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Chelsea Unveil New Away Football Kit For 09/10 Season

new chelsea away football jersey Chelsea Unveil New Away Football Kit For 09/10 Season

Chelsea today officially unveiled their new away football kit for the 2009-2010 season.

The new adidas kit will be worn for the first time when Chelsea face AC Milan on 24 July during the pre-season tour. The away kit for 2009/10 uses a tonal hoop in dark navy and new navy with a neon yellow highlight for the adidas three stripes, and tipping on the collar and sleeves.

The shirt also has a new collar design tipped in neon yellow, giving a ‘v’ neck impression with the Chelsea lion printed on the back of the neck.

new chelsea away shirt Chelsea Unveil New Away Football Kit For 09/10 Season

What do you think of Chelsea’s new away shirt for the 09-10 season? Click the comments link below and share your opinion.

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25 Responses to Chelsea Unveil New Away Football Kit For 09/10 Season

  1. rice says:

    much better than the new home shirts with the zip. dont know what adidas were thinking when they designed those.

  2. alex sloane says:

    alot nicer than the home kit i think i will actully buy i chelsea kit this season last ones wernt nice. last home kit and this home kit arent nice. this year we look like the italian rugby team. and the zip on our kit isnt actully a zip its just a small rubber strip saying “chelsea fc” on it. intresting that kalou is in the photo as there has been alot of speculation about him leaving? but i think we should keep him he’s young quick and good be a world class player in a couple of years if he plays the games.

  3. Josh says:

    First look, hated it. Second look, actually not that bad.
    We do have a strange choice in colours these days though

  4. Christopher says:

    Not bad… not bad at all.

  5. I’ll never understand why clubs make alternate kits with their first team kit colours prominently displayed. If you couldn’t wear your first blue, why could you wear this one?

    The other thing that catches me about this design: Seems that absolute WRONG colour combination / design for a club that’s still trying to convince themselves they’re over Mourinho.

    • Fergus says:

      Bishopville Red, it’s strange, but while Chelsea’s home blue would clash with, say, Everton’s home blue, this wouldn’t. Tonally, this is a lot closer to black than their home blue. Put differently, if your mates were wearing this on the park playing Everton, wouldn’t you be able to tell them apart?

  6. Muyeto4real says:

    i like that, most especialy the color i think we are going to win champions league this season

  7. chris says:

    Yeah it looks nice…I hope AC Milan beat them on this pre season friendly. Maybe Carlo Ancelotti would have thought twice before leaving us. but anywho not trying to start an arugment. I hope Carlo Ancelotti has a good season at Chelsea.

  8. I quite like this. I mean, after seeing the Newcastle kit yesterday this is great.
    The interesting thing is they have altered the Chelsea crest to fit in with the colours. Is that normal?

  9. Noel Sorenson says:

    I’m not sure – Freddy Kruger or Dennis the Menace? Anyone? ;)

  10. Seyi says:

    It cool, lovely.
    I like it.

  11. Mark Flint says:

    Nike and Adidas do a much better job than the others.

  12. Daniel Clarke says:

    This is a nice kit. Adidas has done a good job with the design. It was a risk using a kid so simular to Inter’s knowing Jose is there… And why have the marketing team chosen to use Kalou instead of Essien, Drogba or Malouda? Strange one.

    I personally like the home kit too, but it’s going to look terrible on bigger men!

  13. enite dioru says:

    The away kit is just perfect, and cute. Keep up the good work. Kudos to Addidas.

  14. David says:

    Another new strip….. excellent news….
    Any excuse to rip people off, well they certainly have overtaken Utd in those stakes…

  15. BENZEMA2UNITED says:

    Not a bad kit at a second glance actually.

  16. Chris says:

    I love the three tops ad i cant wait to buy dem i say we will at least get the double!!

  17. murtuza says:

    nice kit the home kit as well as away kit also very cool
    play well and win chelsea

  18. Roy says:

    I don’t like it at all. They should have gone for a “retro look”. This one is boring!!!!! One of the best strips I have seen in recent years was Roma. Not for the colour, but the trims and collar area. Very Italian/French style. Am also not that keen on Man Utd’s new big V (though it may grow on me as it is very different for football gear).

  19. TSmetalz54 says:

    I like it.. however it does remind me of internazionale’s 05-06 champions league kit. search Adriano inter 05-06 and you’ll find it in google images. even though inter are made by nike…
    good style though! and the home kit is quite nice, i bought last years which is alright too.
    i’m waiting for the white third kit, according to wikipedia its white with black stripes or something… but i aint seen any pics of it

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