Happy Independence Day America


I’d like to take a minute to wish the American readers to EPL Talk a very happy independence day today. I hope you and your family have a wonderful relaxing day and get to enjoy your fireworks, BBQ and adult beverages.

I’ve written about this in the past, but for me, July 4th is the weirdest of American holidays that I always have a problem trying to figure out what to do. Being an ex-pat, the significance of the day isn’t as meaningful to me as it is for most Americans. I have nothing against July 4th, but it’s hard to celebrate a holiday that commemorates the day when the USA won independence from the country where you were born and grew up.

Still, I’ll be joining in the festivities today as my family and I will celebrate July 4th with my in-laws at a block party.

And don’t forget, if you’re in the mood to cheer on the United States or you want to watch some football, be sure to tune into the CONCACAF Gold Cup which our sister Major League Soccer Talk is covering extensively.

7 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day America”

  1. It celebrates the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, not the end of the war. Perhaps you could join in the spirit and celebrate self-determination. Bless.

  2. Chris: Have a great 4th and even better to have a USMNT game today for all us soccer fans to enjoy. I can give you the stuff about how we celebrate leaving the harsh rule of a foreign monarch but most I would suggest to all the readers here to read up about some of the hardships that the men who declared our independence faced once they set up this great nation. It is a largely forgotten story not taught in the schools.

  3. It is easy for Americans to celebrate independence from the grips of evil British rule. If you didn’t grow up in that god-foresaken country you would know.

  4. the american revolution was inspired by a few rich men who utilised public fears and propaganda to manipulate the general public into fighting a war the riich mainly benefited from. all revolutions in eevery country are exactly the same, public manipulation by the few who benefit. no offense.

  5. anton,

    none taken. keep in mind 1/3 of the colonists stayed loyal to the British, 1/3 were indifferent and 1/3 backed the revolution. the british were certainly more progressive than the new usa was evidenced by among other thing the outlaw of slavery by an act of parliament in 1831. (had the usa needed to rely on congress to outlaw slavery we may still be waiting.)

    i am proud of our nation and think some men like hamilton and franklin were truly idealistic and brilliant. but others were manipulative and used revolution as a way to promote themselves.

  6. kartik,

    i’m proud of individuals in america and in every nation equally. i believe these so-called nations have a lot of blood-guilt and oppression to answer for, whether that be cuba, china, north korea, india, britian , france, or even america. all nations are guilty and don’t have much to celebrate over. if we can celebrate bombs bursting in air during a succesful guerilla war, what makes us different from the jihadists that celebrate 911? not much. history is written by the victors, but there is never true jaya .

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