DeGuzman Signing Would be a Coup for TFC and MLS


I don’t usually post speculation about transfers here but this particular signing would be massive on many levels. My feeling is that MLS exists to promote domestic talent, and Julian DeGuzman is the best attacking player from the US or Canada in Europe. DeGuzman’s revelation that he is considering a move to TFC should inspire confidence in Mo Johnston and Major League Soccer. Now let’s hope they can close the deal.

I often criticize MLS for its scheduling policies, its marketing, etc. But should TFC pull off this coup, bringing Julian DeGuzman home from Spain, we should all be thankful and proud of TFC for making the deal and MLS for allowing it to happen.

In his first few years on the job, Mo Johnston seemed more interested in signing lower league talent from England rather than building a Canadian brand. But this season that has changed and if De Guzman does in fact sign with the Reds, they have to be considered among the favorites to life the MLS Cup this November.

More later as details are revealed.


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