Your Summer Guide To The Best Football Books


I realized this past weekend that we’re so spoiled as soccer fans. We have access to practically anything that a English football fan desires. Live radio via the Internet, gazillion football matches on TV, blogs galore, English football magazines and even British tabloids at your local Barnes & Noble bookstore.

It wasn’t always that way. As an English football fan living in the States in the late 80s and early 90s, it felt like living in Siberia, at times. Football books were a perfect example. Pre-internet, you’d be lucky to find one book in your local god awful mall bookstores, B. Daltons and Waldenbooks.

Nowadays, it’s nirvana for an English football fan. So, in conjunction with Amazon, EPL Talk has assembled a list of the top 18 recommended football books for you to read this summer — whether you’re at the beach, in a coffee shop, on vacation, or just looking to re-charge your batteries and catch up on some intellectual reading.

Looking at the list of 18, there are some absolute classics on there. Everything from Fever Pitch, Among The Thugs and Football Is The Enemy to modern must-reads such as The Ball Is Round and Soccer In A Football World, and many more.

Do me a favor and buy a book to help support EPL Talk and then participate with the rest of the EPL Talk reader community in debating the book, posting questions, adding your own reviews and observations.

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