Is John Terry Really Going To Join Manchester City?

The rumours first started in January that Manchester City were interested in landing John Terry, but nothing seemed too concrete and I, perhaps along with a lot of people, just dismissed it as paper talk.  Why on earth would Terry leave the Blues to take a risk on Manchester City. Now though, its official, City are chasing Terry and they’ve made two offers.

Friday’s offer of £30 million plus the agreement to pull out of the arbitration process over Daniel Sturridge’s compensation certainly raised eyebrows, but Terry has been very quiet. Whilst the club and new manager, Carlo Ancelotti have both stated that Terry isn’t for sale, it just strikes me as odd that they’ve decided to make it public knowledge. If someone comes in for your club captain, you reject it out of hand and leave it at that don’t you?

Are Chelsea laying the ground for Terry’s exit by allowing the bid to come out in to the public domain? By playing to the fans in this way, saying that they don’t want him to go, it seems designed to get Terry to commit to the club publicly. Surely Terry wouldn’t forgo Champions League football for £300,000 a week would he?

If I’m honest, I wouldn’t be that surprised if Terry does request a transfer. After seeing Kaka state at 10am that he was sick of the speculation of him leaving AC Milan and he wasn’t going anywhere, then 6 hours later agreeing terms with Real Madrid, nothing would shock me this summer. Apparently Terry hasn’t closed the door on Manchester City, but then again maybe he’s using that as a leverage tool to renegotiate his contract.

He’s currently on around £140,000 a week at Chelsea and knows he could at least double that if he did join Mark Hughes outfit. At 28, he’s hardly over the hill but City would offer him at least a 5 year contract worth a total of £75 million if he were to join them. That is a frightening amount of money in anyone’s book and perhaps that’s why Terry has yet to come out and state his intention to stay at Chelsea.  Would an increased bid of £40 million see Chelsea let him go?

The crucial factor here is the fans response and Terry will have noted the ridicule and insults that Gareth Barry has had to suffer since he agreed to leave Aston Villa to move to Manchester City.  Barry’s comments from last summer, when he stated that he wanted to leave purely for Champions League football, became an empty gesture when he went to Manchester City in June. Of course, football fans and commentators forget that in the real world when someone offers you twice the money you earn to do the same job somewhere else, you bite their hands off.

The emotional attachment that we all have as fans blinds us to reality sometimes, we love the clubs we support and don’t understand it when we see players we feel don’t share the emotional attachment. Terry has already crossed the line once in his career, walking out on his boyhood team, West Ham, to join Chelsea as a fourteen year old, so emotional attachment is not too strong a tie for him. He may be club captain but is he a Chelsea fan or a professional footballer?

10 thoughts on “Is John Terry Really Going To Join Manchester City?”

  1. A risk with City? Are you kidding. City are so close to being near unbackable for this season it isn’t funny. Terry is overrated big time. We don’t need him. Barry getting ridiculed by Villa is about as hilarious as it gets. Villa will be fighting relegation this season. They have enough to worry about. Only one side in Blue will matter in europe soon. City have the money and when they get to the champions league this season the players will flock to the new age galacticos. They days of City being also rans are well and truly over.

    1. You obviously know nothing about football, terry is a quality defender with amazing leadership skills and also just because villa lost barry doesnt mean they will be fighting relegation. Just reading your comment made my behind laugh

  2. With Man U losing Ronaldo and Teves, it should be Chelsea’s table to conquer. Why let a major piece get away?

  3. By the way. The £300,000 wages are a media invention to draw scorn or interest. The actual wages according to more reliable sources are £180,000 a week – big yes but hardly an earth-shattering sum, and not even matching the highest wages currently around in La Liga.

  4. “Terry has already crossed the line once in his career, walking out on his boyhood team, West Ham, to join Chelsea as a fourteen year old, so emotional attachment is not too strong a tie for him. ”

    I really don’t think you can say that he is not emotionally attached to Chelsea based off of something he did when he was FOURTEEN years old. He was a kid then! He is grown up now and i am POSITIVE he is attached to Chelsea on an emotional level.

    However, at the end of the day, the money is a huge incentive and cannot be scoffed at. I would just hate to see my favorite defender leave my favorite team…….

  5. Here’s the thing, though…

    We talk about players leaving teams just for the money… however, with all these players on Man. City, they may actually be a Champions League team (taking Arsenal out perhaps).

    Barry will have a better chance of winning trophies with City. Isn’t that the point of playing football?

    Now if this were my team that players were leaving City for it would be a different story. :)

  6. i have been a life long chelsea fan and i feel that if john terry actually leaves chelsea it would prove that there is no loyalty in football anymore and that everyone plays for money

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