6 thoughts on “The Colbert Report: Is It Time To Care About Soccer?”

  1. Sure sign soccer has arrived when the Comedy Network cares enough to make fun of it.

    I’m all for the wall idea to beat Mexico with.

  2. Awesome vid. Thanks for posting this. It would have been better if they had shown some old clips of Lalas playing with his crazy hair to give the audience some background on his importance to US Soccer.

    Maybe Lalas should have mentioned the Mexican fans chanting Osama Osama at that 2004 game to get Colbert more riled up.

  3. The whole soccer atmosphere just seems to be building, they key is to keep the momentum going. In this critical time of upswing in interest a victory in Azteca would be absolutely huge.

  4. I feel a buzz building thanks to the Confederations Cup for the sport. Thanks to sites like MLS Talk and others for carrying the torch.

    Azteca can put us over the top. That game is now bigger than ever!

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