Portsmouth Home And Away Football Jerseys 09/10 Season Revealed



Artistic drawings of Portsmouth’s new home and away football jerseys for the 2009-2010 season have been revealed showing what the shirts will look like that are designed by Canterbury, the shirt’s manufacturer.

The Portsmouth home shirt in the classic Pompey blue features an aerodynamic design that looks very modern with a dark blue trim that’s accentuated with white flecks.

The new Portsmouth away jersey features a retro design that reminds me of a Bukta shirt from the 1970s with its unique and old-fashioned triangular collar as well as racing stripe down the left side of the chest.

Both shirt designs are elegant and should satisfy fans whether they’re looking for a modern shirt and/or a retro design. Right now, these are the best new home and away designs for football shirts released thus far in the Premier League, but we’ll have to wait until July 1st when the shirts are available for pre-order to see what the real shirts look like in person.

Source: Football Shirts.

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  1. Then again… there’s about 5 teams that deserve to drop and only 3 slots so it’s possible they could escape

  2. Another thing, i like the PORTSMOUTH FC design at the top of the back of the shirts, and i love where they put the Canterbury logo on the front of the away.

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