Giuseppe Rossi to Manchester United?

Will Rossi be back in Manchester?
Will Rossi be back in Manchester?

One positive to come out of Italy’s disastrous Confederations Cup adventure was the emergence of Giuseppe Rossi. Having been on the fringes of the Azzurri squad for some months, he finally made his breakthrough against the nation of his birth, putting himself firmly in the shop window this summer.

Having begun his career in the youth team at Parma, he quickly caught the attention of Manchester United, who took him to England as a 17 year old. After spending a successful spell in the reserves, he was loaned to Newcastle United, where he only made five starts. His old club Parma took an interest in the forward, deep in a relegation battle and in need of goals, Rossi joined the Tardini outfit in January 2007, and scoring 9 goals in 19 appearances, helping them avoid relegation.

On his return to Old Trafford it become clear he would not be guaranteed first team football and Sir Alex Ferguson, recognising this allowed Rossi to leave for Villarreal for around £7 million. But aware of his potential and ability a buy back clause was reportedly inserted into the deal.

During his first season in Spain, the potential that was bubbling under the surface at Old Trafford finally made its way to the surface. Twenty-three starts, five substitute appearances returned eleven goals and three assists. His performances were exceptional and a keen eye for goal demonstrated as he lead the front line during his first season with the Yellow Submarine, helping them qualify for the Champions League.

This season Rossi has progressed even more 12 goals and 7 assists in La Liga, plus 3 goals in the Champions League. His international career also blossomed, top scorer in the Olympics with four goals in four games, whilst also making his debut for the Azzurri against Bulgaria in October.

His rise has been rapid with his first goal for the Azzurri coming against Northern Ireland in June, another two were added against the USA, his country of birth in the 2009 Confederations Cup. One of the few positives to come out of Italy’s disastrous campaign.

I would advocate for the inclusion of the youngster in the Azzurri first team from now on, he brings a verve and tenacity the other forwards do not possess, he is not afraid to have a shot from long range, as his goals against Northern Ireland and USA are testament. One criticism of his game may be his lack of predatory instinct in the penalty area, though his finishing ability is fantastic.

It is these performances that have brought him to the attention of various clubs in and around the peninsula. Juventus have been mooted as a possible destination, but Rossi has expressed his desire to play for Milan. However, one team who could put a spanner in the works are former side Manchester United, after losing Tevez and Ronaldo, they may find the replacement is a player they know very well. Although he has expressed a desire to return to Italy, I feel SIr Alex Ferguson is a keen admirer and would love to have him back, but only time will tell.

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19 thoughts on “Giuseppe Rossi to Manchester United?”

  1. David Schiavone, your headline has a key piece of punctuation missing and as such is very misleading if not downright deceptive. At around age 7, school children are expected to be able to distinguish between a statement and a question. Surely, the title of this piece should be in the form of a question? It is a speculative piece so please advertise it as such! Bad form!

  2. My intention is not to correct punctuation, or grade grammar. I feel that Rossi would be a suitable addition to the Manchester United line up. Although Rossi may not be the gem; he could very well be that diamond in the rough that Ronaldo once was. The style of Sir Alex seems to be to find players that with some seasoning may be able to shine, rather than making an impact from day one. Rossi could be a welcome addition, but only time will tell.

  3. This would actually make a lot of sense for United, 7 million for a player of his talent is a snip. and they could even resell him for at least double that amount next season.

    However, I think Rossi would not want to do it. He know’s he’d be on the bench 75% of the time, and this is a world cup year.

    No chance.

  4. I think rossi should come to ac milan….we know how manchester united are with good talent. Look at Tevez lol…they would prolly do rossi the same way. He is to good to be at manchester united. He has said milan has been one of his favortie teams since he was a kid. and I would love to see him at Milan. He is a good striker…some of those shots he took during the brasil game were just amazing and prolly would have went in if Juilo Cesar was taking a nap because they looked like they was goin in .

  5. Who cares about grammar as long as hes making his point.

    You know you don’t deserve to breath the same oxygen as everybody else when your life has amounted to coming onto blogs to pick out spelling mistakes. It’s people like that why so many are pro-abortion next time somebody asks.

    He may well blossom into a world talent but there is no shortage of other prospects so I’d say its a possibility but a small one.

    To be honest with the size of the United squad and the amount of money at their disposal they will probably go for big stars they can play regularly rather than smaller players that might occupy the bench a lot of the time considering the world cup is coming up so that would be a hinderance.

  6. Right now, it looks like all the players Manchester United are targeting aren’t leaving their clubs or don’t want to join Ferguson’s sqaud, which has taken a double blow with the loss of great talent in Ronaldo and Tevez. I assume Sir Alex is back from his vacation and feeling somewhat chastened by the fact that he is lacking solid talent upfront even though the bank balance looks healthy. I like Rossi and I don’t see why he couldn’t play a major role in the OT team. And from the Confederation Cup, I happen to like Booth, the defender for South Africa. He is tall, strong and determined, which is more than I can say for some of the lads in the United backline.

  7. Tyson, did anybody say anything about AC Milan being a good team right now. I just siad he would be better off at Ac Milan. and what do you know, Ac Milan still carry good players. Pato, Prilo, Gattuso and he also wanted to take a little pay cut in his contract, I sure didnt see this from KAKA or from Ronaldo at Manchester United. They may be working to get Dzeko but they arent sure about getting him. Ambrosini is more than likley going to stay and they are hoping Beckham comes back, The last i heard they were looking at buying this brasilian guy thats apparentley the new KAKA. So i guess it just shows how much you even know about AC Milan buddy. anyhow i was just making a comment that Rossi should come to AC Milan rather than Manchester United.

  8. Man Utd should forget about Rossi. There’s no going back. As for the grammar of the headlines, and by the many people who send in comments, then I am all for correct spelling and punctuation above infant level.

  9. I’m not sure Rossi is the player that Man. U. needs. His performance in the Spanish league has been irregular and he needs more centimeters to succeed on the English league (I mean height, you pervs), which is much more physical than La Liga. However, as someone else pointed out, I’ll be happy to see Jozy getting a fair chance as a starter at Villareal.

  10. I still think Berbatov figures into this whole situation a lot more than people seem to think.

    Though United, especially at their peak, 2 seasons ago, were playing a free flowing style of footie, only Rooney and Ronaldo really had “free” roles to roam as they pleased.

    If you look at Berbatov, he’s not really an out and out striker. He tends to drift around, and link up play with Midfield. The team will be more suited for him this season as well.

    Berba is used to being the main guy, not a cog in the machine. With Ronaldo as the main option, Berba had to take on a role he doesn’t play.

    Unless Man U make a splash and bring in one of the big names they are linked to, I think they will field a bit more of a rigid side this season. This is both out of nessecity, and probably SAF’s long term planning.

    I have a feeling that SAF knew he would only have Ronaldo for one more season. I think Berbatov was brought in to get acclimated with United for a season, and he is going to be relied on heavily to fill the void left by CR7.

  11. Every time some small-timer scores a couple of goals in a tournament he’s lauded as the next big thing… Rossi had his chance at United, and he couldn’t cut it. If he was good enough to shine in the PL, we would’ve held on to his rights and loaned him out.

    The English (and Italian) leagues are likely toophysical for him – he ought to stay in Spain.

  12. Surely, it is the same “small-timers” who score goals in tournaments and become the football icons seasons after. Ronaldinho who danced on the pitch with a cassette player on his neck after the 1997 FIFA Under 17 world cup final beating Ghana to that trophy, was a small-timer who played beautiful game and scored goals to set his road to the top.
    Rossi might have been inconsistent in the La Liga but the inconsistent Ronaldo who was a shadow of himself in France 98 World Cup won the goal king and the winners medal, four years later in the World Cup in Korea/Japan.
    Rossi deserves another chance if Sir Alex will sign him. Playing in the reserves at United does not really give you the chance to shine on the big stage of the theatre of dreams. On the issue of EPL being more physical than the La Liga, is Torres not surviving and infact, surviving very well unlike Shervchenko who supposed came from a comparable league in terms of physical play who struggled to get on the score sheet. It is the quality imbedded in the player that matters. The courage with which Rossi struck the first goal against USA is the same confidence Ronaldo used to strike Porto in their own back yard last season.
    Rossi deserves a chance; a chance that will make him start games at Old Trafford, but certainly not in place of Rooney because Rooney, oh he is something else, so brilliant.

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