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First a shout out to our readers in Canada. Happy Canada Day!

In a world where loyalty is hard to come by, it’s still nice to know that in some part of the world it still exists. Case in point, Manchester United and Nemanja Vidic. But before I go into that let us take a brief trip down memory lane to see how those who were tempted by cash and left for so called “greener” pastures.

David Beckham. Ah yes, the diplomat for world football. We all know the history and how the ill fated move to the now former “Galaticos” caused his career to tank. Yes it can be argued that he made millions from advertisements, clothing, modeling and so forth. But us die hard football aficionados appreciate play and loyalty for the club that gave you everything. He only won two trophies in his stint at the club in a move which was pushed by his wife. I got nothing against that. You want the fashions of Europe, that’s fine, just don’t let them interfere with football.

Andre Shevchenko. I remember the banners in the Curva Sud at the San Siro. He was immortalize by the fans that took him to their hearts. Top scorer for Milan and the Serie A, which included a Coppa Italia, Scudeto (Italian Serie A Championship) and a Champions League title. So tell me why would anyone want to leave a club in which they are seen as a God? Wait for it. You got it. The wife. In a move that was pushed to learn English and be with buddy Roman. Which led to the departure of the “Special One”, and saw Shevchenko’s career go into the gutter. Going where the money is, is part of the equation, which results in your career going no where. So where are the loyal one’s you ask? Here are some examples.

Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, Paolo Maldini, Javier Zanetti, Raul, Eto. Just to name a few. There are a lot more out there but for the sake of length of this article I wanted to bring in Nemanja Vidic.

Finally someone who didn’t give in to his spouses want for a lavish lifestyle in a European club that would see his career go down the drain. Vidic expressed this week his love for the club and that he enjoyed playing at Old Trafford with his mates.

To the footballers out there. Read up loyalty in the dictionary. To the WAG’s out there, the footballers already make millions and it’s not about you, but about the game, fans, honor, and the loyalty that comes with playing for the badge.

I want to say in relation to Kaka and Ronaldo. I got a feeling they’ll be following in Becks’ footsteps. They could learn a lot from Vidic.


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