Man United Home Football Kit For 09/10 Season: Picture Gallery

After months of rumors and leaked pictures, Manchester United has officially unveiled its new football kit for the 2009-2010 season.

Designed and manufactured by Nike, the new home Man United football kit celebrates 100 years of Old Trafford history. The players will wear the kit for the first time during their pre-season tour of Asia next month. The squad fly out to the Far East on July 16 – the day the kit goes on sale.

Here’s the gallery of photographs featuring Man United players wearing the new home football kit:





The shirt features a large V across the chest, reflecting the design of the shirts worn by United when the stadium first opened during the 1909/10 season.

Inside the black round-neck collar is a woven label in red, white and black, while engineered into the side seam is a small label that reads ‘The Theatre of Dreams Since 1910.’

The shirt is made from Nike Dri-Fit fabric, which keeps the players drier, cooler and lighter by drawing sweat from the body to the fabric’s surface, while it’s three-dimensional construction gives more air space around the skin to reduce clinging.

The white shorts have a red stripe along the side, a red devil graphic on the back of the waist band, while the draw cords feature ‘MUFC’ on the tips. The black socks have a red chevron on the calf.

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37 thoughts on “Man United Home Football Kit For 09/10 Season: Picture Gallery”

  1. Disgusting Kit. Looks like a rip off from girl scout outfit. The Black V looks ridiculous.
    But the Red stripe on the pants look good .

  2. I really like this new Man United home kit. Although it’s a nod in the direction of the kit they wore many years ago, I think it ranks as the most imaginitive design Man U have had for years. Well done Nike.

  3. This kit is right nice, all you idiots knocking the V go look up the old Kit, 09/10, 1909-10 that is, its a throwback kit, get over it.

  4. dont dare make Kenyan fans turn their backs on that jersey.Nike, u’ve failed here hands down.That kit is every D word u cn think of…Disgrace,Disheartening,Disgusting..

  5. I was prepared for much worse jersey, but those aren’t that bad after all. It’s most definitely better than Chelsea’s, and I can live with it.
    Park looks just like captain Spock 😀

  6. i think everyone loves this kit compared to the dreadful ones before.

    If i was a Man U fan i wouldnt buy this, i’d go for last seasons

  7. Luckily Man United will only wear it for a season. I for one will not be psurchasing it since AIG is still on it.

  8. agreed, very much like the old mexico kit.

    the problem with the kit is that it mixes old styles with new. the black chevron is fine in and of itself, but with the badge AND the swoosh it just looks like a mish-mash.

    and also agreed, could have used black piping around the sleeves to balance out the collar.

  9. ugly. looks like what the mexicans wear. or used to wear. i think the 08-09 were pretty cool, minus the vertical stripes in the back. but the shirt before that one was the best. i liked the white badge with the emblem on it.

  10. i like this kit …and it seems to me the only people complaining r the foreigners …..look up ur history on man utd its a design taken from the 1909/1910 season in if u dont like it ur not a true supporter…

  11. To add a second comment anyone wondering what the ball is, I can confirm is the 2009/10 official matchball. The winter ball is the same as 08/09.

  12. i thing the kit would look sooo much better with black sleves i dont understand why they do not have them. i hope are away kit is better than this im quite dissapointed. we should have the same template of the barcelona kit that would look nice with white collar and sleeves

  13. A disgusting kit I have to admit I am loving the new Liverpool kits though even though this is Manures new kit I still find it disgusting even if it was Liverpools thats how bad it is

  14. This kit is ok it cold have been worse but it should have red sleeves and it would be so awesome if AIG was no longer on there buti guess the sponsership contract is not over. Anyway it could be a lot worse but umbro and adidas definantly kick nikes butt in terms of kit designing

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