Man United Home Football Kit For 09/10 Season Revealed


A new photograph of Manchester United’s home football kit for the 2009-2010 season has been revealed.

The picture is so dark, on purpose, that it’s difficult to ascertain its features, but the shirt does appear to have the black V sign on the chest.

The new Manchester United home kit will be revealed for all to see on July 1, 2009 before they wear it for the first time during their 2009 Asia tour.

Pre-Order The New Man United Home Kit Today

Pre-order the new home Man United shirt or kit today so you’ll be the first to get it. UK residents can order here through Kitbag, while US residents can order here, through Kitbag USA.

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10 thoughts on “Man United Home Football Kit For 09/10 Season Revealed”

  1. I have three boys in elem and middle school, and they all have United jerseys. No problem at school, but when we go anywhere else (among the non-football viewing morons), there are often snide comments about “AIG” – like, “does your Dad work for AIG?”, and “you’re awfully brave to go around with AIG on your chest”. Personally, I blame B. Obama for shamelessly demonising the company – but the fact is, United should have done whatever was necessary to drop the shirt sponsor deal with immediate effect (rather than at the end of the 2009-2010 season) and moved on to Aon, or whichever company was ready to step up.

    It doesn’t matter how great the United shirt is this season – we sadly won’t be buying anymore AIG shirts.

  2. Yep, I won’t buy a United shirt with AIG on it. I was hassled on Market Street in San Francisco back as early as November. Wearing a United shirt with AIG is asking for trouble here in the U.S.

  3. Anybody who gives someone stick over a Man United AIG kit top is a moron. They’re ignorant, not you. Let those people embarrass themselves.

  4. I am a season ticket holder at Man united but i have to say if that top is real then i would not buy it, get a grip Nike this shirt should be worn by lesser teams not league Champions, the grey strip was better than this one and that’s saying something

  5. All of yous who say this shirt is not nice or stuff about AIG is stupid! Its a sponsor…man.utd are going to change it on December and the shirt is brilliant! It has a kind of retro-look! Man.United players love it, most fans love it and they love it because its a great shirt! Our (United’s) Kit-Man Is A Proffesional Kit-Man And I tHink He Knows What He Is Doing For the best team in the world! And the thing that is sooooo stupid is its JUST A SHIRT! Its not gonna make teams better, its just a football shirt!

  6. If I’m wearing a Utd shirt, I don’t mind getting hassled by knuckleheads that support Arsenal or Chelsea. Here in the States, it’s never mean-spirited – just a good-natured way of saying they follow the Prem also, but think we’re fans of the wrong club. Those folks don’t even see the shirt sponsor – just the club. The trouble comes with the general public – they see only the shirt sponsor – they may be making fools of themselves for thinking I’m connected to AIG, but I’m making a target of myself (or worse, my kids). Obama has made it akin to wearing a big “Enron” shirt around Houston. I’ll cheer for United, but I’ll wait for Aon sponsored shirts.

  7. who cares wat it look likes wiv what eva sponsor, its the fact its a UTD top tha mkes it great! Nd anyway, it look great nd it mite not even be AIG, it will b AIU! or AIA!

  8. It’s an alright shirt but not different enough for me to buy it, especially given the types of things Nike does for other clubs (I’m not going to lie, I have loved what they are doing for Aston Villa these past two years).

    As for this sponsor nonsense, yes we’d all like to be rid of AIG but this is the last year of the deal so just take it as that. I have probably 7 kits with the logo on it and it hasn’t stopped me. Sure, I get stick about it (I live in the States) but I usually fire back with the fact that most people didn’t (and still don’t) know what AIG even did up until a few months ago, let alone have a reason to be upset about it.

    Decent shirt United, but this kit-obsessed fan will wait for something different in the away shirt.

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