8 thoughts on “Mitchell And Webb Tackle Plastic Football Fans”

  1. I’m confused. I thought that this was a football website. I mean, first off, yes I am an LFC supporter; but if that was about Man Utd or Chelsea, I think that I would still feel the same way about it. Its not that sentiment of the video is wrong or that those of us that support football clubs don’t sometimes sound daft when talking about it to others, its that this site should be refuge from that sort of anti-football fare.

    Its the line in the video where the guy says ” you don’t understand.” Sure it sounds like a cliche cop-out, but I bet most of you reading this knew what he meant.

    I mean I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is read about liverpool. I go to bed at night thinking about liverpool. It is the single greatest thing in my life that affects my day to day mood. I agree that it is a sad commentary that I say that about something that transpires 3000 miles away and something that I have zero control over. But those are the facts. And I didn’t come to this site to be made to feel bad about it. In fact, I love it and it seems to me that I should go to sites that agree with me.

    The line in there where Indy says that the LFC guy lives 200 miles from the football club he supports and makes it seem arbitrary that the other guy supports LFC seems totally at odds with this site. I mean I thought this site was primarily for people living in America and interested in the BPL (Sorry guys they renamed the league you know) so wouldn’t that line apply to a lot of your frequent readers? Didn’t you also just publish stories about picking your Premier League side? By the logic espoused in the video the only people to have a claim to support a side are the ones who were born the shadow of the ground.

    Let me restate: its not that I don’t have a sense of humour; M&W were spot on with their commentary. I just don’t think it belongs here.

    1. TBW, most of the visitors to the site come from the UK (US visitors are less than 50%), so the video will be relevant to many of them. For the rest of the readers, myself included, we live thousands of miles away from the clubs. It wasn’t meant to be a commentary, just more of a laugh at football fans who only become “huge” fans in May as Jaime mentions below.

      The Gaffer

  2. That was brilliant! Explains perfectly the people who youd think all year dont give a toss about football then all of a sudden Manure or Liverpool win a trophy and all of a sudden they have fans every where. Then I get the mickey taken out of me cause Ive been wearing my Arsenal colors all year. Its pathetic really. I just kinda laugh at there lot cause in two weeks time they will have forgotten all about it and could care less.

  3. Quality. This reminds me of of conversations I have with my wife when I say ‘we’ when discussing Arsenal. Or rather, me talking to her about Arsenal.
    She just ‘doesn’t understand.’

  4. hilarious video.
    to follow up on what Darren said, my wife (a yank who hates footie) often says the same when I talk of my beloved Liverpool as I’m from Ireland and only been to Anfield once. As much as the clip is a poke at myself, I was lauging my @ss off! I’d send it to my wife for her to laugh also, but she’d probably just use it against me come August!! lol

  5. oh, and yes I forgot to say, TBW – despite what you say, your whole blurb is evidence that you maybe do not have a as big of a sense of humor as you think. It definitely belongs here 😀

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