Tottenham Hotspur Home, Away And Third Football Kits For 09/10 Season: Official Photos

After a ton of suspense, hundreds of blog posts and plenty of heated debates over whether the photographs leaked a few weeks ago were really the new Tottenham Hotspur football kits or not, we now know the truth after Tottenham Hotspur officially revealed their new kits for the 2009-2010 season today.

The new football kits for Tottenham Hotspur are bound to elicit a lot of anger and controversy among Spurs fans since they deviate from their traditional colours. There’s a big reason why Tottenham’s nickname is the Lilywhites.

Drumroll, please. Here are the new kits in all their glory designed and manufactured by Puma:

First, the new Tottenham Hotspur home kit modeled by Jonathan Woodgate. The new home kit will first be worn on the club’s return to Wembley Stadium against FC Barcelona in the Wembley Cup on July 24.


And here’s the new Tottenham away kit as shown by Luka Modric. The blue away kit will be worn for the first time at White Hart Lane in the pre season friendly against Olympiakos on August 9.


And, lastly, here’s the new Tottenham third kit for the 2009/10 season, modeled by Jermain Defoe. Spurs’s yellow third strip will be worn for the first time in the match against Celtic on July 26 at Wembley.


The dimensions of the new football shirts pictured above are too small to see all of the detail, so here’s a close-up of the new Tottenham home shirt for the 09-10 season that was captured from the official kit website.


And here’s an image of the side of the shirt showing the extent of how the yellow takes up a significant portion of the kit.


The release of the new shirts for Spurs coincides with the launch of a microsite, which features a state-of-the-art website with personalised wallpapers, 360 degree views of the shirts and videos featuring Spurs freestyler Billy Wingrove.

The Spurs Megastore on Tottenham High Road will exclusively open at one minute past midnight (Thursday night, Friday morning) on July 24 for the official in store launch of the home and third kits. The away kit will be launched in store on August 8.

The logo of the Club’s sponsor MANSION will appear on all kit and will feature Mandarin Chinese script on the away and the third kit.

Paul Barber, Executive Director, Tottenham Hotspur said: “We are privileged to have a great heritage and tradition at Tottenham Hotspur and the new range of kit pays homage to the three key Club colours used in previous kit throughout the Club’s history.”

I’ll let you, the Spurs supporters and the readers, form your own opinions regarding whether you like the shirts or not. Feel free to click the comments link below to share your opinion.

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33 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Home, Away And Third Football Kits For 09/10 Season: Official Photos”

    1. That one is sooooo much nicer, I would buy that one in a hot second, but the one with yellow on it, I’m not so sure.

  1. Looks terrible. What were they thinking with the yellow??? Second and third kits are great. Home kit should be boycotted. Don’t they do any customer research?

  2. The whole appeal of Tottenham’s look is their simplicity. This? This is a mess. The third kit is Chelski’s minus the neon.
    The home accents are just so unnecessary. All white is all right.

  3. Come on guys! I wouldn’t care if our shirt is black and brown as long as Tottenham are playing in it, it shouldn’t matter! You don’t watch football matches for the kits do you? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple.

  4. It just doesnt look right. My son an avid fan now is happy to wait untill they come out reduced. I dont think these will b a sell out like the black kit last year. Puma need to go.

  5. What an earth are Spurs thinking with next seasons kit. I am surprised that a club of our stature and history will be wearing a kit design that is the same template as for many other clubs next season the only thing thats changed are the colours. Surely spurs could negotiate for Puma to design a Kit exclusively for us. It looks cheap and nasty. The Marble effect round the neck on the home shirt is horrendous and as for the yellow under the arms the less said about that the better. Looks like the kit of a shabby sunday morning club. No class no style. The quicker we ditch Puma and find a decent kit manufacturer the better. Have Puma not heard the old addage less is more. I have 4 sons and none of whom like the kit so at least i’ll be saving myself a few ££’s.
    The build up to this release has gone on for 7 weeks and what an anti climax. Why unlike chelsea, man utd, and many other we cant have a kit exclusivley designed for us is beyond me.

  6. Just in case anyone missed it if you go onto the offical website. Go into the store as if you were going to buy the home shirt. Enlarge the picture you will see the horrofic marble effect between the riddiculous yellow stripes and collar. Buy a country mile the worst Spurs shirt in our long and illustrious history.

  7. What is the big deal? it is a FOOTBALL kit get over it. It is yellow so what, it is different and I will be buying it because Tottenham is the team I idolise and the fact it is differernt would not change the way I feel the slightest.

  8. Very perceptive, u realised its a football kit.I buy 5 season tickets every season and have idolised this club for 40 years and the kit dosent change the way i feel about the club and never said it did. However a club of our stature should take the field of play as Danny Blanchflower said “with a touch of class” looking like they mean business rather than looking like we belong in a circus. If the kit didnt mean anything why does it generate so much debate and anticipation before release.

  9. yellow and white!!!

    who designed this? what goes on in their head? why do people get paid so much for being crap at their jobs?

  10. This kit’s only going to last a season, we have new shirt sponsors after next season…hopefully it’s a one-hit wonder!

  11. so the rumors were true! that shabby design we all hoped was a horrible photoshop hoax was real! hmmm well bugger the shirt il just head to the lane in last years or even a retro shirt! i think that it wont take long for this shirt to be on special offer , but hay looking on the bright side , bad sales might be the final curtain call for puma! thank god!!!!!

  12. Lets hope this current kit doesnt reflect the quality of the new season!!
    Keep it simple and stylish with a classy finish…and replicate it on the pitch!!
    Come on you Spurs!!

  13. Worst Tottenham home kit ever. Rubbish design, and the use of so much yellow is completely against the club traditions. Anyone who says ‘who cares as long as they win in it’ has sold out to the notion that its all only about winning (we’re supposed to be about doing your best and doing it with style) and anyone who says ‘if you’re a real supporter you’ll buy it anyway’ is a total mug.

    I emailed the club and Paul Barber tried to tell me yellow has been a ‘core colour’ for 127 years. Truth is there’s only ever been that much yellow on one Spurs kit and that was 111 years ago, and we didn’t get yellow away shirts until 1968, so that shows how ‘core’ the yellow is. On top of the red gambling logo that we’ve already had to swallow (all the way down to nipper sizes to boot), this is just disgraceful!

  14. White shirt, navy blue shorts and white stockings (socks). End of!!!

    Mess about with the away kit , third, fourth and fifth kits if you like but leave the home kit alone.

    I don’t remember there being a big yellow stripe down the side of WHL.

  15. definately worst kit ever,crap, hate it, thank god my 08 kit still in good nick.(ok tho to walk home in the dark, looks like a bloody safety jacket)

  16. After seeing the home shirt for the first time i was quite shocked and thought how bad it looked but i think it grows on you and is actually quite a good look

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