2. Good news for those who have Setanta. Terrible news for me, and most cable suscribers. To be honest I would rather Sentanta to go away, and let espn takeover the rights.

    1. Comast carries Setanta in Boston and Atlanta, would you footie fans in those areas please order so I can possibly get the channel someday!

  3. Thank God now there is a chance of Setanta Us surviving and we can watch games without those idiots on Fox Sports with their annoying adds running at the bottom of the screen and the moronic half time shows.
    Setanta worth every penny I pay, love the spice that Pat Dolan throws in and cant wait each week for the next installment of Jose and the Team.
    For those who think things would be better with ESPN fool on you .

  4. And to think, of all the soothsayers that were predicting the imminent demise of Setanta US at any possible moment.

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