8 thoughts on “David Beckham Interview On NBC Today Show”

  1. My goodness what a bunch of softball questions. What’d he think of Bruno? Wow.
    C’mon Matt, you can say “Donovan.” Practice.

  2. It’s the Today Show. The show’s format is puff and fluff. You don’t watch it for hard-hitting fact finding. You watch the Today Show for perky fluff. As information, it’s awful. As morning/daytime TV, it’s good for ratings.

  3. It’s good for ratings but it doesn’t mean that Matt Sauer has to throw such softball questions at Beckham. Take a look at some of the interviewers in the UK and see how they ask the tough questions. Sauer apologized before asking the “tough” question and it wasn’t a tough question at all.

    Perfect example of how not to handle an interview by Sauer.

    The Gaffer

  4. Ugh! As I said on Twitter, I don’t ever want to see Matt Lauer interview a soccer player again. Even though it was Beckham, who is more pop culturey, they were horrid questions, and Matt Lauer could barely get out Landon Donovan’s name, and he was saying it like he had never heard of Landon Donovan before. It was just … ugh! … I have no more words.

  5. What a joke of an interview. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a Beckham fan since I first discovered the EPL (about 10 years ago & not so much in LA), but give me a break. So how much time did they actually spend talking about the Galaxy? My count was less than 30 seconds. Becks should have demonstrated his commitment to MLS by steering the conversation.
    As much as I personally don’t care for Landycakes, I find it insulting that an American journalist talking to an international soccer star has no clue who Donovan is. Come on. He is arguably the biggest US born soccer star and one of our best USMNT players, not to mention a constant MLS all star. He stumbles through Donovan’s name after describing him as a “teammate” with an aire of complete annonymity.

  6. Great interview. Leave the “tough” questions about LA Galaxy for ESPN. This was to be more about the entertainment side and it was perfect.

    He handled the questions about Donovan like a true professional athlete.

  7. Matt Lauer, “Becks” is one of the GREATEST soccer players, not to mention a GREAT FATHER, HUSBAND, and one of the biggest hearted professional athletes in the world. You did’t deserve to be interviewing this man. PLEASE. You sit there in that chair like your above him. feels like you were talking to him like a child! “coming from a man that spent 6 months away from his wife” How dare you! I lost all respect for Matt Lauer!!! Very dissapointed interview!!!!

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