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Liverpool Football Club may be far behind in the race for number of Premier League trophies, but the club is way ahead in the number of its Twitter followers. So much so that they have more followers than all of the other 19 Premiership clubs combined.

Embarrassingly, clubs that are institutions in English football such as Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United don’t have official Twitter feeds. In fact, as of writing, 35% of Premier League clubs don’t even have their own official Twitter account.

Part of the problem is that the majority of Premier League clubs sell mobile text alerts which are in direct competition to the free Twitter updates. And since the majority of Premier League clubs still use the horrid one-size-fits-all template design created by the design agency FL Interactive, they’re all charging the same rate of £4.99 per month for the mobile text alerts and are probably reluctant to give up that revenue stream until it runs dry.

Fortunately, many of the other Premier League clubs are catching on to how powerful the Twitter updates can be to increase loyalty, provide a free service to its supporters, and hope that it’ll turn into increased ticket and merchandise sales.

Here’s the list of official Twitter accounts for the 20 Premier League clubs:

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14 thoughts on “Official Twitter Accounts For Premier League Clubs”

  1. Hi EPL Talk

    Wolves do have their own official Twitter account – @OfficialWolves

    Here’s a few English Championship clubs that have started Twitter accounts (with varying degrees of success / updates):

    Barnsley – @OakwellOfficial ; Bristol City – @bcfclive ; Cardiff – @cardiffcitynews ; Derby – @derbycounty ; Doncaster – @DRFCLive ; Leicester – @leicesterfans; Ipswich – @ITFC_live .

    (And don’t forget to follow @TEAM_talk !! 😉 )

  2. I think that LFCTV follows anyone interested in football or maybe mentions liverpool in their tweets . It’s obvious I’m a City Fan from my twitter page, but they followed me and I followed them back *shrugs* I wonder if that increases their numbers any.

  3. “Embarrassingly, clubs that are institutions in English football such as Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United don’t have official Twitter feeds. In fact, as of writing, 40% of Premier League clubs don’t even have their own official Twitter account.”

    Not sure why this could be an embarrassing truth. I’m sure the Glazer’s are afraid to show their faces in public because their club doesn’t support twitter. What a pity! (Sarcasm)

    How does having a twitter account add credibility to clubs, especially clubs such as united?

    1. Joaq, it’s embarrassing because these clubs are in the business of marketing football, and if they’re missing out on one of the fastest growing forms of mass communication, then they’re the ones who will suffer through potential lost revenue while others will gain.

      The Twitter accounts don’t add credibility, but they do indicate how Internet savvy the Premier League clubs are (or not).

      The Gaffer

      1. I truly doubt United will see a noticeable opportunity to earn revenue by creating a Twitter. I can justify players getting a Twitter so fans can follow their favorite players but as far as clubs are concerned, their news page on their websites should be sufficient. Smaller clubs would definitely benefit from Twitter, especially in regards to reaching out to the international supporters, but the likes of United, Tottenham, and the Hammers? Not necessary and should not be embarrassed by not having one. The New York Mets and the New York Yankees do not even have official Twitter pages and the Yankees are the biggest sports franchise in the world!

        I know I get on your case a lot Gaff in regards your posts but I return to this wonderful site only because you do such a good job at returning my fire, and I thank you.

        1. Joaq, no worries, I enjoy a good debate.

          A few counterpoints to your comment:

          1) The NY Yankees are not the biggest sports franchise in the world. Manchester United are. See

          2) There are many football fans out there who don’t frequent blogs that often, but spend most of their time on Twitter instead. By not having an official Twitter feed, clubs like Man United are missing out on selling merchandise through its feed as well as keeping fans updated on the latest developments (tours, ticket sales, etc).

          3) There’s no excuse why Man United, Spurs or West Ham don’t have Twitter accounts. It takes 2 minutes to sign up and it’s free. To me, this is an indication of how behind-the-times the marketing people are within these clubs and how they’re not staying on the cutting edge of technology. Trust me, it’s only a matter of time before they catch up and open their official Twitter accounts. But the fact that they haven’t done so already is embarrassing IMHO.

          The Gaffer

        2. Yankees aren’t even the biggest sporting team in North America, that would be the Dallas Cowboys, and I hate the Cowboys so that pains me to say.

          The main reason most are so late to adopt social media, is the need to hire people who understand it. Most PR and advertising is done outside the club. It is easier for small clubs to just have the PR person twitter what is new. PL teams, like big companies don’t have that in house and if they do no employee wants to take it on because of the heat one can get for posting something they shouldn’t or will get draw back.

          Soon the PL will have a copywriter at an ad agency writing tweets for every team in the league.

  4. Even though my point in regards to the Yankees was countered, it is trivial and supports my original argument that these types of organizations do not need them! The Yankees and United are TWO of the biggest sports franchises on the planet and they do not have twitters. As I previously stated, these clubs do not need Twitters!

    Little clubs should definitely hop on the twitter bandwagon, I am in full support of that. But to make the argument that United’s marketing department are in your words, “behind-the-times,” is completely out of line. I’m sure their marketing department doesn’t lose any sleep at night knowing the organization that writes their check is the most valuable in the world.

    Bottom line: Twitter is a good way for smaller clubs to stay in touch with international supporters. Big clubs do not NEED them. It would add another outlet in regards to keeping in touch with your favorite club, however, it is not necessary.

    1. It has value, and even if its small its worth it. All social media really needs be exploited by the PL. Even a blip in sales is worth it.

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