US 2-3 Brazil: Postgame Podcast


Martin Rogers from Yahoo! Sports joins us top give his take on today’s Confederations Cup final and the US Team. Then in our second segment, Chris Webb from United, Brian Zygo from 1560 the Game in Houston and Bruce McGuire from DuNord join us to discuss today’s game and put a wrap on the USMNT performance in the Confederations Cup. Hear our opinions on which players raised their profile and value the last two weeks and which players did not. Also we discuss the Landon Donovan’s exceptional tournament and what this means for perhaps the greatest American field player ever.

6 thoughts on “US 2-3 Brazil: Postgame Podcast”

  1. Kartik, in response to your last part on the left back problem… I think if you want to look for a young player in MLS who might eventually be a solution, you need to watch Rodney Wallace. He’s not a US citizen yet, and he’s not at all ready for international play yet, but the potential is there. Wallace can play left wing or left back, he has a motor that doesn’t stop, some insightful ideas on the field, and isn’t butt-ugly slow like most serious candidates for that position.

    AFAIK, he won’t get citizenship until after the World Cup, and he could yet choose to play for Costa Rica instead… which would be a damned shame, since the position is so wide open.

  2. Kartik, your best podcast ever. Great job lining up a great panel. Masterful job of playing the host and keeping the conversation moving and pointed. The people from Bristol should be calling you shortly!

  3. Per Ives Galarcep, 5/24, Rodney was quoted as follows: “Right now I haven’t made a decision and I’m not leaning either way,” said Wallace. “I was born in Costa Rica and there are feelings there where I would love to play for the national team, but I’ve been here [in the United States] and being here is a big reason I’ve become the player I am now.”

    Just FYI. Supposedly Bob Bradley has already been in touch with Wallace, just to make sure he knows we’re interested.

  4. Talking to Rodney after United games, I get the impression that he wants to play with the USA. Nothing really concrete here, just a gut feeling.

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