Zizou Visits Colorado


As we recover from the excitement (if you want to call it that) of the Mexico-Panama game and the disgraceful and surprising behavior of Javier Aguirre, we are happy to report that Aguirre wasn’t the only former Madrid resident who was showcased this week on US soil.

Zinedine Zidane was at the 12th annual Addidas Elite Soccer Program this week.   This premier youth development program was attended by 100 of the top youth players in the nation who were stunned to see one of the greatest living football legends arrive. They were then treated to the opportunity of a lifetime as they ran drills with him on the field.

For whatever complaints fans may have about the Colorado Rapids management, the facility at DSG including the youth academy and practice fields is the best football setup I have yet to see in the country. Attracting events like the Addidas Elite Soccer Program are only possible in a top notch facility which isn’t simply a soccer specific stadium but a full club headquarters.

Here are some photos from the event. And for the record Zizzou is still retired and not signing in MLS.



4 thoughts on “Zizou Visits Colorado”

  1. Right on Kartik, a quiet yet massively important moment in the development of proper futbol in this country will probably only be highlighted by you of the football media.

    What an experience for those kids and good for you for taking the opportunity to highlight what Kroenke and Colorado have accomlished with their world class facility, and that hopefully many other new futbol developments around the country will learn from and seek to emulate.

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