La Liga Opening Round Fixtures Announced For 2009-2010 Season


The much-awaited fixtures for the opening round of the 2009-2010 La Liga season have been announced. Both Real Madrid and Barcelona begin their long fight this season at home.

Here are the fixtures for the opening weekend of August 29-31:

  • Valencia v Sevilla
  • Real Madrid v Deportivo Coruna
  • Malaga v Atletico Madrid
  • Almeria v Real Valladolid
  • Real Mallorca v Xerez
  • Racing Santander v Getafe
  • Osasuna v Villarreal
  • Real Zaragoza v Tenerife
  • Athletic Bilbao v Espanyol
  • Barcelona v Sporting Gijon – Monday, August 31

The two biggest matches of the season between Barcelona and Real Madrid are scheduled for the weekend of Nov. 28/29 at the Nou Camp and the weekend of April 10/11 at the Bernabeau.

23 thoughts on “La Liga Opening Round Fixtures Announced For 2009-2010 Season”

  1. Hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m guessing that GolTV will start with the opening weekend followed by ESPN the following weekend and alternating from there on.

    You won’t have to wait until April to see games on ESPN. More like early September.

    The Gaffer

  2. kudos 2 all madrid fans that stood by,THE ERA OF GALATICOS is back.MADRID LEADS OTHERS FOLLOWS IN THE WORLD FOOTBALL CLUB

  3. This season is 4 barca again,but coach why do you want to sell our right man samuel eto,do you kwo he is the want who make you to be what you’r in barca? try to bring joy to barca not sadness.bcos ibrahimoves can not do what eto do in barca,you better think & change you’r dicesion

  4. Barca for the title. Ibrahimovic is a fantastic player and at the moment messi is the best player in the world. Yes Messi not ronaldo. It is a matter of time before fabregas joins us and we will be even stronger. Come one Barca

  5. Barcelona for enternity, In the history of clubs Barcelona has been a successfull club that has produced great and magic players/legends even in International, world cup and club level. There will be no rival this time irrespective of Real madrid recriutment.

    This great club most not fail to recognise player like gaucho, known as Ronaldinho

  6. Look for ESPN to show Barcelona – Sporting Gijon next Monday –
    LIVE – 2:55 pm ET. Its already on the TV schedule on
    although for some reason its only down to be shown on ESPNHD
    channel and not regular ESPN – that should be changed soon to
    reflect the game being on regular ESPN too. (They did the same
    thing with last Saturdays Wigen-Manchester United game – first
    just had it on ESPN2HD and then a day later, had it listed for
    regular ESPN2 too.) No ESPN2 that day as ESPN2 starts their daily
    coverage of the US Open
    Tennis Tournament.

  7. Kudos 2 all d whites,no need bordering our too much about fc baca their time as champions are OVERRRR cos d 31, 9 time champs are here with a bang.

  8. Barcelona-Sporting de Gijon – LIVE on ESPN in the United States –
    3:55 pm ET- 6:00 pm ET – next Monday afternoon – August 31.
    (Not on ESPN2 due to coverage of the US Open – Tennis)
    Go Barcelona!

  9. We tank God 4 helping us in winner de Uefa supercup.players did very well.Messi is de best player on de planet now and God willy bless him and the Barcelona team. This season is our season in God’s name nd we shall win triple season too.I luv Barcelona players

  10. as compare to the past two years before barca became champion this year.their performances were very bad due to the absence of eto,o but barca has made an error to swap him inter, barca will succeed this year only though prayers

  11. i am not a spanish fan, champions leaque comes back to england this season and specifically, arsenal. anyone who wants to carry la liga should go ahead and carry it. it is not interesting watching those big teams lash smaller ones. it is almost possible to predict what the results of their games will be – one thing not very possible in england, everyone struggles for the trophy irrespective of who you’re. Good luck to arsenal

  12. well last seson is over i want to assure barca fan nothing for them this season realmadrid is taking this cup wether by hook or by crook good luck realmadrid jose mouriho is coming to do the magic

  13. what are 2010/11 season fixtures? when will they be announced? pliz post email them to my address as soon as they are out?
    am fan of jose mourinho and this year i will be watching the li liga week in week out.
    i just follow jose where ever he goes?

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