Fabregas Reveals The Frustration Of Every Arsenal Fan

fabregasThey always say the truth will come out in the end and after nearly a year of being coy about how he feels it seems like Cesc Fabregas has finally given us his true opinion on matters at Arsenal. The Gunners skipper has said he is angry at the club for their failure to win a trophy in four years and more worryingly admitted that he could still leave the club.

Alongside Emmanuel Adebayor’s future, Fabregas has dominated the headlines when it comes to transfer speculation at the club and up until now hadn’t really given us a true reflection on how life at the club had for him been since 2005. The 22-year-old midfielder was in the side that overcame Manchester United on penalties in the FA Cup final. Four years down the line and while Fabregas has gone from strength to strength Arsenal have not.

Now the captain of the side Fabregas has to be the leader in the dressing room and on the field, but I fear with his recent outburst that if he does stay at the club he may have already lost some of the respect from the players. On the other hand though he may have gained even more respect from the fans. It’s not every day one of your top players comes out and sums up how a lot of Arsenal fans are feeling.

There is a lot of anger and frustration amongst Arsenal fans; this is clear, and while you get the impression the players feel the same too, not too many have come out and said it. Where I feel Fabregas let himself down and showed a lack of commitment towards the club was his failure to offer up any solutions on how to end Arsenal’s barren run.

Once again he talked about what is the easy way out in leaving the Gunners to join another club, this time Real Madrid. That is probably where Arsenal fans will have been most annoyed with Fabergas, as like all great players he can just leave and walk into another side. Whereas Arsenal fans are stuck with the club we have supported for our whole lives, hoping that our star players stick around long enough to bring us success.

It was an odd collection of quotes Fabergas gave because on the one hand he expressed how a lot of fans feel while on the other hand shunning the club by saying he could leave. Perhaps the most powerful line to come out of the interview was the one that said he felt the current Arsenal squad had tried their best but just weren’t good enough. This to me indicates a total lack of faith in Arsene Wenger and a lot of the players that things will get better. To me Fabergas is perhaps giving himself reasons as to why he should leave the club rather than looking for reasons to stay.


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