Barclays Premier League Review Show Returning To FSN

fox-sports-net-logoThe Barclays Premier League Review Show will be returning to the Fox Sports Regional Networks for the 2009-2010 season after a break of several years, according to an inside source.

Many followers of English football on U.S. television may remember the early incarnations of the Review Show, which was shown on Fox regional affiliates throughout the late 80s and early-to-mid 90s. For many English football fans in the States, those shows conjure up memories of the then-two hour program hosted by Lionel Bienvenue and Max Bretos. During those days, they took the one hour program as we see it now and expanded it into two hours by showing more of the match action from the top game as well as highlights from the Celtic and Rangers matches from the previous weekend.

In addition to the Review Show, FSN will be showing the following programs throughout the country: Barclays Premier League matches (on delay), UEFA Champions League, UEFA Champions League Pregame, and the UEFA Champions League Magazine Show.

Previously only the FSN’s aired the 2 hour repeats of the Barclays Premier League games, usually on Tuesdays.

7 thoughts on “Barclays Premier League Review Show Returning To FSN”

  1. So they are going to show matches during the day and no more people having to stay up till like 2 am in the morning to watch a game that already happened. I have to assume the matches they will show will be the ones that were already on FSC right ?…and you say they will be showing UEFA pre game and UEFA games…will these be games that are being shown on FSC at the same time ?…I just see FSN being a replay channel for these games rather than live .

    1. Hi Chris, no details have been released yet, but the games shown on FSN will probably be replays of matches previously shown on FSC. As far as what time of the day they’ll be shown, I’m guessing later at night, but won’t know until FSN or Fox makes an announcement.

      The Gaffer

  2. That’s good news for those who don’t have FSC. My parents’ cable company doesn’t carry the channel even on their digital tier, and having games on the local FSN will provide much needed exposure of the Premier League to many homes in the country. Good move by Fox!

  3. Makes one wonder at what point (if at all) will Fox add the UCL to its promo of the championships it has (“Home of NASCAR, the World Series, the Bowl Championship Series, etc…)

  4. The Champions League coverage is what has already been announced, a live game to supplement the one on FSC, plus the magazine stuff. It will be offered in HD, although your local affiliate (FSN or CSN in some markets, MSG in NY) will have to decide if it wants any costs associated with HD broadcasts.

    MSG actually carried the EPL Review for 2-3 years beyond the other FSNs because British Airways actually bought advertising (plus they used it to promote Red Bulls coverage). I assume FSN will again offer the TWI show and not Super Sunday+ (which is the successor to Bienvenue/Bretos/et al.).

  5. OOOhhhh yea, I would stay up till 2am. Its Football we are talking about!!! This is the best sport in the world. THank you guys for making this happen for the USA. We need it.


    This may seem odd, but I have been looking literally everywhere for ONE particular episode and I can’t seem to find it anywhere! I live in Australia…I was watching a program called “Football: Premiere League World” the other day… I don’t know if its the same as “Barclay’s: premier league world” and they have just changed the name… the point is…. the episode interviewed the to Da Silva twins on their move to Manchester Untd… WHERE CAN I FIND THIS EPISODE ON THE INTERNET, THEIR IS THINGS LIKE SPEECHES AND MUSIC I WANT TO OBTAIN!! PLEASE HELP I AM GOING CRAZY…CHEERS

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