West Ham United 09/10 Home Jersey Leaked


West Ham United’s new home kit won’t be released until Monday, but we have a leaked picture of what is presumably it thanks to Football Shirt Culture.

Designed and manufactured by Umbro and sponsored by SBOBET, the new jersey features a checkerboard design on the front in claret, and a very minimal blue trim as opposed to previous seasons when the sleeves were blue. The shirt features a polo-shirt collar, while the shorts are white and the socks are claret with blue trim.

west-ham-united-ray-winstoneIf this is seriously the new West Ham United jersey for the 2009-2010 season, then it’s horrid. There’s nothing wrong with clubs going with retro designs, but we don’t need Umbro going back to the horrible designs of the early 90s with checkerboard designs and other flashy elements. Claret and blue, by themselves without flashy enhancements, are fine as they are.

I’m not 100% convinced that the design above is the new West Ham United shirt, though. Reason being is that the Hammers released a promotional photograph recently of Hollywood actor Ray Winstone promoting the upcoming release of the new shirt. In the picture, none of the features of the new shirt are included on the shirt Winstone is wearing. It’s quite possible that Winstone was given a claret shirt to wear. Or it’s possible that the above design is fake. Whatever the case, we’ll find out on Monday for sure. Let’s just hope that West Ham United and Umbro will unveil something more impressive than the shirts pictured here. They’re a traditional club that deserves better.

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37 thoughts on “West Ham United 09/10 Home Jersey Leaked”

  1. Why dont the club put up some designs and let the fans choose the best. After all they expect us to buy them every year. Lose the chequered pattern and have Blue sleeves and we are getting somewhere.

  2. Loose the checkerd pattern and have blue sleeves and we’ll have what we’ve always had, it’s boring and needs to change.

    I LOVE this new kit…it’s just what we need after years of terible designs. It’s retro but modern and very smart. I would like to congratulate Umbro on creating a non – sickly, non – tacky look and i’d also like to laugh in the face of those who hate it and will constantly moan at it until the season starts. A soon as we start playing in it ALL you minds will change, i can promise you that.


  3. I like it… il be buying it… i dont know why when every new kit comes out everybody hates it at first….. its like people hate it because they feel they have to just to be anoying…its a nice shirt

  4. Disagree, Awful
    Why can’t West Ham keep it simple, blue sleeves and white socks please!
    it’s a simple request Umbro, a West Ham shirt without the blue sleeves and white socks is like Celtic playing in a plain green shirt

  5. i love it!!! i’ve been sayin for a few seasons now i’d like a new home shirt like the old 86 shirt, i no theres no blue pin strips across it but i think its nice to see a change and i’m sure next season or the season after we’ll be back to claret shirt sky blue sleeves. i’ve heard a few people say its not our colours cos the sleeves dont have our usual sky blue on it but why is it ok for us to have a navy away kit. dont get me wrong it looks good but why navy??? i think the away shirt in white and a claret strip or sky blue strip or sky blue shirt with a claret strip would have looked so much better. i do agree i think umbro should let the fans all decide as we’re the ones buying them.

  6. this shirt must be for the american market, it would match the over the top interiors of a lot of their cars and would fit in with the sickly tastes there. i say let them have it, but can we have something else please?

  7. This isn’t the new kit!!!! FACT!!!! You will have to wait until Monday to see it………theres no checkered pattern, and there is blue in it.

  8. WH Johnny, the 86 kit was adidas, and quite nice. Only the 89-90 season was the checkers and Butka. I think Robert might be right, and you’ll see it looking more like a claret and blue version of the away kit they just rolled out. Cause to have a modern away and a retro home would be a bit bi-polar. … but it is WHU we are talking about…

  9. Robert, how do you know this isn’t the shirt? A friend of mine who works for umbro says this definately is the shirt that will be revealed on monday. He has seen it with his own two eyes….sorry mate

  10. its just wrong.
    its almost as bad as the bubbles shirt.
    remember that 100 (as in years) in bubbles,
    if you want retro give us BOBBY’S shirt.

  11. is this really the new westham home kit because ive seen so many designs and this 1 is definitly fake like all the other desighns so i guess we will all have to wait till the 30th of july to find out what it really looks like and on this shirt its disgusting

  12. Didn’t the boys of 85/86 wear a similar looking shirt?? We all know wat happened then too…maybe its a good omen. How much i would love to see a season like that :)

  13. That Kit is terrible. Its the worst we’ve had since the Pony shirt with the tick across the front. Please let this leak be fake, if they’ve tried to go retro they’ve done a terrible job, its nowhere near retro. Like the report says its something from the 90’s. RANK. How could the board or whoever picks the kit agree to this??? There needs to be alot more blue in it.

  14. West Ham Johnny……navy kit were the Thames Ironworks colours mate! That’s why.

    I think if they made our new away kit with a stripe, then at least go back to something like the 83-85 home kit. checks are horrid!

  15. I can’t believe somebody’s actually made money designing that crap.
    Adidas Originals made our best ever kits, lets go back to ’em.

  16. This is the knew kit 100% see for yourself on west ham site. I personly like it and feel we needed something different, if you all think this is bad then your really going to hate the goalkeepers home shirt. For me this is a nice home shirt but i agree to an extent that there needs to be a little bit more blue. But this will have to do. Im going to buy the shirt as i generally think its a nice kit. COY Irons.

  17. You got to be Sh*tting me!!!
    When we saw the Ray Winstone preview pic, i thought that the hammers were going for something like the New England Shirt – collared, simple, classy and understated…this is a joke…I was really looking forward to getting the new home shirt, but if it looks like this, then i’d rather spend my money getting the away…anyways why cant we have 3 kits, most of the other teams do???

  18. it’s disgusting and i think the majority of us agree, let’s badger the club the bring out an alternative strip that we can be proud to wear and that might actually get sold in some numbers. something much plainer, in the style of the training strip maybe but with both claret and some blue in it. the club has shot itself in the foot with this shirt, dux, sort it out for gawd’s sake!

  19. I don’t know why everyone is complaining about the kit. Its not too bad looking. The fact that it doesn’t have the blue sleeves is also a plus, its about time West Ham stopped trying to look like Aston Villa.

  20. aston bloody who? we are west ham.
    this is worst (er) than the bloody bubbles shirt. im off to buy greens shirt with a number six on it.

  21. TERRIBLE!!!! We are Claret and Blue strip team! Not Claret! We need Blue sleeves! Worst shirt in years!!! And the pattern?! My God! It looks like a joke! Im all for the new away kit, navy away looks good as its our orginal colours but why ruin a good thing? Our shirt looks good with blue sleeves and its apost to have blue sleeves! We are Claret and blue! Not Claret! Its just stupid! Umbro your a disgrace after this one!

  22. The West Ham fan website says “Born to be Claret and Blue”. Now what? Born to be Claret…And uh…Claret. OK no matter what we design some people are gunna complain but please! As for the checkers, they could look good if redisigned. The idea that they design a few and we chose the best though? Now thats a good one.

  23. Ah for God`s sake lads are ya havin a laugh did umbro give the twat Jordan a job its just like her friggin uuggggglllllleeeeeeee

  24. The shirt also with the pattern looks nice but where for gods sake are THE BLUE SLEEVES. The blue sleeves are West Ham. We had them always except a few seasons where i was also pissed off about it.
    I`m also satisfied with the claret socks but without skyblue sleeves its not West Ham when i see them play. It ruins the season for me. I hate that every season it has to be changed because then it has to look different and then we get this shit here without blue sleeves. disgusting!!!!

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