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Join the 2009/2010 Fantasy Premier League

fantasy premier league Join the 2009/2010 Fantasy Premier LeagueGreat news. The Premier League has opened the doors to its 2009/2010 Fantasy Premier League, and on behalf of EPL Talk, I’d like to invite you to join our private league.

To play for free against hundreds of football fans from around the world, here’s all you have to do:

  1. Visit the Fantasy Premier League site and log in
  2. If you’ve never registered before, go to
  3. After logging in, select your team (you can always change the team selection later, so don’t worry about finalizing your team right then and there),
  4. Click the ‘League’ link in the left navigation
  5. In the “Join A League” field, enter the code 28242-9699 and then click the ‘Join League’ button

All players from last season will be automatically entered into the new league when they join the game.

The winner of the EPL Talk Fantasy Premier League will receive a package of Premier League-related prizes from EPL Talk, so may the best manager win!

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75 Responses to Join the 2009/2010 Fantasy Premier League

  1. Anonymous says:

    Join my league it was created for chatting online fantasy premier league:


    Thanks to all who joined hope you enjoy the league!

  2. Mjstc says:

    Yay, fantasy will start soon!

    Well I just build a new fantasy league discussion site… Mind to come and give some support? Click here!Thanks. ^^

  3. Gaz says:

    For anyone that likes the EPL but hasn’t done a fantasy team yet, do it! Adds another level of excitement to the games (a 0-0 can be something you get a little more excited about if you have defenders on one or both teams).

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please join my league guys its increasing everyday and is potential no. 1 league on FPL.


    Im the same dude named anonymous so dont join my league if you lready did.


  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm says:

    join the league with all the champs 18890-8063 i started it from scratch 2 years ago and i won it last year the year before it was some derek guy. im the person to beat it epl fantsy so who wants to challenge me?

  6. Steviee says:

    Join my Barclays Premier League
    The codes are


  7. Robert says:

    Hello click my name for good fantasy guides!

  8. says:

    15708-373268….join my league EPL fantasi

  9. chelsea fan says:

    chelsea are going to crush hull

  10. Join My league”the Frens league” and prove that ur best.
    if u are manchester united fans then that would be grt.
    the code is
    thans manoz

  11. Vik says:

    come and join my league, 487754-110325 . its not gonna be easy this year. let the managing begin

  12. Jeremy says:

    I play (and in fairness write about – Yahoo!’s fantasy premier league game and I was wondering how the official game compares.


  13. I’ve written a bunch of previews if anyone needs some tips or strategy advice – I’ve finished in the top 2% (1966 points last year) three years running so know what I’m talking about!

  14. join my league says:

    join my league it says its for aussies but u can join still

  15. BD says:

    Hello! Join my leagues below! I may bleed the Chelsea blue, but the leagues are open to everyone!


    HEAD-TO-HEAD (limit to 20):

  16. I’ve join the league..

  17. ilham says:

    Fantasy premier league please join this league (code 253082 – 63744 )

  18. lampard08 says:

    join this league => 534554-133120

    Enjoy the game.

  19. Skynerd says:

    Hello and join my league 1073939-215553

  20. BD says:

    Last call everyone in EPL Talk land! Halfway there in the Head-to-Head league! C’mon and join! Tell a friend!

    HEAD-TO-HEAD (limit to 20):


  21. DL says:

    plzz join the euro-asian league where the biggest players from europe and asia fight it out for glory!!!///

  22. Peters says:

    I just love this manager game. Been playing since the start and have a league with my workmates and of course there’s a little something for the winner. I also write a blog that has tips and much more about Fantasy Premier League. Check it out if you like.
    Fantasy Premier League Blog

  23. luke johnson says:

    for players tht did well lst year ie top 10,000 or for ppl who havnt had a good strt 2 this year’s leagues i have created a new league for u so join — 485441-340121 — it will b a competitive and high ranked league

  24. Rashaad says:

    Join My League

    Walmer Estate – ex South African


  25. woi says:

    join my league..key in this code : 666895-351909

  26. zah says:

    this is a league where evry one is speshel no matter wat the problem make a difrence

    join my league even if you r in a nuther one :


  27. Gordon says:

    hey guys, if you need any fantasy tips, you can visit

    Quite helpful for me. ^^

  28. ROMIE......... says:



  29. ROMIE......... says:

    newJOIN MY LEAGUE…………


  30. Ninjin says:

    Sport tsonh
    8082-2387 classic
    Head 2 Head League Code: 8082-2392
    KTMC & NJ league join code: 43491-10052
    NJ’s H2H league: 43491-10057
    AS league code: 8082-2290
    AS H 2 H league code: 8082-2306

  31. shiraj says:

    Join the League NEPAL CUP, its your own Himalayan cup. The code is 423180-361995. Its head to head, and has knot out rounds too. so gonna be a lot of fun. Its just have 17 seats so join fast. Nepalese are most welcomed.

  32. Apai says:

    join my league 1627797-361286 !!! please join !!!

  33. shiraj says:

    Yet another cup from the creator of ” NEPAL CUP”. This time its “Champions League” or in other words its the ultimate championship among champions. Lets join the league and lets who manages the team the best way. Code : 423180-141766 .
    See u in the League

  34. Chris says:

    There’s a new head to head league starting in game week 7.. Its a 20 player maximum format.. league Code 625832-364543

  35. Chris says:

    Also there’s a knockout format league starting in game week 7. maximum 16
    players tournament short but sweet. Code 625832-364596

  36. Chris says:

    8 more places left for the head to head league if you want in hurry!
    625832-364543 thanks

  37. Anonymous says:

    plZ join my leagues



  38. Chris says:

    Join my EPL League

  39. Joel says:

    These leagues have started too long ago. If you haven’t joined any yet join mine! It kicks off Oct 31st – (head to head with knock out rounds)
    code: 1997854-388253

  40. nama saya says:

    join my private league on For classic league the code is 2106207-392776. For head-to-head league the code is 2106207-392779. Join both the league.thank you

  41. ramyar says:

    join head to had league my code is 959166-394829

  42. Subash says:

    ……Join…………My league its for champions only

  43. abz says:

    b boyz league

  44. bt says:

    Caribbean League Code to join this league: 2168534-413344.

  45. Prime says:

    Hey, anyone interested to join my private league?
    Here’s the code :

    Its been a roller-coster season and the race is still WIDE open.
    Who do you think will win it this season???

  46. Sum1 says:

    754458-158495 is my code for da fantasy league plz join!!!!

  47. Sazii says:


  48. Scourge says:

    Join my league?
    Heres the code: 1681605-312747
    Once I have enough members, I will not accept anymore new entries.
    So act fast before its too late! :)
    See you guys next season!

  49. Pat says:

    I won this year. Who do I contact?

  50. sai siddarth says:

    pls join league
    d code is 2328386-449678
    act quickly!!!

  51. khawar says:

    join head to head

  52. D D says:

    JOIN MY LEAGUE 126258-59685

    2010/2011 season

  53. madhu says:

    Guys please join my league La nostra Lega Nepal and its code is 505779-121933

  54. Premier Leagur says:


    Are you have played before.

    If not you are not alone, 2.2million people world wide played it last year.
    If there is interest I created the World Friendship League. Everyone a welcome!

    The league code is below


    So get your teams in before 14th of August.

    Best Regards,
    League administrator

  55. fan says:


    Are you have played before.

    If not you are not alone, 2.2million people world wide played it last year.
    If there is interest I created the World Friendship League. Everyone a welcome!

    The league code is below


    So get your teams in before 14th of August.

    Best Regards,
    League administrator

  56. fan says:

    Please join league World Friendship, code is 150891-44104 .

  57. Khawar Riaz says:

    clash of the champions………
    All the champions Join This league……….

  58. Gonzi says:

    join my International private head to head league in WORLD CUP MODE
    using this code: 99193-36782 [just another first 6 gets in ]

    League will meant to include only one representative per country!

    Season starts soon!

  59. red devil says:

    do join my head to head league…..there are many ppl from diff. parts f the world waitin to challenge you …. league code : 129691-247706

  60. villa says:

    join my? fantasy league at fantasy.premier

  61. payan says:

    join my? fantasy league at fantasy.premier

  62. day... says:

    scoring starts at Gameweek 5
    >> 34 Matches
    >> head to head
    >> 18 teams
    >> code: 1945303-358201

  63. sami says:

    i want h2h codes

    and do join
    Bring it On……… Code to join this league: 1289300-394807

    Code to join this league: 2128541-400278

    it will be fun

  64. jan hernandez says:

    join my league.. sampion league
    starting point.. game week 6! hurry!!!!


  65. COPA DE SAMPION says:

    16 team
    head to head
    scoring start at game week 6..

    JOIN NOW !

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